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The Sweetest Prize

Overall Information:

Successful bounty hunter Jackson Roberts, known all over as Jax Robb, decided to start an organization for future bounty hunters. Forty years later, the J.R. Training Organization is one of the top bounty hunting schools in the world.

The JTRO is a guild-like facility where young aspiring bounty hunters go after outlaws under protection of the JRTO. When they're ready to leave, they take an exit exam that they have to pass. Outlaws rank from 1 star to 5 star. Any outlaw with 3 1/2 stars and above can only be captured by someone approved by the headmaster. Depending on the severity of their crimes, you can either bring the outlaws back alive or kill them. Missions can last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks depending on what's happening. When not on missions, the young bounty hunters are usually either training, recovering, or relaxing.

There are four groups in the organization. When money is collected from a bounty, the money goes to the entire group. All the groups have an even number and each person in the group has a partner as all missions require at least two people.

The four groups are:

The Staraptors – A very successful and versatile group made up of a variety of different trainers. They don't always resort to killing outlaws, but won't hesitate to do so if the situation calls for it.

The Skarmorys – The group with the highest capture record and the very best trainers. Can be pretty vicious and has been known to overly-rely on killing outlaws.

The Unfezants – The opposites of the Skarmorys in a lot of ways. They tend to overly-rely on capturing and do whatever they can to avoid killing outlaws.

The Honchkrows – The risk takers. This group is definitely in it for the money and they tend to go after the high-risk missions that pay a lot. Success varies.


OC Form

Name: (First and Last. Nicknames optional)

Age: (15-21)

Gender: (Obvious)

Group: (Pick one of the four)

Appearance/Clothing: (How your character looks. If there's anything that's not a natural hair color, make sure you state that its dyed. As for clothing, make sure to include: regular attire, mission attire, and formal attire. They can wear anything for regular, but make sure that mission and formal attires are appropriate.)

Personality: (How your character acts. Make it detailed. The longer, the better)

Special Skills: (Any specific skills your character has that would suit them when tracking and dealing with outlaws? Please let's try not to have everyone wielding katanas.)

View of Sweet, Merci, Jax, and Dobbs: (How your character view these four individuals)

Pokemon: (1-3 and please try not to use too many overused ones)

Other: (Anything else? Talk about their history? Likes, dislikes, anything you want.)


OC Forms

Name: Cedric Sweet (Generally goes by his last name)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Group: Staraptors

Appearance/Clothing: Sweet is a tall young man with a lean and athletic build. He has fair skin with bluish-gray eyes that seem to be mellow and relaxing and a mop of reddish-brown hair on his head that goes down to his neck in the back and threatens to go into his eyes in the front.

His regular clothing consists of a simple button down light blue shirt (or a dark red one depending on what he feels like wearing) with blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers. He swaps the outfit for a simple sleeveless white t-shirt with gray sweatpants when he trains. Sweet's mission outfit is a black sleeveless t-shirt with the Staraptor logo on the back in white with black and white wind pants and black sneakers. He'll throw on a hoodie if he gets cold and always wears his fingerless gloves when on a mission. His formal attire is a gray dress shirt tucked into black dress pants with a black coat and dress shoes. He's not exactly a fan of ties.

Personality: Sweet is a clear-headed and zen-like guy who's almost always relaxed due to his self-discipline skills that he developed under years of parkour training. He is a very friendly and easy-going guy which is why most people just refer to him by his last name. He takes his time to think situations through and try to determine the best possible outcome. Sweet is also a pretty charismatic guy and has been known not to hold grudges. However, Sweet can be extremely apathetic and can even come off as uncaring a lot of the time which has been known to cause rifts between him and his friends. When he is noticeably angered, he starts making sarcastic remarks that can be hurtful and it takes a while for him to realize when he is in the wrong. Despite his bad points, Sweet is definitely a person you'd want to watch your back.

Special Skills: Although he is a moderately skilled trainer, most of Sweet's strong points lie within himself. Due to years of parkour training, Sweet is highly skilled in running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, leaping, and rolling. He has picked up some minor driving skills from his partner, Merci.

View of Sweet, Merci, Jax, and Dobbs:

Merci: "My partner and definitely my best friend. She knows how to have a good time and is always fun to be around."

