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As if on cue, Dark announced, "Now, it's time for our next challenger to take up the spotlight! Nadia?! Please make your way to the field!"

"Shit..." Dia bit her lip as she reluctantly let go of the Dragonite. She already had her hand on a pokéball, but she seemed to be frozen to her spot, for several moments passed in which she didn't move. Dark, growing impatient, called her name once again and she finally snapped out of it, taking a deep breath to calm her nerves.

"Scared of not getting in?" RJ asked, sympathetic.

"Yeah...But..." She managed a small, self-assured smile. "I think I can do it. I mean, Declan did and I don't know if you guys remember, but I did say I was stronger than him. We're not going down without a fight!"

"That's the spirit," Fred said with a laugh.

Dia felt a vibration at her thigh and reached into her pocket for her phone. She frowned at it for a few seconds, but before anyone could ask, she shoved it back to its rightful place and marched towards the field without another word.

She stepped down into the trainer's box and clasped her hands together at the sight of Riley. "I can't believe it!" she said aloud. "I actually get to battle you! It's like a fangirl's dream come true!" She giggled.

"I'm not holding back just because you're young," Riley warned.

"I don't expect you to!" Her expression transformed from reverent to solemn in an instant. "When you're my age, you have to train extra hard because there will always be older, more experienced trainers. So don't underestimate me, kay?" She tossed the pokéball in her hand onto the field and the burst of light that ensued took the form of a lean eagle, his sleek feathers crisscrossed with old battle scars. Grinning, she declared, "Meet Aquila."

"A Braviary, hm? Interesting. He looks strong," Riley said, smiling as he sent out a serene-looking Absol. She stared her opponent up and down, then dipped her head at it respectfully. Aquila cawed in response, taking to the air.

"Let the battle between Proctor Riley and Challenger Nadia begin!"

"Ladies first," Riley said kindly, performing a little bow.

"Hone Claws," Dia instructed.


Absol bared her teeth in a taunting grin at Aquila, but not before his talons flashed white, sharpening and elongating to a cruel point. "Seems like Braviary is just a little faster than Absol, folks," noted Dark. "Will this affect the outcome of the battle?"

"Aerial Ace followed up by Crush Claw!" Dia cheered. The glow of Aquila's claws – one of them outstretched - never faded as he lunged towards his opponent, instead spreading and basking his entire body. As he drew closer, he hooked them into Absol's snowy fur and slammed her into the ground – again and again. She swung her head scythe wildly in an attempt to get herself free, but only once actually made contact with Aquila, slashing a shallow cut along his underbelly but doing little to help her with her dilemma.

"Thunder Wave," said Riley calmly.

"Sky Drop!" Dia said, trying to hide her panic and resisting the urge to bite her nails as she realized that she had been a little too reckless. Thankfully, Aquila's speed proved to truly be an asset, as he took off into the air before Absol had the chance to execute the crippling paralysis move.

Riley watched the two airborne pokémon in mild interest and concern. "Hmm. Maybe I should've taught Absol Thunder instead of Thunderbolt. It certainly would've been useful in this situation." He smiled at Dia. "Nice thinking."

She accepted the compliment with a smile of her own, internally sighing in relief at her luck. He was right. If Absol knew Thunder, she'd have one fried Braviary to deal with. She made a mental note to be more careful next time so that Aquila wouldn't eventually end up being vulnerable to such an attack, one that put Declan's normally resilient Milotic through unbearable pain.

The audience waited in anticipation for the moment where Absol would drop down from the sky and after it finally arrived, Absol could barely stand, her fur matted with dirt and dried blood from cuts. But she did. And she stood as tall and proud as she could.

"Rock Slide!"

"Quick Attack to dodge."

The avalanche of rocks tumbled down upon Absol, but for once, she was faster, bolting out of the way just in the nick of time and tackling Aquila, who squawked irately and swatted a wing at her. That she once again dodged, to his further annoyance.

Dia, however, simply smiled, the gears in her brain whirring as she looked over the terrain once more. "Rock Smash," she said. Riley raised an eyebrow and commanded his Absol to dodge out of the way once again, but Aquila wasn't aiming for her. He slammed his talons into the rocks, shattering them into sharpened pieces. And again and again. By the time Riley caught on, it was too late. The field was covered in shards of stone that – with one misstep on Absol's part – could cost him a win.

"Impressive," he murmured.

"Try dodging now," she said triumphantly. "Now Aquila-"

"Absol, Night Slash," Riley interrupted smoothly. Absol skirted her way around the battlefield and leaped at Aquila, claws outstretched. The eagle attempted to fly out of the way, but Absol managed to fasten one claw tightly around his leg and use the other to slash down his underbelly. He screeched in pain, but her attack wasn't over yet, for Riley then ordered her to use Thunderbolt. Her head scythe began to crackle with electricity before Aquila or her trainer could react; it was too late for a Sky Drop attack that would've prevented her from doing anything.

"Aquila!" Dia cried. "Crush Claw!"

Aquila nodded, swooping down with Absol and slamming her into a protruding rock with his talons just as she launched a powerful bolt of lightning. He braced himself through it, his talons digging into her fur and drawing blood. Riley and Dia watched their pokémon in anticipation, waiting to see whether either of them would fall. When the electricity finally dispersed, Aquila was breathing heavily, his feathers sparking, and Absol was just barely on the brink of consciousness. With a final blow to the head, she slumped to the ground, defeated.

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"Brutal!" Dark said with a mock wince. "Aquila's battlescars aren't just for show, it seems. He's earned them fair and square!"

"It seems this latest rash of challengers is really giving it their all," Riley noted. He chuckled. "Maybe I shouldn't have showcased Metagross so early."

"But then that would make this whole screening process real boring for you, wouldn't it?" Dia asked shakily. She willed her hands and voice to stop trembling, swallowed the fear-induced lump in her throat and gave Riley a slight smile. Riley gave a booming laugh.

"True, true! So very true." The man in the fedora called his Absol back and tossed another Pokeball back and forth in his hands. "In light of, that, let's make this that much more fun now, shall we?"

"I'll try."

"Don't let your nerves get to you like that," the man said suddenly. Dia flinched. "It's really that noticeable." Riley chuckled. "You're young and I understand feeling like you've something to prove but don't let that affect your battling." A quick shake of her head to chase away the fear and a light nod from Nadia gave Riley confidence that she was going to be okay.

"She's trembling like a wet Skitty out there," said Ricki. "C'mon! I know the guy's a bit intimidating but, jeez."

"Dude, she's fourteen," Fred said understandingly, "and Riley's REALLY freakin' strong."

"Says the man who trounced Ursaring with his Dragonite," Ricki snorted, obviously sore over his loss to Metagross despite having hidden it so well.

"That aside, think back to when you were that age," RJ said. "Big-name Trainers like Riley were people you wanted to fight but when it came down to it, you were fighting nerves just like her." Ricki crossed his arms and frowned deeply. "Just give her a chance, man. She'll work it out."

"You're too nice for your own good, RJ."

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Now shut up and watch the fight."

Nadia decided to recall Aquila after giving him a good amount of thanks for sticking through his fight with Absol. The bird trilled and sat down behind the Trainer's Box and Dia knew not to disturb him. Aquila had a habit of spectating whenever the fights weren't his and would always be in a bad mood later if he wasn't allowed to watch. Riley once again called upon his relatively undamaged Metagross who looked at Nadia and Aquila and growled in anticipation. Nadia thought for a moment about who she'd choose to fight the Steel/Psychic-type then took a Pokeball from her belt.

