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In a modern small kingdom, three royal siblings go to a pokémon academy as a rite-of-passage and to learn more about the history of their kingdom. Their father has made certain that they will receive no special treatment of any kind. However, there are dark forces brewing in the shadows of the kingdom.


Iona Royal Family

Iona Lord Nicholas – Age 38 (simply referred to as the Iona Lord). The current ruler of the Iona Kingdom. A fair and kind, but very strict and traditional ruler. He has lately become more open to several modern ideas, but there is something troubling him.

Iona Lady Annabella – Age 36 (simply referred to as the Iona Lady). The wife of the Iona Lord who has a hand in ruling the kingdom. Very open-minded and merciful as well as a lover of all pokémon. Can sometimes have her head in the clouds.

Crown Prince Rodrick – Age 15. Next in line for Iona Lord, Rodrick appears to be the perfect prince. Powerful, handsome, and wise. However, the expectations heaped upon him have caused him to become a perfectionist with a lot of difficulty having fun and expressing himself. Extremely serious, very stiff and humorless at times and has a weakness for girls.

Princess Nicola – Age 15. The younger of the royal twins, Nicola is fun-loving, expressive, and into modern ideas moreso than any other family member, but can be as elegant as any other classic princess. She is kind and loyal, but a bit vain and has a bit of a manipulative side when pushed. Very close to her father.

Prince Anson – Age 13. The youngest of the royal family. An eccentric genius, Anson craves to know everything about everything. Wise beyond his years with a penchant for troublemaking and is optimistic about attending the academy. Very close to his mother and uncle.

Beasley Bainbridge – Age 31. The Iona Lady's free-spirited, but slightly annoying and foolish younger brother who is often sent on errands for the Iona Lord.


The Noble Seven – Seven Noblemen and Noblewomen under the Iona Lord who watch over the day-to-day activities of the kingdom and enforce the laws.


OC Form:

Name: (First and Last. They can be unusual names, but don't go overboard)

Age: (13-17)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Class: (Common, Merchant, Noble. Let's try not to have too many of any, but particularly the last one since that one really needs a good OC form, so if you're planning to just wing it, pick the first or second one.)

Appearance/Clothing: (How your character looks and dresses. Be descriptive. Modern clothes are actually preferred since this is a modern era. List clothes for hot weather, clothes for cool weather, and formal clothes. I'm cool with you sending me links to pictures of your character's outfits.)

Personality: (Be descriptive. That's really the only thing that matters. Remember, a character's personality is the most important thing in an OC form.)

View of the royal family: (Your character's opinion of each of the members of the royal family)

Family: (Father? Mother? Siblings? Any important relative. Let's try not to have too many orphans)

Pokémon: (1-6. Try to be unique. A commoner probably wouldn't have a rare pokémon like Eevee, for example, but a merchant might due to trades. One shiny is allowed for nobles. Of course you can have powerful ones. No more than one fifth gen though.)

Other: (Crush on one of the royal kids, allergies, any kind of past that needs to be known, favorite food, anything that you feel needs to be mentioned.)



Name: Rodrick Iona

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Class: Royal (Crown Prince)

Appearance/Clothing: Like all royal children of Iona, Prince Rodrick has amber eyes and olive skin. He has dark hair (it's hard to tell if it's very dark brown or just black) that he inherited from the Bainbridges (his mother's family). It's straight, slightly long, and he keeps it well-kept. He has a tall and sturdy build much like his father, but with his mother's thin face. He is clean shaven and his eyebrows are very prominent mostly due to the serious expression he almost always has on his face.

In warm weather, he dresses in a short-sleeved, deep blue, button down shirt with dark gray pants and deep blue shoes. In cold weather, it's slightly different. He wears a long-sleeved blue and black button down shirt with black pants, blue shoes, and a black overcoat. He keeps a small Old English 'I' pendant on a silver necklace around his neck in both warm and cool weather. His formal wear is a blue dress shirt and pants with a silver tie, coat and shoes as he always makes sure he wears Iona's official colors (blue and silver) during formal occasions. He also wears a silver headpiece during formal events that signify his status.