Jax: "He does things his way and I do things my way. I'm fine with that. If he has a problem with me, I'm fine with that too."

Dobbs: "Gotta watch out for this guy. He seems cool, but I've heard the stories."


Primeape – Male. Sweet's oldest partner. Due to years of training with Sweet, Primeape isn't anywhere near as aggressive as most of his species, although he still retains a bit of a temper when angered.

Starmie – Used for missions where there's a lot of water. Starmie is a bit of a dreamer and is always thinking of new and creative ways to make missions more exciting.

Dugtrio – Male. Used for missions that involve going underground. Dugtrio is serious and focused with a penchant for justice.

Other: Sweet is somewhat estranged from his parents, but keeps in contact with his older brother. Can often be seen exercising very early in the morning. Is part of the duo "Sweet Merci" with Merci Rogers.


Name: Mercedes Rogers (Generally goes by 'Merci')

Age: 18 1/2

Gender: Female

Group: Staraptors

Appearance/Clothing: Merci is an average-height girl with a slim build. She has brown skin with light brown eyes that are always brimming with excitement and long, dark brown, almost black hair that alternates between being straight and curly depending on how she wears her hair that day. She can almost always be seen with a smile on her face.

Her regular clothing consists of a sleeveless white shirt with a black treble clef on it, blue jean shorts and a pair of black shoes along with a black beanie. She may shift out for a blue jean jacket over a yellow shirt with a yellow beanie, blue jeans and yellow flats. Her mission wear is a tight black tanktop with black jeans and a pair of black shoes. She also has the Staraptor logo on the front of her tank top and wears a pair of fingerless gloves. Merci's formal wear is a dark purple mid-thigh length dress with purple heels and silver earrings. Her hair is also straightened.

Personality: Merci is a determined and driven girl and in many ways the opposite of her partner, Sweet. Almost always looking for a good time and bursting with excitement. Life is almost like a game to her and she delights in it. She's expressive and upbeat and tries to keep a positive attitude most of the time. Merci's a fun person to be around and can always light up the room no matter the situation and is pretty comical as well. However, Merci can be extremely reckless and rarely thinks things through before charging headfirst into the action. She can also be pretty nasty towards those who have wronged her and holds grudges from time to time. Despite this, she is still a loyal and true friend and will stand by you until the end.

Special Skills: Like her partner, Merci is a moderately skilled trainer. However, her stronger talents lie within her other abilities. Merci is an expert driver, be it a motorcycle, a truck, a bus, anything. She has nearly completed her piloting classes as well. Merci has also picked up a few parkour skills from Sweet.

View of Sweet, Merci, Jax, and Dobbs:

Sweet - "That's like my bro! He's cool even though he's way too chilled at times."

Jax - "Cute, but way too scary. More to life than killing people."

Dobbs - "Get over yourself and stop screwing people over."


Magneton – One who doesn't talk much, but gets results, Magneton generally just goes along with whatever its trainer wants without much argument and usually keeps to itself.

Yanmega – Female. Used for aerial missions or tracking criminals moving through the air. Yanmega is just like her trainer and loves the thrill of being on a mission.

Arcanine – Male. The strongest of Merci's team, Arcanine is very fierce and loyal, but can be very unforgiving towards outlaws which is why he's usually used for kill missions.

Other: Is the youngest of four children. Loves spicy food and hates the morning. She's also a bit of a music fan as well. Is part of the duo "Sweet Merci" with Cedric Sweet.


9/3/2012 . Edited 9/3/2012 #1

Name: Jackson Roberts III (Generally goes by Jax)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Group: The Skarmorys

Appearance/Clothing: Jax is a tall and muscular young man with slightly pale skin and inherited his grandfather's piercing green eyes which tends to intimidate a lot of people. He has straight black hair with red highlights in them and a bit of stubble under his chin. There's usually an arrogant smirk on his face or an intimidating glare depending on how he's feeling.

His regular outfit is a black t-shirt that shows off his muscles and a pair of dark jeans with a red bandana tied around his neck. He wears a pair of gray running shoes as well. Jax's mission outfit is a gray shirt with the sleeves ripped off and the Skarmory logo on the back. He pairs this with camouflage pants and black boots and changes his bandana to a black one. His formal outfit is a black suit and tie with black dress shoes.