"Rex!" she cried as she threw the ball. A Nidoking burst forth from the light and roared for all to hear. The beast practically screamed "I am Rex! Let all who hear my voice tremble!" and lashed at the torn-up battlefield with his tail and claws.


"That's what I like to see, boy!" cheered the Nidoking's trainer.

"Same here!" said Riley. "Now let's get underway. Metagross! Meteor Mash!" Metagross lifted itself off the ground and flew at Rex with its left arm glowing like a shooting star.

"Rex!" Nadia commanded. "Stand your ground!" Rex grunted and widened his stance. With outstretched arms, he caught Metagross' unbelievably dense and heavy leg and dug his powerful feet into the ground as the impact pushed him back.

"Slam him and use Earth Power!" The Drill Pokemon let loose another cry of "NIRAAAH!" and lifted the levitating machine Pokemon with all his considerable might. A grunt of effort and Rex slammed Metagross into the ground as hard as he possibly could and threw his head back, eyes glowing a dull gold. The already damaged field under Metagross cracked and broke at a rapid pace and there was a bright red-orange glow emanating from the crevices. Then, molten dirt and heat sprayed up out of the cracks and covered Metagross' belly eating away at his metal hide.


"Metagross, show no weakness!" barked Riley. "Psychic!"

"Gro META!" With a thought, Metagross summoned a blue aura around the silver X on its face and Rex's body and blasted the Nidoking with concussive psychic waves. Rex groaned in pain but fought through the hurt and distanced himself from Metagross. The Iron Leg Pokemon gave chase with Bullet Punch and caught Rex in the jaw enraging the poison type inciting him to ready a Flamethrower. Flames seeped through Rex's clenched jaws and spewed forth from his maw to bathe his opponent in even more heat.

"Light Screen, Metagross!"

"That won't save you!" Dia shouted breathlessly as the heat of the battle began affecting her. "Rex! Megahorn!" A sheer white light enveloped Rex's deadly horn. He pursued Metagross relentlessly, jabbing over and over at the other dual typed Pokemon and managing to get a few nicks but no direct hits. Metagross struck back with an Ice Punch attack that did a good amount of damage to the half Ground-type Nidoking but did nothing to slow down his assault. Another Ice Punch came for Rex's head; he struck it away with Megahorn and redirected his attack straight for Metagross' forehead. The steel Pokemon gave a pained howl and shot into the air to avoid the raging Nidoking who fired a Flamethrower after him that was sponged by the golden light cube that appeared around Riley's Pokemon.

"It's a veritable clash of titans, folks! Nidoking vs Metagross, who seems to be faring much better against the steel behemoth than Challenger Ray's Gengar from earlier. And if I'm right, I think that Nidoking of Nadia's possesses the rare Sheer Force ability!" Edwin said, gobsmacked. "This fight just got a lot more interesting, folks!"

"Sheer Force. Sacrificing a move's added affect for more power," RJ recited from memory. "Explains why Flamethrower did more damage than it should." The boys trained their eyes on Metagross, who had black burn marks on its underbelly and front legs from Rex's heat-based assaults. The Iron Leg Pokemon spun out of the way of a Thunderbolt attack from Rex and was caught off guard when the raging beast catapulted himself up with his tail and reared his claws back.

"Shadow Claw!" Dia cried with a grin as the attack connected with the side of Metagross' main body. The Steel-type retaliated with another Meteor Mash to disorient Rex and let off a mighty Earthquake that ripped the field asunder when the Nidoking landed. Pieces of rock and turf exploded into the sky and battered the already hurt Drill Pokemon but they didn't do as much damage as Metagross' attack had.

"Oh! And a super-effective hit by Metagross! But Nidoking doesn't seem to want to go down!" Dark couldn't have been more right. Rex charged heedless of Dia's command to use Flamethrower and instead readied a Megahorn attack. As the Nidoking neared, Riley called for a Double Meteor Mash and, unbelievably, at the last second, as the two were no more than seven feet apart, Rex slammed his tail onto the rock slab he'd stood on and sent it up into Metagross' underside like a seesaw. The uppercut gave Rex enough time to charge in and thrust his horn up into the burned sections of Metagross' belly and violently throw him over the edge of the battlefield. The steel behemoth rolled into the wall and crashed but the extra damage didn't matter; Metagross was out before that.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Metagross is UNABLE TO BATTLE! Nidoking wins, netting the victory for his plucky Trainer, Nadia! Congratulations, Nadia and Rex! You move on to the tournament!"

Rex, panting heavily, ignored his fatigue and his injuries to give an earsplitting victory cry. Nadia ran onto the field and jumped into the monster's arms and hugged him as best she could, what with his bulk and her tiny frame being so mismatched. The Nidoking wagged his thick tail like a puppy, shaking the ground each time his tail hit it.

"Good boy, Rex! Good boy!" she squealed. "Oh! I am SO proud of you!"

"Yeah! Go Nadia!" cheered RJ.

"You've gotten a little too into this match, bro," Fred noticed though he was grinning just as wide as RJ. "Calm down."

"I think someone's taken a shine to little Nadia," teased Ricki but his jibe went unnoticed amongst the cheers.

"Now, then! We'll take a short break while Riley goes to rotate and heal his team and while the officials ready a new battlefield. This one seems to have taken its fair share of beatings today!" announced Dark. "Everyone, go on and grab a quick dinner and enjoy the evening in town! We will resume in one hour when Challenger Rayan takes on Riley for his right to fight!"

Fred was the first to rise. "C'mon," he said. "I know a good place nearby."

"We'll wait for Nadia first. She's gonna want to celebrate," said Ricki. "Hey, RJ, loan me twenty bucks?"

"I just paid you from the bet, you moocher. Piss off!"

"I'm sorry, who was it that saved your ass from that Camerupt with is awesome Mankip?"

"Who was it that got their ass kicked by Riley?" The two continued to bicker until Nadia raced up the steps to the stand and all the way to the restaurant Fred took them to. Nadia didn't hear a word of it, however. Her victory stood out as the only thing in her mind.

"Good boy, Rex!" she said again.


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"Hmmm..." Dia tapped her chin thoughtfully as they stood in front of the restaurant. "I don't think they're gonna let Rex in there. Which sucks, cuz he deserves a feast fit for a king, right, Rexie?" Rex let out a roar of approval, earning a laugh from his trainer. "I guess I'll just save him something from here then!"

Aquila squawked in indignation, as if to say, "I deserve some credit too!"

"You too, Aqui," she said, smiling as she petted his head crest. "You did just as well as Rexie. I'll make sure to save you something too. Now rest, you two." They obediently returned to their pokéballs in flashes of red.

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"They've got an outdoor cafe in the courtyard," Fred explained. The group weaved through the dense throng in the restaurant and Ricki called over a waitress to help them. "You ever been to the resort on Lake Valor? Well, it's kinda the same thing. Accommodations for Pokemon are made, too."

"Sweet, that means I can let the others out for a bit," said RJ.

"You sure you should be letting the others know what kind of Pokemon you have?" Dia asked. "I mean, look around; there are a ton of other competitors around here." Her words proved true once the group reached a courtyard expertly lit up for ambiance. Mostly everyone in the courtyard had a Pokemon or two or three out accompanying them and had a number somewhere on their person to signify their entrance in the tournament.

