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Sophie Scorpio Star

So we totally were planning a Sword Art Online RP. Sorry Lolli if you had no idea of this and we are just invading your world XD But yeah :D Whoever wants to join, ask Kina or Sophie (Me!). So whee Let's get this show on the road!

7/31/2012 #1
Sophie Scorpio Star

Why hello there? No posting yet!

Basic Plot:

The death game started just a month ago. Everyone is fighting hard to escape and go back to their lives, including our characters. Kirito more known as The Beater or The Black Swordsman has beaten the first floor boss and legends of him circle around the players. Legends of other front line players also circle, but The Beater is the most known one. Our favorite characters are not in those front lines. They are in the begining floors, but who knows? Maybe they will manage to reach the advanced floors! Or their brains will be fried...

Info about the world for people roleplaying as well as making a character!

Aincrad Floor List:

Status Aliments:

Poison: The most common of all status. It is used by plant mobs, forest mobs, warrior mobs... A lot of mobs carry poison. It can be found even in traps. It can also be crafted with a poison skill. The effectiveness of the poison depends on the level of the mob. If it is player made it, it's effectiveness is affected by the poison skill and the ingredients used to make poison and apply it to throwing knives of any bladed weapon. The weak poisons are unable to kill a player, only bring them down to low amount of health and then disappear. The stronger ones are however able to kill a player or mob very quickly. All poisons can be cured with an antidote crystal or certain potions.

Paralysis: Is a very dangerous status. It literally paralysis the person, making them unable to stand up. They have very limited movement, making it require effort to even move their fingers. Any move that contains electricity has a probability to inflect this status. Forest mobs might also carry these. Like poison, paralysis can be made and applied to weapons with a poison skill. The skill will affect how long the paralysis lasts. All paralysis can be cured with a antidote crystal or certain potions.

Body Part Loss: When someone is hit with a direct blow from a strong slash attack, it is possible for the hit body part to be cut off if the player's armor is unable to absorb the damage. If a hand/arm is cutoff whatever you held on that hand you cannot use. Meaning if you are a right handed swordsman and you loose your right hand you are unable to use your sword. If a leg is cutoff, you are unable to walk. Body Part Loss is not permanent, but it takes longer then other statuses to recover. Using healing crystals speeds up the process though.

Sleep: Is a natural status aliment that happens when well... A player goes to sleep XD However it can be inflected by monsters, specially high level plants. Because of a system that SAO uses, a player will sleep for 30 minutes automatically as long as they are not woken up by another player. This means that they are vulnerable to monster and player attacks. A PKer is able to control a player's hand to make them accept a duel challenge, and then kill them without raising their bar to orange or red. The only cure for sleep, is being woken up.

Confusion: Is an aliment that reverses movements and has a psychological effect. If you try to move forward with your right foot, you will instead move backwards with your left foot. Not only does this happen, but it affects the player making them stressed, nervous, and confused. It can be inflected by certain monsters, and any direct hit to the head from a strong blunt attack. It wears off after a few minutes.

Frostbite: Is an aliment that is caused by cold environments or ice based attacks. Frostbite slows down movement to where almost every mob in the game can out speed the player. It also makes the player's hands numb, making them unable to hold weapons or shields and leaving them defenseless. Frostbite disappears naturally once you travel to a warmer area. It can be removed with an antidote crystal.

Burn: Is an aliment that is caused by a long exposure to the sun and fire based attacks. A burn causes damage to be taken when moving, and a lot more damage when attacking. It wears off naturally once you travel to a colder area. It can be removed with an antidote crystal.

Skill List:

(Note: No more then 10 skills for your character please!)

Two Handed Battle Axe, Hand to Hand Combat, Parry, Leather Equipment, Equipment Appraisal, Tools Appraisal, Purchase Negotiation, Sales Negotiation, Extended Weight Limit, Cooking, One Handed Whip, One Handed Spear, One Handed Rapier, Two Handed Assault Spear, Light Metal Equipment, Heavy Metal Equipment, Battle Healing, Emergency Recovery, Acrobatcs, Sprint, Sewing, One Handed Straight Sword, Searching, Tracking, One Handed Sword, Blade Throwing, Hiding, Night Vision, Fishing, One Handed Curved Blade, Katana, Light Shield Equipment, Heavy Shield Equipment, Listening, Two Handed Straight Sword, One Handed Dagger, X-Ray Vision, Meditation, Medicine (and Poison) Mixing, One Handed War Hammer, Slash Weapon Forging, Thrust Weapon Forging, Blunt Weapon Forging, Light Metal Armor Forging, Heavy Metal Armor, Forging, Metal Equipment Repairing, Metal Refining, Familiar Recovery, Familiar Communication, Musical Instrument, Detection, Weapon Guard, Pursuit.