Personality: As the leader of the Skarmorys and grandson of the legendary Jax Robb, Jax has a lot to live up too, but he doesn't seem to mind as he is currently one of the best, if not the best, trainers at the organization. He tends to be incredibly ruthless especially towards outlaws and has a strict sense of justice. Guilty until proven innocent in his eyes. He can be incredibly arrogant and entitled and he treats the other three groups with indifference at best and contempt at worst. He also tends to enjoy killing outlaws or whenever they're getting the harshest penalty and loves the thrill of the hunt. However, towards his own group and his grandmother, Jax shows a different side. He is very protective of them to the point where he will fly into a rage when they're insulted and tries to lead them to the best of his abilities. He will even abandon a mission if it means to save the life of a teammate.

Special Skills: Highly skilled in mixed martial arts and firearm use due to being personally trained by his grandfather when he was still active. Very advanced trainer as well.

View of Sweet, Merci, Jax, and Dobbs:

Sweet - "That glorified gymnast? Why don't you got back to doing flips and leave the bounty hunting to the real guys like the Skarmorys."

Merci - "Not as bad as Sweet, but still annoying."

Dobbs - "Get out of my face before I punch you in yours..."


Houndoom – Male. Jax's best companion and just like him in every way, being the grandson of Jax Robb's Houndoom. Is incredibly unforgiving towards outlaws and has to be restrained from killing, though Jax doesn't do much restraining anyway.

Hitmonlee – Male. A ninja-like Pokemon, Hitmonlee is stealthy and always hidden. He keeps to himself all the time and hates interacting with any other Pokemon not on his team.

Nidoking - Male. The tank of the team, Nidoking is destructive and wild and can pretty much only be contained by Jax or maybe Jax's partner on occasions. However, he tends to have a soft spot for baby Pokemon.

Other: His uncle is the headmaster of the organization. He loves eating meat of all kinds and has a fierce work out routine that he makes his group do to keep them in top shape.

9/3/2012 #2

Name: Freddie Dobbs (Generally goes by his last name)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Group: The Honchkrows

Appearance/Clothing: Dobbs is a short and stocky young man with medium-length, slightly curly brown hair and dark eyes always hidden by his sunglasses. He has fair skin and his teeth are white and always visible due to the grin he has at all times.

His regular clothing is a pink dress shirt with a white tie, beige dress pants, and a pair of brown dress shoes. His mission attire is a bit more casual, but he still tries to make it as flashy as possible with an expensive blue jacket over a red t-shirt and blue jeans with white sneakers. His formal wear is a blue suit with a white dress shirt and blue shoes. He always has his sunglasses on no matter what the situation is and keeps some jewelry on himself as well.

Personality: Shady, greedy, and cunning can definitely describe Dobbs. He is highly intelligent, but tends to focus all of his attention with making as much money as possible without having to do any real work. As such, he's the salesman of the organization. He has a very convincing aura about him and is a great liar. He acts friendly enough to avoid suspicion, but on a whole, he's pretty selfish and mean-spirited and most people who deal with him usually end up getting screwed over. He is often blinded by greed which causes him to make stupid decisions at times, though Dobbs usually tries to analyze a situation before charging head on. When it comes to his money, Dobbs is eager and ready to take as many risks as possible. However, there are times when he'll be willing to be a decent person and is usually at his kindest and most generous right after a successful mission.

Special Skills: Expert tracking and decoding skills.

View of Sweet, Merci, Jax, and Dobbs:

Sweet - "Check it man, this is real gold. Let's make a deal?"

Merci - "Merci, baby, check it out! New ride. How much are you willing to pay?"

Jax - "Hey, J3, look at all this merchandise. You can't turn down my offer! Come on!"


Raticate – Male. A crafty and sneaky Pokemon, Raticate loves being as vicious as possible, but only against foes he knows he can defeat.

Weezing – Male. Used as a smoke bomb by Dobbs. Weezing doesn't seem to care about much and can often be seen floating around alone.

Sableye – Female. Crafty and sneaky like Raticate, but with a nasty temper. Any Pokemon who looks at her the wrong way is usually in for a world of hurt.