"No big deal," Fred said. "I always say they can know the kind of Pokemon you have but they can never guess your tactics."

"Couldn't have said that better myself," said RJ. In the center of the courtyard was a fountain depicting two Luvdisc spiraling around an Alomomola and there were booths and tables scattered around, some occupied and some open. All, however, were lit with multiple candles and lights to chase away the encroaching night.

The group picked a particularly large table encircled by shrubbery and sat down to release some of their Pokemon. Ricki sent out his purple Swampert, Mankip, and a Houndoom he greeted as Bel; Dia sent Aquila and Rex back out; Fred released Mira in order to treat her for a job well done alongside Youko the Zoroark; and RJ took two unique Pokeballs off his belt: A Fast Ball and Friend Ball. From them, he summoned a Pokemon that took off like a shot into the darkness of the trees, silent as the night, and a green and white Pokemon with reddish-pink eyes that stood at his Trainer's height of 6 feet.

"That's a tall Gallade," Fred noted. The Gallade bowed to all present and stuck out his left arm. Out of the darkness swooped in a Crobat that deftly flipped in midair and grabbed onto Gallade's arm to roost. The Crobat's sudden arrival startled Ricki and Dia, the waitress and a handful of patrons. The waitress actually swatted at RJ's Crobat with her serving tray in fear; Dia squeaked in surprise and hid behind the redhead with the waitress following suit a second later. "Whoa!" gasped Fred. RJ laughed.

"Guys, meet Masamune," he said gesturing to the Gallade, "and Fuu." Masamune gave the group and their Pokemon a polite nod and Fuu stretched out her top left wing in greeting.

"I will NEVER get used to how freaking ninja Fuu is," said Ricki.

"Ninja doesn't even begin to describe it," said Nadia, a little wary of the large purple bat.

"Why'd you name your Crobat Fuu?" asked Fred.

"Just listen." RJ clicked his tongue and Fuu detached from Masamune's arm and crawled along the ground to him. The bat scurried up his leg to his back and finally up to his shoulder and rubbed its face against RJ's beard making a weird sound as she did so and her breathing deepened.

"Fuuu... Fuuuu...."

"There's a good girl," cooed RJ while he scratched behind Fuu's giant ears.

"Haha. That explains it."

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Dia suddenly let out a shriek as a familiar Milotic coiled around her and nuzzled her face affectionately. After a moment of hesitation, she warily rubbed it between the eyebrows, knowing that if Shayna were around, her trainer surely was as well. Shayna prodded one of the pokeballs - a dive ball - on the girl's belt with her snout, clearly demanding the freedom of the pokemon within. "Alright, alright," Dia conceded, releasing an elegant Gorebyss that let out a cry of "Byss!" at the sight of her fellow sea creature. Fred, RJ and Ricki gave her puzzled looks, at which she explained in a flat voice, "Shayna and Freja - my Gorebyss - have a long history together. They're the best of friends, which kinda really sucks if you think about it."

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Brave Soul RMS

"Oh, yeah, cuz of that Declan guy..." said Ricki.

"Uhm..." mumbled the shaken waitress. "C-Can I take your order?" She was trembling and the entire time she was watching RJ's Crobat with a guarded stance.

"She's not gonna eat you," said RJ flatly. "I'll have a basket of chicken strips and fries, a Pepsi, a mango for Fuu if you have it," he stopped to kiss the Crobat on the head; the waitress shivered, "and something for Masa here." Masa locked eyes with RJ and communicated his desire psychically. "He says grilled cheese."

Fred thumped RJ on the back. "Pepsi. Good man!"

"And you, sirs?"

"Steak and fries. Well done, please," Fred asked politely.

"Burger," said Ricki. "Biggest one ya got cuz Bel and I are sharing. And some salmon for Mankip here."

"And for you, miss?"

"Just a milkshake and fries." The waitress pointed to Dia's Nidoking and Braviary who were looking at her expectantly. "Rex likes his steak rare and Aquila would like salmon, too."

"Mankip won't mind sharing. He's a generous Mankip, isn't he?" Ricki patted his Swampert on the head. The waitress nodded and went away with a polite smile and left the Trainers to themselves. They were about to strike up a conversation when a young man around Dia's age approached their table flanked by a Meganium emanating a calming scent. The boy was dressed in a forest green open shirt over a burgundy red tee with a flower decal in black and blue jeans but his most striking features were his clear blue eyes and shockingly white hair.

"Hi," he said calmly. "I'm Jericho. I watched your battles and I'm in group 3, too. Figured I'd make some friends."


"Big guy here is Andrei," Jericho said with a small laugh.

"He's so cute!" Dia whispered to RJ, who laughed and took his seat.

"Keep it together, girl," he said before addressing Jericho. "Name's Rayan but my friends call me RJ. This here's Fuu and Masa."

"Ray Ravary, better known as Ricki. Houndoom's Bel and Swampert's Mankip."

"Frederico Slagle but, please, call me Fred. Mira's my Dragonite and Youko is...." He trailed off looking for his Zoroark but found only their waitress standing next to him and grinning. "Youko is right here. Little prankster." Youko giggled and resumed his normal form.

"Dia. The Gorebyss, Nidoking, and Braviary are mine. Freja, Rex, and Aquila."

"Quite the collection of Pokemon," said Jericho pulling up a chair. "So where's everyone from? I hail from Violet City myself."

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"Castelia City," Dia said, trying not to grin like an idiot. Freja nudged her trainer's leg with her mouth, glaring up at her through narrowed eyes. "Ouch! Freja, what was that for?!" The Gorebyss pointed at something...or rather someone, who was standing in front of the group with his hands shoved into the pockets of his hoodie.

"You know, I heard you could rent translation collars here for your team," Declan said coolly. "I remember how you used to always complain about how you couldn't understand your Serperior. Since you're such a prodigy, though, I really don't know why you couldn't scrape together the money from battles to buy a translation collar for yourself."

"They're expensive," Dia replied, attempting to match his stare with one of her own, but ended up averting her eyes almost immediately. The boy was just too damn intimidating for some reason. "And I needed the money to support me and my pokemon, you know? Getting one of those fancy toys was kinda the last thing on my mind."

"Whatever," he scoffed. This time, it was Jericho who was on the receiving end of his death glare. "Who's the albino freak? Your new boyfriend?"

"No, I just met him," she said. Then, her lips twisted into a smirk as she caught on. "What? You jealous?" Freja glared up at her again, but Rex managed to keep the pink eel from jabbing her trainer for the second time that evening.

"Of course not!" Declan snapped defensively. Taking a deep breath, he added, "My Milotic wandered here, so I'm just taking her back. I really don't give a shit if she wants to be around your stupid Gorebyss."

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Brave Soul RMS

Jericho raised an eyebrow. "Albino freak. How original," he drawled. "And that was kind of rude, you know. I barely even know you, Mr...."

"Declan. Remember the name."

"Why's that sound like some emo-kid song?" Ricki wondered aloud, obviously taunting Declan. "You an emo kid?"

"No!" the boy in the hoodie snapped.