Personality: Rodrick appears to be the prince that is expected by the people. Powerful, brave, handsome, and wise, Rodrick is the leader than any kingdom would want and is pretty much the face of the kingdom. However, the expectations, responsibilities, and pressures that have been heaped upon him since childhood has driven him to become a perfectionist with high standards for himself and others. Although he is driven to succeed and will help anyone in need, his drive has made it hard for him to express himself and have a little fun. He is extremely serious and can come off as a bit aloof and condescending. He is seen as stiff, and humorless by his sister and brother, but he is still very protective of them and anyone in need of help. He also has a bit of a weakness for girls and can be indecisive when it comes to choosing who he likes and is very formal to just about everyone. All in all, Rodrick has his issues, but is generally a good prince and a good person.

View of the royal family:

Iona Lord - "One of the greatest rulers in the history of Iona. One day, I I will be as great as him."

Iona Lady - "My mother is definitely...unique..."

Princess Nicola - "My sister is a wonderful girl, but she's immature and she needs to learn to focus more on what's important."

Prince Anson - "Intelligent enough, but still very childish. I guess he has some growing up to do, but he isn't bothering anyone, so it's no concern of mine."

Beasley - "My uncle can be foolish, but he has a good heart."


Iona Lord Nicholas – Father

Iona Lord Annabella – Mother

Princess Nicola – Twin Sister

Prince Anson – Younger Brother

Beasley Bainbridge – Maternal Uncle


Poliwrath – Male. The prince's first pokémon. A fighter at heart caught by Rodrick himself as a child without any help from anyone. Poliwrath is extremely loyal and into justice and is always down to deliver it.

Rapidash – Female. Captured as a Ponyta and mostly used for rides and the occasional battle. Rapidash is gentle, elegant, and graceful and one of the nicer ones on the team.

Dodrio – Male. Generally a ferocious pokémon, especially the middle head. It's a bit hard for all three heads to be on the same page, but when they are, Dodrio is ruthless.

Tangrowth – Male. A bit of a dim guy, but very loyal and can be a threat when angered.

Aggron – Male. The powerhouse of the team, Aggron can be a loose cannon at times, but only after he's been aggravated enough. In that state, Rodrick is the only one who can calm him down.

Ariados – Female. A violent and unstable pokémon, she is much like Aggron only more cold and calculating. Can be a bit of a trouble maker as well.

Other: Has trouble sleeping at times and usually needs music to help him. Has begun growing his hair as the Iona Lord always has long hair. Named after one of his ancestors.


Name: Nicola Iona

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Class: Royal (Princess)

Appearance/Clothing: Like all royal children of Iona, Princess Nicola has amber eyes and olive skin. Like her twin brother, she has dark hair (it's hard to tell if it's very dark brown or just black) that she inherited from the Bainbridges (her mother's family). Her hair is long and straight and she either keeps it down or in a high ponytail. She has her mother's tall and thin build and her thin face. She has an average sized bust, long fingernails, and thin eyebrows.

In warm weather, she generally wears a deep blue sundress with silver flats. She usually wears silver jewelry with it as well such as earrings and bracelets and wears a bit of makeup as well. In cooler weather, gray blouse and a dark blue skirt with gray leggings and dark blue flats and a blue coat over the blouse. She keeps a small Old English 'I' pendant on a silver necklace around his neck in both warm and cool weather. Her formal wear is in Iona's colors much like her clothes. She wears a long deep blue dress with silver heels and a silver headpiece in her hair signifying her status.

Personality: Princess Nicola isn't much like her twin brother. She is open-minded, expressive, fun-loving, and into modern ideas more than any other family member. She can be as elegant as any other classic princess when it suits her though. Like her brother, Nicola is very kind and loyal, but not without her own issues. She can be nasty-tempered, pretty vain and unintentionally condescending due to her upbringing. She also has a bit of an inferiority complex concerning Rodrick and often imagines how things would be different if she were born first and was next in line for the throne. As a result of this, she also has trust issues as she's paranoid that anyone who is friendly towards her is only trying to get in Rodrick's good graces. Nicola can also be very vengeful to someone who has wronged her and has a manipulative side as well when angered. She is very close to her father and insulting him is by far the easiest way to earn her wrath. However, towards her true friends she is very sweet and polite and is willing to do anything for them.

View of the royal family:

Iona Lord - "I love my father more than anything in the world! He's a wonderful ruler!"

Iona Lady - "Mother can be a bit strange, but she's very kind and I hope to be like her one day!"

Prince Rodrick - "My perfect brother who everyone loves. Ugh. Well, he's not really that bad and I still care about him."

Prince Anson - "He's definitely not your...standard prince, but that's actually a good thing."

Beasley - "I love my uncle! He is very entertaining!"