Other: Most of Dobbs' personality comes from the fact that he grew up poor, a fact that he tries his best to hide. He has been known to steal from outlaws who have been killed or arrested.

9/3/2012 #3
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Name: Evangeline Dawson (Referred to as "Eva" by her friends and as "Dawson" by those who are less-than-fond of her)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Group: Staraptors

Appearance/Clothing: Eva has soft brown eyes and long straight auburn hair that reaches her waist.She is five feet six inches tall and slender with attractive curves.Though she doesn't appear outwardly muscular she is on the strong side. Her day to day attire is a pair of blue jeans, a green t-shirt, a pair of white sneakers and a white headband keeping her long hair out of her face.On missions she wears a form fitting black bodysuit and black gloves, she also wears her hair in a long braid that she drapes over her left shoulder.On formal occasions she wears a floor length green ball gown with glitter across the bodice and skirt, when she attends formal events she leaves her hair down with no headband or any other accessories.

Personality: Eva is a team player.She is friendly towards her comrades and to most of the other bounty hunters in the other groups.But when it comes to hunting criminals she is cool and calculating.She has a strong moral compass and enjoys seeing justice done.She learned at an early age that the world is not all black and white and that there are gray areas so sometimes she has trouble coming to terms with certain actions that the other groups might take in acquiring a bounty (such as killing a graffiti artist or petty thief.)

Special Skills: Eva is trained in judo.When she was younger she spent hours climbing the trees in the woods behind her house so she has greater than average upper body strength than the average girl and she is quite the climber.She can pick a padlock or other lock that requires a key within a minute.And she can throw her voice to make people think that she's somewhere else.

View of Main Characters:

Sweet: "He is sweet.A little laid back but definitely a nice guy and nice guys are hard to find.Not to mention he's rather adorable."

Merci: "She's just the coolest.And she's so lucky to be partnered with Sweet."

Jax: "He's alright… I suppose… He's the founder's grandson and well… He's not the worst or most annoying person I've ever met. At least he's got some loyalties, I do have to respect that."

Dobbs: "He IS the worst most annoying person I've ever met.He's a greedy douchebag.Just really glad that he's in the Honchcrows because I'll never have to worry about working with him on a mission."


Arcanine – Male, first Pokémon as a Growlithe and although he can be fierce when chasing a bounty, he's really just a big puppy at heart and craves his trainer's affection which she heaps on him lavishly along with praise.

Dewgong – Female

Staraptor – Female, just a lucky coincidence that she had a Starly with her when she started at the facility and was placed in the Staraptor group.

Other: When Eva was a little girl her sister was kidnapped by her father who was separated from her mother at the time.Eva and her mother never saw Eva's sister or her father again though they do get postcards once in a while letting them know that Eva's sister Bailey, is safe.Though Eva loves her mother she misses her sister and father and can't help wondering why her father didn't try to take her too.

9/3/2012 #4

I like Eva. She seems cool. :D

9/3/2012 #5
Kelly of the midnight dawn

Thanks XD

9/3/2012 #6
Kelly of the midnight dawn

I came up with a second one. I wrote it on my iPhone so if it looks weird that's why.

Name: Vincenzo Velerio (Known as Vinny or occasionally by the nicknames King of the Nerds, Tech Head, and by some of the girls as Geek Charming)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Group: Staraptors

Appearance/Clothing: Vinny is Dominican with brown eyes and short dark hair. He is not much in the muscles department but isn't scrawny. He is well built and good looking, his squared glasses only compliment his face. Normally he wears a white t-shirt, a pair of gray slacks, a medium wash denim jacket and brown loafers. On missions he wears a pair of black combat boots, black jeans, a lack t-shirt, a leather jacket and thin purple gloves. He also has a pair of prescription sunglasses that he wears instead of his regular glasses because he thinks they make him look more badass. On formal occasions he wears a gray pinstripe suit with a matching tie and his loafers.

Personality: Vinny is well read and very intelligent. He tends to be laid back and slow to anger, his assumption that he is physically inferior to the other bounty hunters helps him when he confides resorting to violence. He can be very charming and is often unaware of his own appeal. He comes across as trustworthy but has a hard time recognizing his own self worth and his worth to the organization.