"Now, now, Ricki. No need to drag this out." RJ turned and fixed Declan with a cold look. "Listen, kid, I'm not really keen on having a rude person around. Makes my skin crawl. So unless you've got something to do or say here, you mind leaving?" Masamune took a step forward to add emphasis to his Trainer's words. Declan held his ground.

"I have to agree," said Fred, deciding to join in fending off the boy. "We're trying to have a conversation here."

"Well, maybe I want to join in," Declan countered. Fuu leapt off RJ's shoulder and flew up to Declan, fangs bared and giving off a low screech. Declan flinched and stumbled backwards. He righted himself and turned his back to the group, shaken but doing a decent job of hiding it.

"Tch," he scoffed. "Whatever. Hang out with these losers if you want. Shayna, let's get outta here and wash the filth off you. See ya 'round, Nadia." He left on that note, Shayna following gloomily and called out after Freja the Gorebyss. Dia stuck her tongue out petulantly at him as he left.

"Jeez!" she huffed. "What a jerk! I can't stand him!"

"Ignore him and let's get back to the converation," said Fred. "Me, I'm from Nimbasa City in Unova. Plenty of entertainment there."

"I'm from Dewford Town," Ricki said. "Nice, sunny place but I never could develop a tan." He laughed. "Started out when I was about 13. Headed to Littleroot to grab Mankip. Lucky me was the first one there so I got to choose the shiny Pokemon."

"Swaaaam," bayed Mankip as if to say "You only chose me cuz I'm shiny?". Ricki pulled him into a hug in response and Mankip reciprocated.

"Violet City like Jericho. Lived there most of my life," said RJ. "Come to think of it, I think I might've seen you around town, Jericho. You lived in the house with, like, 5 kids, right?"

"Yeah, grew up takin' care of 'em since my parents were busy. Spent most of my time in Sprout Tower meditating to try and take the edge off the stress. Once I got Andre and he learned Sweet Scent, it got a lot easier. Totally zen, man."

"You sound like such a hippy," Ricki said not unkindly.

"Hey, don't knock it. Meditation's actually kind of cool and a great way to relax," Fred said.

"I know," Ricki said quickly. "It's just kinda funny. I've tried meditating myself but I can never really clear my mind." He turned to Dia and said, "You're from Unova? Cool; I got my Seperior from a guy coming from there. Traded him a Larvitar."

"When'd you start out?" asked Fred.

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"Hm...When I was about eleven," Dia replied. "My parents wouldn't let me go when I was ten. They wouldn't even let me go a year after that, but I managed to trick my dad into signing the papers and left." She let out a laugh. "I got Basilisk as a Snivy from Professor Juniper and tried to keep a low profile in case my parents tried looking for me. I had to train extra hard cuz I started a year late. Eventually...I earned a bit of a name for myself - that was after I captured Aquila - because I kept winning battles, so I left Unova because keeping a low profile wasn't all that easy anymore. Travelled around a bit, captured Rex and Freja...And yeah. That's my little trainer tale." She shrugged.

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Brave Soul RMS

RJ munched on a breadstick before speaking. "I started when I was ten but I didn't leave the area between Violet, Goldenrond and Azalea too much my first year or so. Didn't have too much money or experience. Fuu was my first catch ever with a Fast Ball I earned from Kurt and my Donphan came after as I was walking around the east of Azalea Town. Little monster was one of my toughest catches ever next to Ed. Nearly fell off the mountain. After I turned 14, I had enough experience and Pokemon to run around Johto some more. Got an Eevee from Bill who breeds a ton of 'em up in Goldenrod and I spent, like, a year earning money to buy coins to get a Pokemon at the Game Corner. Place is a ripoff... Tried Johto League, made it pretty far and then wandered around Kanto and Hoenn training and catching new Pokemon. Then I came to Sinnoh to try my luck here and got 4 badges here before learning about this place. I thought, 'hey, a tournament will be a good way to kill time and get stronger', so here I am."

Jericho spoke up next. "Andrei was my first and I wandered around Johto without a clear goal in mind just catchin' Pokemon. Built up a strong enough team, cleared the Gym Circuit and visited Unova for a bit. Fun place. Went back to Johto, challenged the League there which ended recently. Immediately after, I learned about this place and got here as quick as I could." Then everyone turned to Fred to tell his tale.

The waitress came by and dropped the food off but nobody touched their food until Fred spoke.

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Shadow Minamino

" Would you all quit staring at me? I'm trying to eat. " Fred said as he cut off a piece of steak and popped it into his mouth.

" Anyway, not much to tell. Started out as a trainer at about ten, went to the nearby routes and caught myself a Solosis and Darumakka. I brought em with me today actually. I'd let them out, but I'm pretty sure Jim would gobble down all our food, the gluttonous monkey he is. " Fred said, pausing to take a swig of pepsi.

" Now where was I? Oh right. So I caught myself a Solosis and Darumakka from nearby and started traveling through Unova to challenge the league. Caught myself four other pokemon, got the badges, and challenged the league. My placing was... we don't talk about that. After the league, I decided to putz around the other regions. Never really visited Johto though... But yeah. Visited four of the regions, earned myself some random badges and trained my pokemon. S'about it. " he said, taking another chunk of steak. " Like I said. Not very interesting. "

" You forgot to mention the part where I trounced you in a battle, Freddy-boy. " said a semi-familiar voice. Turning his head, Fred only saw the brunette, curly-haired Max and sighed.

" Are you talking about where you 'borrowed' your daddy's Krookodile and beat my freshly-caught Solosis and Darumakka in order to stop me from leaving? Cause last I checked, I still left town. Why are you even here anyway? Didn't you want to be a doctor or something like that? Never were interested in Pokemon training. " Fred said as he turned his eyes back to his food and took another chunk of steak.

Max huffed for a moment, a cocky grin returning to his face. " I saw you in the Unova league. You really sucked. Didn't want someone weak and cowardly like you to represent Nimbasa City as a trainer, so I decided to take it up. "

Fred flushed red for a few seconds, regaining his composure a bit later. " T-That was years ago. I'm stronger now anyway. So, you can go home now. Bye bye. " Fred said, waving the boy away as he turned back to his food, intently concentrating on his steak.

5/20/2012 #41

"Seems like we have something in common, Fred. Our rivals are both assholes," Dia grumbled, evidently still somewhat upset about the confrontation with Declan. She chewed on her fries, scowling, and didn't say anything else. Rex nuzzled her comfortingly and her expression softened as she returned the display of affection.

Meanwhile, Aquila was trying to soothe a sulking Freja, but being the gruff pokémon he was, was having trouble with that. Eventually, he gave up and shuffled away to share the salmon with Mankip.

"Oh, Freja," Dia said, finally noticing her Gorebyss's bad mood. "I feel guilty now. I'd be sad too if my best friend, who I haven't seen in a long time, was taken away..." She let out a sigh, rubbing her temples. "Don't make me regret this, 'kay? I' to Declan later. For now, just go eat. I'm sure Mankip and Aquila are willing to share that salmon." As her Gorebyss slithered away, Dia turned to Fred. "I think we should look into those translation collars, actually. I'd really like to know why she keeps jabbing me every time Declan shows up. And it would be nice to understand Basilisk, too, the snarky ass."

5/21/2012 #42
Shadow Minamino

Fred only shrugged. " Eh, Max can be nice. Sometimes. He's just got this big thing about hometown pride and has some sort of holier-than-thou complex that manages to annoy the everliving piss out of me. Apparently, being born into money and wealth does that to you. " he said before cutting off two chunks of steak and tossed them to his Dragonite and Zoroark, who caught the food and chewed on it happily.