Info on Beastmasters:

"A beast tamer wasn't a class or skill given by the system, but a term used by the players. On rare occasions, aggressive monsters would show interest in players. If you didn't miss the chance, you could successfully tame the monster by giving it something to eat. The monster would then become the player's «Familiar» and serve as a valuable ally who supports the player in various ways. Players referred to those who had succeeded in doing so as beast tamers with a mix of praise and envy. Of course, not all monsters can become familiars; only a very limited variety of small monsters could. The conditions to trigger the event weren't all that clear, but the only one that everyone was sure about was that the event wouldn't occur if the player killed too many of the monster type. This was a rather hard condition when you think about it. Even if one tried to get a familiar by repeatedly meeting them, the monsters were aggressive and the player can't avoid entering a fight with them. In other words, if one wished to become a beast tamer, they would have to keep meeting with the monster, and if the event didn't occur they would have to keep running away. It wasn't hard to imagine just how annoying all that would be."

"Familiar monsters were known to have low stats when it comes to actual combat and Pina was no different. But they had a number of special skills instead: a scanning ability that warned the player of approaching monsters, a skill that healed the player a little, and so on. They were all pretty useful and made day-to-day hunting much easier.The AI of a familiar wasn't that great. Of course, it couldn't talk, and it could only understood a couple dozen commands."

If any help is needed on figuring out what certain skills do or are useful for, ask Kina, Sophie, or Shadow.

Character pages go here:

Sophie's Character:

Name: Ringo Nomura

Display Name: Apple

Age: 16

Equipment: Light Armor, Light shield, spear

Personality:Ringo is a complete klutz. She isn't the sharpest tool in the box, often taking a long time to figure some things out. She can and will get other people in trouble, but she means no harm. She is very friendly, and caring of her friends as well.

Appearance:Dark almost brown red hair going down to her shoulders, hazel eyes, and a white ribbon tied in a bow on the back of her hair. On the back of her right hand Ringo has a tattoo of a star.

Skills: One handed Spear, Light Shield Equpment, Light Armor Equipment, Tracking, Pursuit, X-Ray Vision, Battle Recovery, Parrying, Sprinting, Musical Instrument

7/31/2012 . Edited 9/9/2012 #2

Real Name: Nozomi Kazane

Display name: Kazemi (Kaze or Emi-chan for short)

Age: 14

Main Equipment: Battle gauntlets, shield

Personality: Kazemi is one of the most mature 14 year olds you'll probably ever meet. She is usually shy around strangers, but once she warms up to someone, she can be quite sarcastic. Despite this, she does give good advice, especially romantic, and understands people on a very deep level. She is a beastmaster - though not a famous one like Silica - but she is reluctant to get too close to her wolf familiar, Tala, because either her or Tala could die anyday. Their relationship is strictly businesslike and the only reason they have a pact is because of their mutual goal to get stronger. Despite this, Kazemi still cares for her familiar deep down. On the outside, she is usually a little serious and uptight, but once you get her to lighten up, she acts like a normal, upbeat fourteen year old. One of her flaws is that she's a little too trusting in her friends and as a result, can be easily manipulated. It's why she's so reluctant to open up to people in the first place. Also, one thing to keep in mind is that despite her maturity, she IS still just a little kid; she gets frightened, frustrated, has breakdowns, etc. Kazemi would never admit it, but she actually loves the world of Aincraid and wouldn't mind living in it forever.

Appearance: Being only fourteen, she's one of the shortest in the party, with long light purple hair (the colour of Cecille Garcia's) tied into a side fishtail braid, with a beret on her head. When not in combat, she ties it into a braided hairband and keeps the rest down. Her eyes are big and purple in colour.

Skills: Unarmed, familiar recovery, familiar communications, battle recovery, acrobatics, night vision, hiding, listening, sewing and fishing

Familiar: A white female wolf named Tala. Tala is pretty much the definition of silent snarker. The only human she likes is Kazemi, though she'd never admit it; she just growls at the rest. She is absolutely vicious in battle despite her low stats, but makes up for it in sheer determination, brains and super sharp claws and fangs. Outside of battle, she's relatively well-behaved, though that doesn't mean she's exactly friendly. Skills: Bite, Slash, Heal, Scan

7/31/2012 . Edited 8/1/2012 #3
Shadow Minamino

Real Name: Fuji Itagaki

Display Name: Jin

Age: 18

Current Equipment:

One Handed Sword – Iron Sword

One Handed Whip – Bull Whip

Leather Armor

White Cloth Traveling Cloak

Appearance: Standing at about 5'11, Fuji's head is topped with short and scruffy dark green hair and has soft-looking dark brown eyes on white skin. He normally has a white cloak strapped onto his back that goes from his neck down to the top of his leather boots and underneath wears a simple dark purple tunic.