Special Skills: Hacking, surveillance, and because of the fact that his charm makes him come across as non threatening he is very good at interviewing people who may have seen the target outlaw. He has also had limited training in small firearms and carries a .22 with him on missions. He's not best shot but he can defend himself and others if necessary.


Pidgey - one of Vinny's most useful surveyors. Since Pidgey are so common no one suspects that they are being watched. Vinny affixes a small video camera to a collar around Pidgey's neck whenever he sends Pidgey out on surveillance jobs.

Sandslash - Male, Vinny's battle partner and also the one who creates infiltration tunnels.

View of Main Characters:

Sweet: "He's a nice guy. I like to take it easy too but sometimes I wonder if he realizes that there's such a thing as too laid back."

Merci: "She's the greatest"

Jax: "he refuses to take me seriously and I try not to let that get to me."

Dobbs: "I bought an MP3 player from him once... Never making that mistake again. Not only was it broken but when I tried hooking it up to my laptop, the thing set my computer on fire! ON FIRE!!! How does that even happen?!"

Other: Vinny's mom and dad are also bounty hunters who were part of the organization when they were Vinny's age. Vinny's favorite meal is a bacon cheeseburger with fries, a dill pickle and a mocha iced coffee.

9/3/2012 . Edited 9/4/2012 #7

Hey, Sebastian gave me some scenes to show you guys particularly. I guess I'll post them here since the majority of his other readers will be on his forum.

Who wants to see 'em? :D

9/8/2012 #8

Me :D

9/8/2012 #9




*Sweet and Merci are relaxing at the town spa*

Sweet: *enters wearing a pink robe*

Merci: *snickers* Nice robe.

Sweet: This was the only color they had left and I like it anyway. I heard some kid a few years ago started a trend of guys wearing pink.

Merci: Whatever you say...

Sweet: Isn't this pretty cool, though? I told you a day of relaxation is just what we needed.

Merci: Yeah, you were right. It's cool to take things easy sometimes...

*Six large suspicious men suddenly enter the room*

First Thug: Hey, you two are that bounty hunting team aren't you?

Sweet: *nods*

Second Thug: Sweet Merci! We've heard lots about you.

Merci: Check it, Sweetie Pie. *lets out a laugh* We're famous.

Third Thug: More like infamous.

Fourth Thug: You two put our boss away...

Fifth Thug: And now you're all alone without your Pokemon...

Sixth Thug: Time for payback...

Sweet/Merci: ...

*The six thugs stand up and surround them*

Merci: *stands up* Damn, even on a day off!

Sweet: *stands up* I told you this would happen when we started going after higher ranking outlaws.

Merci: So, what should we do...?

Sweet: I dunno. What do you think?

Merci: Well, I think... *punches one of the men in the face*

*The fight begins and it's chaos. Sweet effortlessly dodges all the slow punches as he takes on three of the men while Merci fights the other three*

First Thug: *throws a punch at Sweet*

*Sweet grabs the second thug and pulls him in front causing the punch ends up hitting him*

Sweet: *shoves the second thug into the first thug and begins fighting the third one*

Third Thug: *pulls out a knife*

*Meanwhile Merci is fighting the other three thugs*

Fourth Thug: *lounges at Merci*

*Merci jumps back a bit, causing the thug to accidentally pull her robe open*

Fourth Thug: *practically drooling*

Merci: *smirks* Like what you see?

*She kicks him in his face and he goes straight to the ground*

Merci: Hope you enjoyed the show.

*The fifth thug comes behind her and starts trying to strangle him*

Merci: *kicks him in the groin and throws him into the sixth thug*

*Sweet is barely dodging the slashes from the third thug's knife*

Sweet: Merci... *bends down*

*Merci leap frogs over Sweet and double kicks the third thug in the face, causing him to go crashing into the ground*

All of the thugs: *groaning in pain*

Sweet and Merci: *fist bump*

9/8/2012 #10

Merci is so awesome xD

Sweet: This was the only color they had left and I like it anyway. I heard some kid a few years ago started a trend of guys wearing pink.