Turning to Dia when she brought up the translation collar idea, Fred grinned. " I don't really need them. I've been with most of these guys long enough to figure them out, but it would certainly kill time." He said, taking a pokeball from the inside of his coat and releasing the pokemon inside. From the red light, popped out an equally red monkey with flaming eyebrows and a crazy grin on his face. Upon release, the monkey pounded his chest and grabbed Fred's plate of food, downing the entire thing, plate and all.

" Great, now I have to pay for the plate too... you've got to stop devouring everything you can get your hand on Jim. I know your metabolism is really high, but plates are not food. " Fred said, sighing as he took another gulp of pepsi. " Anyway, this is Jim ,my Darmanitan. He's been with me since the beginning, him and my Reuniclus Lin. Figured he should come and see the sights with us. He's always been pretty excitable." At reference of his name, Jim gave another pound of his chest and let out an excitable monkey howl, which only caused Fred to laugh a little. " See? Told ya. " Fred said as he recalled Mira into her ball. Didn't want too many people staring at her, after all.

" So, what now?" the blue fleeced teen said, turning to the rest of the group.

5/21/2012 . Edited 5/21/2012 #43
Brave Soul RMS

"Translation collars are great but I say get a Psychic-type," suggested RJ through a mouthful of chicken strip. "Masa here," he gulped down his food and washed it down with a gulp of water, "has helped me translate a ton of stuff." Masamune, ever the silent one, rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and helped himself to RJ's fries.

"Darius does the same for me," Jericho said. "He's my Slowking," he added at the group's confused look. "And I don't know what now. I mean, it's almost dark."

"They should be setting the floodlights in the stadium up by now," Ricki muttered. "There are still a bunch of Trainers left in our block."

"I think Blocks seven and eight have finished their screening already," said Dia. '"Meaning we're the stragglers."

"No big deal," said Fred. "I just wanna know what we do after this."

"According to this," Ricki said as he read from a pamphlet, "Trainers will be broken up into groups of 5 or 6 from their main Block and given a place to stay somewhere on the island. Then we have to engage in team exercises and battles to move on up the ranks. There's a point system involved but it looks complicated."

"We'll figure it out," said RJ. He dusted off his coat and stood from his seat after depositing a few bills on the table and recalling his Pokemon. The rest followed suit and headed back towards the Battleground. When they got back, the floodlights were on full capacity lighting the field as well as the daytime sun. Ricki wished RJ good luck with a fist bump and followed Fred, Dia, and Jericho back up to the stands while RJ took his place opposite Riley on the new rocky battlefield. Dark started up as soon as the Trainers took the field.

"And we're back!" The crowd responded as expected. "Under the indigo sky of a cool spring night, we once again convene here at the stadium to watch yet another battle unfold! Riley has rotated his team and he's ready for action once again! Let's see what Challenger Rayan has up his sleeve!"

"Before we start," RJ began as he rolled two Pokeballs in his hand, "let me just say it's an honor to meet you."

"Likewise," said Riley. "I always try to be courteous when facing a new opponent. I trust you'll make this a fun battle."

"Eh, I'll try," laughed RJ. "But let's cut to the chase, shall we?"

"Let's." Riley flicked his Pokeball high above the arena and a formidable Blaziken appeared kneeling before drawing itself up to its full height. RJ finally decided on the Friend Ball and threw it in backhand summoning Masamune to the field. The Gallade surveyed his opponent then looked over his shoulder at RJ and gave a slight nod. RJ returned the gesture with a thumbs up and stuffed his hands in his pockets suddenly looking solemn and fierce.

"Blaziken and Gallade!" shouted Dark. "Both part-Fighting types but Gallade has the advantage here of being a Psychic! Though I guess one could say Blaziken has the advantage of brute force and speed on his side."

"BASHAAAA!" Blaziken let out a warcry, stomped the rocky ground and set his wrists alight with fire. The taciturn Masamune settled for adopting a battle stance and extending his arm blades. For a second, RJ's friends in the stands thought they saw something in the Blade Pokemon's eyes.

"Let the battle begin!"

"Blaziken, Quick Attack into Slash!" Riley said at once.

"Masamune, Rock Slide," RJ ordered calmly. "Use the field to your advantage."

5/21/2012 #44
Shadow Minamino

As the giant chicken-like pokemon sped off towards Masamune utilizing the speed of quick attack, the Bladed pokemon heard his trainer's command and calmly used his psychic abilities to send a torrent of rocks careening towards Blaziken, aiming to stop him in his tracks.

" Smart play, using the field for a natural rock slide. But it's not going to work! Blaziken, jump and propel yourself off of the rocks!" Riley commanded as Blaziken performed a little hop and used it's powerful leg muscles to boost itself towards Masamune, speeding past the psychic type and landing directly behind Masamune. Suddenly, the Gallade was pressing the flat of a blade to his chest, obviously having been hit by the slash attack.

" It's no big deal Masamune. Just shake it off buddy, and Bulk Up! " RJ commanded as the Gallade exhaled in order to relax itself and tense his muscles, gaining a boost in both offensive and defensive power from it. " Now, Aerial Ace into a Psycho Cut! " Commanded the skinny teen as Masamune glided towards Blaziken, an arm glowing with a dark blue energy.

Riley heard the maneuver and gulped for a second. With Aerial Ace being a move that was always on target along with the boosted power of a Psycho Cut, that would definitely hurt and possibly knock out Blaziken. The fedora wearing trainer never liked using this manuver, but it was the only way to actually stop Gallade from totally destroying his pokemon. " Blaziken, Protect! "

With that, Blaziken crossed his arms in front of him and created a green shield that Masamune uselessly collided with, before the Psi Fighter kicked off and landed directly opposite of the field from Blaziken as the two had a staredown.

" Looks like these two powerhouses are sizing each other up. This match seems to be perfectly even thus far, will either trainer gain the upper hand by the end?" Dark announced excitably from his commentator box.

It was Riley who made the first command. " Blaziken, Swords Dance and then Blaze Kick! " Riley said as Blaziken danced, glowing with a purple energy before careening towards Masamune, foot ablaze.

RJ however, stayed calm and collected, issuing a simple command. " Masamune, Bulk up and intercept it with a Shadow Sneak. " The Gallade once again exhaled deeply to strengthen his muscles and boost his attack and defense before disappearing... and suddenly reappearing under Blaziken, popping out from his shadow and uppercutting the flaming chicken into the air, scoring a direct hit and interrupting his attack. " Now, strike it while it's vulnerable with Aerial Ace! " commanded RJ as Gallade hopped into the air speeding towards the seemingly vunerable pokemon.

" Blaziken, knock it down with a Blaze Kick!" Riley said as Blaziken suddenly did an aerial recovery and slammed the incoming Gallade in the head with his flaming foot before the psychic could even make contact, knocking Masamune into the ground. " Now, Flare Blitz it!" Riley shouted as Blaziken suddenly came careening towards the downed Gallade in a cloak of fire.

" Masamune! Get up!" RJ panicked, screaming that to Masamune who slowly got up on his knees and saw the flaming pokemon about to crash down on him. " That's the way Masamune! Now Endure and double Psycho Cut! " RJ said a split second before Blaziken crashed straight into Masamune in an explosion of Fire and Feathers. Did he say it in time?