Personality: Fuji is the kind of guy you want as an ally and not as an enemy. He's intelligent, but hardly shows it due to his naturally lazy demeanor. However, he is very loyal and will do whatever it takes to protect his friends from dying. His philosophy is to always put others before himself. Naturally affable, he makes friends quickly and genuinely cares for the well being of the other players. On the negative side... He's very lazy and would rather nap than rush headfirst into a dungeon. Also. Never let him hold a map. Just... don't.

Skill List: One Handed Sword, One Handed Whip, Blade Throwing, Leather Equipment, Weapon Block, Battle Healing, Cooking, Detection, Purchase Negotiation, and Hiding

8/1/2012 . Edited 8/1/2012 #4
Brave Soul RMS

Real Name: Shizuo Izumi

Display Name: Shinra

Age: 18

Current Equipment:

Two Handed Sword - Seiryuto

Leather and Steel armor

Armored peacoat

Appearance: Tall, light brown skin, black eyes, dreadlocks pulled back. Armor consists of Spaulders, boots, side armor and vambraces and a curaiss under his blue tunic. Always wears the peacoat over it so it isn't seen much. His current sword is basically a giant butcher's meat cleaver with a design and runes on it.

Personality: The kind of guy that hides what he's feeling behind a smile, Shinra is actually terrified of dying within the game of Aincrad and is always training and allying himself with strong players, both to try to keep them from letting their HP reach 0 and to keep himself alive. He's loyal, likes to joke and always tries to help but is not one to play the hero and save one of his guild members if something really bad happens. Underneath his all-smiles persona is a serious young man who only wants to get back to his family and his girlfriend and maybe keep away from VRMMOs for a while.

Skill List: 2H- Longsword, Light Metal Equip., Battle Healing, Weapon Block, Hiding, Detection, Sprint, Acrobatics, Slash Forging, Med/Pois Mixing.

8/1/2012 . Edited 8/1/2012 #5
Sophie Scorpio Star

(ALRIGHT! We can start this now :D)

Apple: *Crouching and stalking after some deer.* I got you now! *She jumps from her position, sprints after the deer but trips. The deer run away* Damn it! I spent so long tracking them!

8/1/2012 . Edited 8/1/2012 #6

White wolf: *notices Apple and growls at her menacingly, as if to say, 'You klutz, I was tracking that too but thanks to you, it got away!'*

8/1/2012 #7
Sophie Scorpio Star

Apple: *Notices the wolf* Hmm... Maybe it's not all bad. I've never seen a white wolf! Maybe it's rare or something! I could sell whatever it drops! *She gets up and prepares herself, placing her shield infront of her and the spear near her back.*

8/1/2012 #8

White wolf: *simply stares at her, then rolls her eyes as if to say, 'Smart of you to come up with a plan out loud, it's not like I can hear you or anything'*

8/1/2012 #9
Sophie Scorpio Star

Apple: Alright here I go! *She placed her spear aiming at the wolf and her shield infront of her to protect herself and rushed at the wolf in a mad charge*

8/1/2012 #10

White wolf: *dodges out of the way and smirks at Apple toothily*

Kazemi: Move out of the way! That wolf is mine! *jumps out of a tree and does a flip before landing in front of the wolf*

White wolf: *recoils away, fur bristling, and growls*

Kazemi: Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you. *bends down and scratches the wolf behind her ears, then offers her some food*

White wolf: ...

8/1/2012 #11
Sophie Scorpio Star

Apple: *Falls over because of the momentum of her charge.* Ow! *Drops her spear and rubs her head* That's the fifth time today I trip... *Looks over at the wolf* Hey how come it's not killing you?

8/1/2012 #12

Kazemi: Oh. I probably shocked her to the point of mobility by landing in front of her so suddenly. And I didn't threaten her or anything. *smiles* As you can see, I'm unarmed except for this shield and I took off my gauntlets. And finally, I offered her food. *scratches the wolf behind the ears again* Beast-taming is a rare skill that I've been aiming for, for about a month. I think I'm really close!