Also, Logan reference? xD

9/8/2012 #11

Holy crap, Kina, it is a Logan reference isn't it?! I didn't even know! That's awesome! 8D

9/8/2012 #12
Brave Soul RMS

Talk about tag-team asskicking o.o

9/8/2012 #13

*Merci jumps back a bit, causing the thug to accidentally pull her robe open*

Fourth Thug: *practically drooling*

Merci: *smirks* Like what you see?

*She kicks him in his face and he goes straight to the ground*

Merci: Hope you enjoyed the show.

--- Hilarious! xD

9/8/2012 #14
Brave Soul RMS

A normal girl would be embarrassed. Mercy uses it as a diversion. Clever girl xD

9/8/2012 #15

I think I have a couple more too. :D

Who wants to see 'em?

9/8/2012 #16
Brave Soul RMS

This guy!

9/8/2012 #17


I guess she's gonna be an antagonist?


*Jax goes into his room and throws his stuff on the bed after another day of hard work*

Jax: *groans* I'm exhausted...

???: Lazy as always, I see...

Jax: *turns red in anger* What are you doing here?!

*A pale, dark-haired girl with green eyes approaches him*

???: I thought I'd pay you a visit. I mean, you are my brother and all.

Jax: You're not welcomed here, Jackie.

Jackie: It's just Jacqueline now. I'm going with the whole one-name thing. It terrifies the outlaws when they hear my name.

Jax: Your name? It's my name that they're afraid to hear.

Jackie: Only because it's associated with our father and grandfather. Not by your own merit, that's for sure.

Jax: *scoffs* I'm the best bounty hunter at this organization.

Jackie: Tch. Maybe so, but you still aren't good enough to be an independent hunter like me. *grins*

Jax: *growls* I'm here for my group, that's why.

Jackie: Excuses, excuses. A true hunter goes alone. You, your little girlfriend, and the rest of your group must be pretty weak if you all need each other's help. Besides, we both know that Dad is keeping you here on purpose. After all, this is where he stores all his junk that he doesn't want...

Jax: Get out!

Jackie: Or what? *smirks*

Jax: *balls his fists up*

Jackie: Okay, calm down there, meathead. You'll pull a muscle. I'm leaving now. Catch you on the other side, bro... *grins*

*Jackie leaves and Jax slams his fists on the wall in frustration*

9/8/2012 #18
Brave Soul RMS

Asshole antagonist with no sense of teamwork and an ego the size of Mars? Yeah, I already like her xD

But, man, their relationship seems familiar... And why is she even at the organization HQ if she thinks so lowly of them.

9/8/2012 #19

I think she's an independent bounty hunter that's either already graduated from the organization or just isn't affiliated with them.

Sebastian told me that this story takes on a grey and grey morality. Basically, there are bad bounty hunters and there are outlaws who do have good in them.

9/8/2012 #20
Brave Soul RMS

At least it's not entirely black and white, huh?

9/8/2012 #21


And plus while Jax is sympathetic when bullied by his sister, from what his profile shows, he gives just as much as he gets when he's harassing the other three groups.

9/8/2012 #22
Brave Soul RMS

Whoo equality! Well, I guess it's inevitable when you're a group of bounty hunters. A good laugh is a good laugh.

9/8/2012 #23

Yep! xD

So, are you submitting an OC? :O I know he said he wanted some more OCs before he got too deep into the plot.

9/8/2012 #24
Brave Soul RMS

I will be :D As soon as I get Danni's goddamn team made up...

9/8/2012 #25

What do you have so far?

9/8/2012 #26
Brave Soul RMS

Ninetales, Torterra and Togekiss, the three I intro'd in the RP. Also, Kina went to go buy something so you can post if you want.

9/8/2012 #27

I have to go run some errands, but cool, I'll post when I return! :D

9/8/2012 #28

Hey, one last reminder. Remember, you guys are still allowed to post your OCs here.

And you can make as many as you want. :D

9/9/2012 #29

i got two ideas but i'm having a bit trouble D:

i got a skarmory with a mandibuzz and her nickname is "Harpy". I was thinking a cold bitch kinda gal, but i don't know how to build the rest.

my other character is a unfezant/honckrow who has an exploud, chatot, and mr.mime and would specialize in kinda... sound attacks and cornering bounty hunters. his nickanme will be "phones" and i kinda saw him as like... a radio tower kinda character, just a backburner supporter :/

9/9/2012 #30
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