The crowd was on edge as the dust started to clear, and when it finally did, a panting Gallade was standing, barely conscious while Blaziken was knocked out on the ground, two gashes across his chest. The crowd exploded in cheers for the psychic pokemon, who seemed to pay little attention to the noise around him, but if one looked close enough, they could see a small smile on his face.

" I don't believe it folks! What an exciting battle! RJ and his Gallade are the winners, but that Gallade is looking worse for wear. What will Riley send out next? " Dark shouted, obviously on edge to see what would happen next.

5/21/2012 #45

Dark's question was answered seconds later when a Mamoswine was summoned to take up Blaziken's place. After a moment of contemplating, RJ recalled Masamune, but not before praising him for a job well done. He sent out a Porygon2 next, who stood its ground despite the way the mammoth was staring it down.

"Let the battle begin!"

"2, Agility!"

"Take Down!"

Mamoswine charged at 2 at a high speed, but it simply evaded with its Agility boosts. Upon command, it launched a Tri Attack that was met with a howl of pain from its opponent. 2, however, didn't let up, blasting Mamoswine with a beam of icy blue energy.

"Already, Mamoswine seems to have taken quite a bit of damage!" yelled Dark. "Obviously attributed to Porygon2's strong special attacks and Mamoswine's lack of resistance to them! What does Riley have up his sleeve?"

"Earthquake," Riley said grimly. Mamoswine reared up and then slammed his front legs into the ground, creating shockwaves that threw 2 around the battlefield, while rocks tumbled down upon it in a mini rockslide.

RJ kept his cool in the heat of battle despite the way his pokémon was being battered and called out, "Psychic those rocks away from yourself!"

2 immediately followed through with the command, its eyes sparking with blue as the rocks were surrounded by a telekinetic force. With a grunt, it launched them at Mamoswine, who had little time to react before rubble rained down upon him. Riley, refusing to back down, cried, "Avalanche!" Mamoswine grinned cruelly, blasting away the rocks with a powerful gust of snow and ice. 2 braced itself through it, squeezing its eyes shut. By the time the attack dispersed, he looked a little worse for wear, but still held on strong.

"2! You okay?" RJ asked, concerned. 2 nodded, humming with anticipation for its next order, which turned out to be Toxic. It spat out a jet of purple liquid that seemed to sear through Mamoswine's fur, seeping into his skin; he let out an enraged, pained roar and charged at 2, ramming into it with his tusks and sending it into spiraling through the air. 2 righted itself midair with Psychic, which it then concentrated into a blast of psi energy directed at Mamoswine.

5/21/2012 #46
Brave Soul RMS

Mamoswine countered with the unexpected from a behemoth such as it: a Blizzard attack at full force. Arctic winds and psychic force met in a colossal impact and negated each other's effects. Being the faster one thanks to its Agility boost, 2 rushed in with a Double Edge attack that threw Mamoswine off balance and healed off the recoil with Recover.

"Ice Shard!" yelled Riley. The wooly pig-mammoth sucked in air and flash froze it into a chunk of ice that he spat out at 2. The digital Pokemon corkscrewed out of the way and distanced itself from Mamoswine.

"Porygon2 obviously has the advantage over Mamoswine with its powerful special attacks! But Riley seems to be able to counter with brute force alone!" Dark ducked and covered his face with his arm when a Tri-Attack and Stone Edge attack caused a spray of dust to fly outwards from the explosion.

"Mamoswine, crush the ground to block its attacks! Then Stone Edge again!" Mamoswine did as commanded; an incoming Tri-Attack pulverized the upturned land and gave Mamoswine both ammunition for Stone Edge and enough time to charge. The mammoth willed fragmented bits of rock to orbit around its massive bulk and it took off running at Porygon2. Mamoswine struck and knocked the Virtual Pokemon off balance before letting loose a machine-gun barrage of sharp stone arrowheads. 2 was able to duck and weave through a few but the ones that hit hit hard. A large shard sent him reeling backwards end over end allowing Mamoswine an opening to shoot off an Ice Shard with the force of a cannon blast.

"OH!" the stadium groaned. Dark said something but his words were lost under the tide of pained expressions. RJ's eyes narrowed to slits. Riley caught it and grinned; now the battle was getting fun.

"2, we're ending this!" RJ barked as the digital monster dodged a particularly vicious Ice Shard and narrowly shot itself out of the way of a spire of earth raised by Mamoswine's Earthquake. "Recover, Lock-On, Hyper Beam!"

Quick as a flash, Porygon2 computed and executed the order. It first sent out a Psychic pulse to repel the charging Mamoswine and flew up in the air to take aim with Lock-On. 2's eyes flashed red and a red crosshair appeared right in between Mamoswine's eyes. Riley cursed.

"Mamoswine, hurry!" The great beast responded by mooing thunderously and surrounding himself in a thick red aura. Eyes screwed shut, Mamoswine dug into the ground and prepared to weather the impact. A ball of pulsating orange light took form in front of 2's beak and quickly grew to full size. 2 reared back, glared and let loose. A deafening BANG rang out and assaulted the ears of everyone present as the ball of light became a beam of destruction lancing straight for its target, guaranteed to hit. The sky went dark upon impact of the Hyper Beam; Mamoswine was engulfed in its light and mooed as the searing heat overtook it. The battlefield was torn asunder, blackened and burned by Hyper Beam's sheer force and when the light died down Mamoswine was left standing in a crater of scorched earth panting and damaged and missing patches of fur burned off in 2's attack but very much conscious and still willing to fight.

"Ice Shard!" Riley yelled immediately while 2 recharged. A devastating hit on the Virtual Pokemon. "Stone Edge, now!" A vicious assault but 2 weathered it like a man and pushed through when the recharge period ended speeding straight for Mamoswine wreathed in a white sheen. 2's Double Edge attack hit right where the crosshair was on Mamoswine and actually knocked the behemoth off his feet and into unconsciousness.

"YEAH!" roared RJ punching the air. "That's how we roll in Johto!" The crowd exploded into applause.

5/28/2012 #47
Shadow Minamino

Riley recalled his fainted Mamoswine and sighed. " Well, that was a spectacular battle my friend. You've passed. Congratulations. " Riley said before going over to shake RJ's hand before he left the field.

" Yeah, it was. No wonder you're a proctor here, you really put up an amazing fight. I'm suprised I made it through. " RJ said, shaking the hand quickly before making it up to the stands where his friends were waiting. RJ sighed and plopped down on the seat he was sitting before. " That... was really intense. Barely scraped a win there... guess that makes Ricki the only one here who lost. " He snarked... only to get a punch to the head from said Ricki.

" Shutup, even though I lost in battle we all know I vastly outrank you in the looks department. " Ricki said with a grin. Before RJ could fire back, Fred intervened with a hand between the two and spoke up.

" Not to interrupt this before it begins, and trust me I'm missing out on some prime entertainment here. But shouldn't we get to healing out pokemon? They're all pretty battered. " Fred said as he started to walk out of the stadium. " So, are you all coming or what? " he said looking back with a grin.

" Yeah, we all need to heal our pokemon. Let's go everyone! " Dia exclaimed as she, RJ, and Ricki followed Fred out of the Stadium.