8/1/2012 . Edited 8/1/2012 #13
Sophie Scorpio Star

Apple: *Blinks* Sounds complicated. And boring. Mind if I kill the wolf? I am sure it has some really rare drop or something cool!

8/1/2012 #14

Kazemi: Of course I mind! She's my familiar now, right? *looks at the wolf*

White wolf: *tilts her head at her with a bored expression, as if to say, 'As long as I don't get killed'*

Kazemi: Right! So no, no killing her.

8/1/2012 #15
Sophie Scorpio Star

Apple: Awwww.... Are you serious?... Then can it tell us where I can find more white wolves? I really low on money... And I can't seem to catch any deer either.

8/1/2012 #16

White wolf: *shrugs as if to say, 'As long as I'm not the one to die'*

Kazemi: Alright, I guess that's a yes. Wanna party up, then?

8/1/2012 #17
Shadow Minamino

*Meanwhile in a different section of the forest*

Jin: *Aimlessly wandering around in a forest of trees* Tree. Tree. Tree. Another Tree. Dammit, why can't they make this place less confusing? * Fails to notice a path nearby* Agh, I'll never find that stupid fruit now. To think all I wanted to do was raise my cooking level a bit...

* Jin then kicks a tree, causing a medium-sized spider to fall out from it. *

Jin: The hell? * Draws his iron sword from his back* I wasn't exactly looking for a fight... but I guess I found one! * Rushes towards the spider, sword at the ready, before two more fall out of the nearby trees.*

Jin: ... Ah, crap.

8/1/2012 #18
Sophie Scorpio Star

Apple: Sure! *Holds her spear on her shield hand, and makes a motion with her hand. The hologram main menu appears and sends a party invite to Kazemi.*

8/1/2012 #19
Brave Soul RMS

Shinra: *walks onto the scene* Cool, Spider Venom. I needed this! *sees Jin* Huh? Hey! Party up with me, quick! My name's Shinra! *draws his blade and cuts off a spider's front legs*

8/1/2012 #20

Kazemi: *accepts it* Apple, huh? Cute.

White wolf: ...

Kazemi: Speaking of names, I bet my familiar wants one.

White wolf: ...*gives her a flat look*

Kazemi: ...Alright, I get it. You're not really enthusiastic about this, are you? *shrugs* Well...uhh, Tala - do you like that name? - we'll settle this later. If you really want to leave, go now.

Tala: *continues staring at her and then shrugs, but doesn't budge*

Kazemi: Anyway, let's go track down some wolves.

8/1/2012 #21
Sophie Scorpio Star

Apple: Hehe Thanks! My real name means Apple so I just decided to use it as my screen name! Plus this one guy I know calls me applehead. It's kind of become a nickname. *Notices tracks on the floor* Hey what are those?... WAIT! That's right I have the tracking skill! Since were in a party I can see the tracks of your wolf! So we can find the other wolves if we trace yours!

8/1/2012 #22

Tala: *actually looks impressed*

Kazemi: Awesome. This should make monster hunting a lot easier. *smirks and puts on her gauntlets*

8/1/2012 #23
Shadow Minamino

Jin: Huh? Oh, a party! Sure, why not? * Slices diagonally through a spider using the Slant Skill before inviting Shinra to a party * The name's Jin. Pleasure ta meet you. Now lets clean these guys up.

8/1/2012 #24
Sophie Scorpio Star

Apple: Alright! Follow me! *Follows after the tracks to a clearing with a couple of wolves.* There they are! Want to attack first?

8/1/2012 #25

Kazemi: Yeah. We might be able to catch them off guard.

8/1/2012 #26
Brave Soul RMS

Shinra: *launches a spider into the sky and crushes the last one before picking up the venom they drop* Sure to raise my skill level with this...

8/1/2012 #27
Sophie Scorpio Star

Apple: Alright! I get the left one! Chaaaaaarrrrrgggggeeeeeeee! *Raises her spear and charges at one of the wolves. Apple activates a spear skill and her weapon glows green. She rushes through the wolf making it flinch.*

8/1/2012 #28
Shadow Minamino

Jin: Not many skills use items like that. Medicine mixing? *Casually sheathes his sword* I'm only out here to gather cooking ingredients myself. Maybe we should just hunt for materials together?

8/1/2012 #29
Brave Soul RMS

Shinra: Sounds like a plan to me since I'm here for the same reason. Only took up this skill cuz it's a good one to help me survive...

8/1/2012 #30
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