On the way to the center, RJ decided to speak up, his voice slightly trembling from the exciting battle not too long ago. " So... now that we're done with our block, where exactly are we all going to stay? " Before any of the trainers could answer his question, a Pidgey decided to... by flying straight into his face with a letter in his talons.

" Agh, what the hell is this? " RJ said, pulling the Pidgey off of him and taking the letter, only to find that the other three got bombarded by Pidgeys too. Stifling a chuckle at the sight of feathers stuck on everyone's face, RJ opened up his letter and read it aloud.

" Dear Competitor. You have passed the preliminary stages and are being assigned a villa to live in with other competitors who passed the prelims. Your villa assignment is inside this envelope along with a key and a map. Good luck in the rest of the tournament. Did you all get a letter like this? " He asked.

The other three nodded, and after some comparing, found out they were headed to the same villa. Fred grinned and spoke up. " So, we're all living together then. Cool.But uhh... how do we get there again? I'm kind of directionally stupid. " Fred said, nervously laughing a bit.

5/28/2012 #48

"How did you manage to get through your journey?" Dia wondered, while inspecting the map. She tilted it sideways, shoved her face into it, and then recoiled away. "Uhm, then again, I'm not much better. If it weren't for Aquila scouting, I'd kinda sorta be dead by now..." She tossed it away into a nearby trashcan in defeat and cheerily said to RJ, "Why don't you lead the way?"

5/30/2012 #49

"It'd be better if i lead us, lest RJ lead us into ANOTHER Aggron breeding ground..." glared the ginger, cutting off his friend before he could start. Following the map, it was about a hour long walk from the competition zone to the newly built suburb deemed "Tourne Village" by a large welcoming sign. After passing into the town and a few other trainers on the search for their home, the group finally came upon their new home.

"Looks alright," judged the Johtonian before heading up to the door. It took a minute and the combined efforts of all three guys to figure out the door used a keycard system with their tournament id's. While the two younger boys headed in, the oldest stopped at the door.

"Where do you're going?" blocking the way from the young girl. After just laughing at the men's stupidity, a sudden questioning seemed to changed her attitude from happy to peeved.

"Into my house, out of the way," Nadia said trying to push the older kid with no avail.

"Nadia, lemme ask you a question. Do you think it would be smart to put a 13/14 year old girl in a home with 18/19 year old guys?" A quick retort seemed to be evident until the question stumped her. "If you would have read the instructions on your map you'd have seen that the houses are 3 people each and split up guy girl unless people registered together like couples, family, or close groups." Closing the door Ricki seemed to notice the girls face of realizing she didn't know where she lived. "Besides, your next door," he slipped out before closing the door completely and it automatically locked before some insults were thrown against it.

6/1/2012 #50
Brave Soul RMS

Frowning, RJ pushed past Ricki and opened the door for Nadia and Jericho. "Do you read?" he snarked. "We all got the same address to go to so we share the house. We'll divide it accordingly; girls on one side or floor and guys on the other."

Ricki grinned and laughed as he turned and left snickering "Trolololol" under his breath. RJ smacked him in the back of tn he head and looked around.

"All things considered, these are some pretty nice digs."

"We are in the Resort Area," Nadia commented. She sighed contentedly and plopped down on one of the plush couches in front of the wide-screen TV. "Air conditioning, how I love you."

To the immediate left and right of the front door were two hallways leading to the bedrooms. Dead ahead was a tiled living area where the flatscreen, a couch, a loveseat and an arm chair resided all plush and comfortable in front of a screen door to the backyard. To the right of that was a fully stocked kitchen with an island table and a few barstools and dining room with a large oak table in the center.

"I call the room with the view!" Fred said immediately.

"Like hell!" Nadia countered.

6/3/2012 #51
Shadow Minamino

" Sorry, but I. " Fred said, pausing his sentence as he playfully poked Nadia in the head " Am four years your senior. So the room with the view is mine, I hear the sky at night is absolutely breathtaking around here. " he said grinning as he sauntered up the stairs and picked out a room at the end of the hall. Opening up the door and halfhazardly throwing his bag on the single bed , Fred placed his minimized pokeballs inside the nightstand nearby before opening up one of the windows and looking out of it. This place really was made for a great view of the island.

Grinning a wide-eared grin, Fred cupped his hands around his mouth and decided to yell something out at the top of his lungs. Not to be too cocky or anything, but he DID kick some ass in his entry match. And if he was lucky, maybe Max would hear. " HEY! YOU'RE LISTENING TO YOUR EVENTUAL TOURNAMENT CHAMPION AND ONE OF THE BIGGEST HAMS ON THE ISLAND! SO REMEMBER THE NAME FRED, CAUSE AT THE END OF THE TOURNAMENT, YOU'RE ALL GOING TO HEAR IT IN THE WINNER'S CIRCLE!" He yelled out the window, exhaling and delivering a stupid grin to no one in paticular. Yeah, he was a lot more composed than that usually, but everyone deserved to let loose once in a while. Satisfied, he closed the window and decided to meet up with the rest of them downstairs.

" Well. The upstairs is pretty nice. Why not have a celebration later to celebrate us all making it past the entry round? After all, we're all going to be stuck together for a while, might as well get along, am I right? " Fred said, absentmindedly running a hand through his hair.

6/9/2012 #52

"I never saw you as the hammy type, Freddy," Dia commented. She had her laptop perched on her lap and seemed to be in the process of scrolling a webpage. "The internet's so fast here! It rocks! ...Anyway, I'm just looking at the tournament's website and you saying we should celebrate just reminded me! Guess what?!"

"What?" asked RJ.

"After the examinations are over, they're throwing a formal event in celebration for the trainers who got past the entry round," she explained. "You guys know what that means?!"

"Dapper attire?" Fred said hopefully.

"Yes!" she cheered. "Guys in suits! Awesome! And I have a pretty dress too!"

6/9/2012 #53
Brave Soul RMS

"Can I not go?" RJ deadpanned. Ricki shot up from his upside down seat on the couch immediately and shouted,

"No, you may not!"

"Why not? I'm tired and I need a snack," RJ contested. "Plus, those things aren't really my thing. Can't dance for crap."

"I don't deny that," Ricki said, "but this is a chance to wear dapper attire and, dammit, RJ, we made a rule about this!" RJ groaned loudly.

"Don't make me recite it."

"Say iiiit..."

"Fine!" RJ huffed and said from memory. "Bros must accept all offers to wear dapper attire unless circumstances prevent them. Bros will also have the option to wear dapper attire whenever they feel like it except for the third Wednesday of every month, for that is Mexican Buffet Night, as well as the last Saturday of every month for... Well, there's a lady in the room so I can't say that one." Dia quirked an eyebrow at them mouthing out the last sentence.

"I see you remembered your manners," Ricki said, pleased. "Did you remember your dapper attire?"

"Do I ever leave home without it?" RJ countered.

6/18/2012 #54

"Well there was that one time with the models," Ricki trailed off before snapping back into attention, "You learned you lesson after that..."

After a few minutes of talk concerning attire and plans for the dance later the teens decided to unpack before they put it off longer than they'd have too. Rayan being the first one done -since fred couldn't find freezer place for steak and Dia got distracted tying on her dresses- decided to check on his old pal and make sure he didn't put a zipper in the wall... again.

"Hey buddy, you done yet?" Rayan called out unaware which room the ginger chose to reside in.

"Down here," Echoed a shout from the stairwell to the basement. Not thinking much of it Rayan walked down the stairs to see his friend in some sort blanket cocoon.

"I came to check on you to make sure you didn't hurt yourself with your luggage, but i gotta say, your Swadloon impression has gotten much better." Chuckled the teen as he sat in a nearby couch. "What made you choose to stay down here? there are plenty of rooms on the main floor,".

"Oh ya know... it's summer, i won't need a fan, i can stay up playing games all night, Greg, there's less bugs, the usual things," Ricki claimed escaping his blanket husk. RJ on the other hand stood attentative near mid sentence.

"You have GREG!?" shouting across the room. "What would make you do something so Stupid! You remember last time don't you? Those mareep AND kindegarteners were mentally scarred Ricki! They have therapists and they aren't even 10!!! Not only that but Greg has tried to kill ME and yourself countless times!"

"Oh calm down, Greg only wanted to show them a trick! Wearing the mareep coat was for emphasis!! Plus you're only angry cause i caught'er near YOU'RE hometown!" countered the elder, now fully shed of blankets.

"Still tried to kill both us us COUNTLESS TIMES! That thing almost got you banned from the league!" pointed out RJ, actually pointing for emphasis.

"Greg only loves with her teeth and pincers because she has no hands or lips to hug and kiss RJ! You're being insensitive!" cried Ricki mocking tears.

"Look, just do this as my friend, don't bring Greg into this house, or this tournament." Rayan sighed rubbing his temples.

"Too late," Ricki stated near instantly.

"No... no no no... nonononononono!!!" RJ started ranting while Ricki began laughing at something Rayan was unaware of. Realizing his friend was paying no heed, RJ turned to see what was so funny.


What was heard next was one of the girliest screams that Fred had ever heard, along with the creepiest laughter and the sound of furniture breaking. This lead to him deciding he didn't even want to know what was occurring.

6/20/2012 #55

"That wasn't me, just saying!" yelled Dia from her position on the couch. She got up to stretch for a moment, then cheerily skipped towards the basement stairwell. "Hey! I heard furniture breaking! You're gonna have to pay for it, y'know!" She paused for a moment, then released her Braviary and descended the stairs to see a creepy-looking Gliscor cackling in front of RJ, who had a pokeball held in front of him defensively. Or rather, that was what it really was. In the young girl's eyes, RJ was just a jerk who was threatening an innocent, adorable scorpion bat thing. "Awwww! She's so cute!! RJ, stop being so mean!"

"Oh god," was all Aquila could say, slapping a wing to his face. "This a disaster."

"Even the little girl thinks so," Ricki said triumphantly to RJ, who only glared at him. With a smirk, he added, "You should listen to her advice."

6/23/2012 #56
Brave Soul RMS

"That thing," said a panting RJ, "is a freaking DEMON! It tried to eat school children and almost decapitated my baby sister!"

"I told you, RJ, she shows love with her teeth and claws!" Ricki shouted defensively.

"Love isn't love when you're aiming for the jugular, you friggin' psychopath! And she could always just hug someone instead of wrapping her pincers around someone's throat!" Just then, a scream tore from Nadia's lips as Greg the Gliscor tried to do just that. Aquila jumped in and tried to beat off the purple scorpion-bat but Greg's claws were firmly stuck in the young woman's hair. RJ let 2 out of his ball; the Porygon2 jumped into action tackling Greg off and blasting her with an Ice Beam. Terrified and in crippling pain from the blast of cold, Greg fled to a dark corner in the basement, hissing and plotting revenge.

"I told you!" RJ shouted at Nadia. "I told you!"

6/23/2012 #57

She turned to Ricki and pointed an accusing finger at him. "You! Get your pokemon under control, or else I'll tell Rex to cripple her so bad that she won't be able to battle again!" It may have been an empty threat, but it certainly didn't seem like it, judging by the venom in her tone and the fire in her eyes. Aquila let out a squawk of approval, pecking at Ricki's head a few times before returning to his trainer's side. The young girl plastered on a cheery smile that may have been a tad forced and added, "Now clean up this mess, Ricki! It's time to sleep! Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day, especially cuz of the party in the evening!"

And with that, she went back upstairs, but not before glaring at the Gliscor in the corner, who returned the favour.

6/23/2012 #58
Shadow Minamino

Fred lazily cracked one eye open from his half-dazed positon on the couch due to the commotion and glanced at the girl walking up the stairs. Smirking a little, he opened his mouth to speak, not even getting a word out before the girl put up a hand to quiet him.

" Don't worry about it, it's taken care of. Now, I'm going to bed since tommorow is going to be a big day. I don't want to hear any of you bozos waking me up or else I'll feed you all to Rex, okay? " Nadia said, smiling with what seemed to be a forced grin as she head up the stairs to her room.

Fred only lazily closed his eye again and muttered under his breath. " Yeah, well Rex can say hello to Lin. But, I might as well see what the Bash Brothers are up to." He said before jumping off the couch and releasing Mask from his pokeball, as the Roserade silently fell behind Fred as the two traversed to the basement.

" Yo, I heard stuff going on down here, is there a party going on down he- HolyGliscor!" Fred said, interuppted mid sentence as he was suddenly tackled by a giant purple scorpion bat and thumped to the ground. Fred only smiled as the creepily-grinning gliscor.

" Friendly girl, isn't she?" He said... until the gliscor clamped onto his arm with it's fangs. "... Ow! Owowowowowowowow! Sharp teeth! Mask, use Sweet Scent!" Fred commanded as the Roserade released a pink, sweet-smelling haze around the room, causing it's occupants to relax, including the Gliscor. Picking the Gliscor up and placing her down on Ricki's bed, Fred grinned.

" So.. .I can see what the commotion was about. Just try to keep that thing on a leash... Ow..." Fred said, wincing a little as he grabbed his now-bleeding arm and retreated up the steps. " Just be sure to get some shut-eye. I'll leave you two to whatever foreplay you were doing!" Fred said, winking when he reached the top of the steps. He'd LOVE to stay and see the reaction, but alas, he had to get his arm iced. With that, Fred left the basement and recalled Mask before heading to the bathroom to clean his arm up.

6/23/2012 . Edited 6/23/2012 #59

Rayan and Ricki stood in silence before they looked at each other and in unison said "Gay wink," before laughing at their responses.

"Well i'ma crash as well, the dance shouldn't be till tomorrow and since our block is done we can rest all of tomorrow," the young teen said, glad the scorpion had been subdued. "Seriously though rick, leave that thing at the lab"

"Pssh, it'll be fine, i'll leave her down her, we can cuddle, and then when i fight i will only use her when necessary. ok?" patting his buddy on the back to convince him of his plan. "Night dude"

RJ gave a small wave heading up the stairs before closing, and seemingly barricading the door at the top. Ricki smiled at his now sleeping gliscor before releasing Mankip, along with Daemon, Alvarez, a muk, and a Magneton. He then got various item balls that released itmes along the sort of teddy bears and blankets.

"Well guys, get some rest, tomorrow we'll train a bit against RJ and i'll figure which one's of you guys i wanna have on the main team, alright?" After a chrous of approval, Ricki plopped down on his bed to see his Gliscor using her long habit of sucking on her stinger in her sleep. After a smile Ricki quickly feel asleep reminising on good memories.

6/23/2012 #60
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