Iona Lord Nicholas – Father

Iona Lady Annabella – Mother

Crown Prince Rodrick – Twin Brother

Prince Anson – Younger Brother

Beasley Bainbridge – Maternal Uncle


Persian – Female. Very mean and finicky, it took years for Nicola to get Persian to be nice and even now, she's only friendly towards Nicola's team. She always stays close to her trainer, no matter what.

Dewgong – Female. The opposite of Persian. Dewgong is very friendly to everyone and typically brings joy to the other pokémon on the team.

Nidoking – Male. Found as an injured Nidoran, Nicola nursed him back to help and he returned the kindness with undying loyalty. He is noble and fierce and always ready for a battle.

Magcargo – Male. A gift from her uncle, Nicola didn't much care for Magcargo at first as he was very nervous as a Slugma. Over time, they bonded and Magcargo became slightly more comfortable, yet still retained his nervous personality.

Xatu – Male. Used as a ride and for battles, Xatu is the wisest pokémon on the team. He watches over the others to make sure they don't get hurt and makes sure that Nicola isn't in any danger at all times.

Weavile – Female. A sneaky and conniving pokémon, but she actually does care for her trainer and the others on the team. Usually teaming up with Rodrick's Ariados to cause trouble.

Other: Princess Nicola is a vegetarian. Named after her father, whom she's very close to.


Name: Anson Iona

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Class: Royal (Prince)

Appearance/Clothing: Like all royal children of Iona, Prince Anson has amber eyes and olive skin. Unlike his brother and sister, he inherited the Iona family's light-to-medium brown hair. It's straight and kept a medium-length. He is of average height and has his mother's thin face. He has very bushy eyebrows and he occasionally wears a pair of glasses to look smart. As he's almost always smiling, you can usually see his white teeth as well.

In warm weather, Anson wears a short-sleeved white shirt with blue trimming around the collar, blue pants and white shoes. In colder weather, the shirt is long-sleeved and blue with white trimming with matching pants and white shoes. He may possibly throw a lab coat over it. His formal wear is a white dress shirt with a blue tie, a blue coat, blue pants and white shoes. Unlike his siblings, he doesn't wear a head piece, but does wear the small Old English 'I' pendant on a silver necklace around his neck.

Personality: Anson is a standard prince in name only. He is eccentric, unpredictable, and intelligent. He is a witty and cheeky boy full of optimism and wise beyond his years in an odd sort of way. He lives for the moment and is always trying to have fun. He is very idealistic and wants to know everything about everything. Anson can be a bit annoying and his odd quirks can be seen as stupidity by some, but he is far from stupid. He does however have a penchant for trouble-making when he wants to tease his older siblings or the older kids at the academy. Anson loves the weird and bizarre and is fascinated by things that would otherwise disturb others. He is a good and loyal friend, being much kinder than his older siblings and is non-judgmental.

View of the royal family:

Iona Lord - "My father's a good ruler, but a little old fashioned, dontcha think?"

Iona Lady - "My mother! Now there's a lady who knows how to think outside the box!"

Prince Rodrick - "Calm down, Brother. You have plenty of time to have fun before you become Iona Lord."

Princess Nicola - "I told my sister that the latest pidgey can still soar. She didn't know what it meant..."

Beasley - "Uncle Beasley is who I want to be like when I grow up!"


Iona Lord Nicholas – Father

Iona Lady Annabella – Mother

Crown Prince Rodrick – Older Brother

Princess Nicola – Older Sister

Beasley Bainbridge – Maternal Uncle


Ambipom – Female. Just as goofy and eccentric as her trainer, Ambipom can almost always be seen juggling or doing some sort of circus act.

Slowbro – Male. Like most of his species, Slowbro is on the dim side. He almost never knows what's going on and is eternally clueless.

Sudowoodo – Male. Fun and outgoing, but otherwise normal. Likes putting Anson on his shoulders when he walks.

Breloom – Male. Fun and outgoing much like his best friend, Sudowoodo. He loves games and is constantly trying to join in with the humans.

Banette – Female. Very affectionate and flirtatious to the point of it becoming creepy.

Yanmega – Female. The serious one on the team, Yanmega doesn't like playing around at all and takes everything at face value.

Other: Prince Anson has been known to sleep-talk from time to time. Named after his mother who he is very close to.

9/11/2012 . Edited 9/11/2012 #1

do you want a better map (no offense seb... you tried .__. ) also i'm reading game of thrones so expect oc's soon :D

9/11/2012 #2
Go ahead and make a better map. xD We just half-assed one for the time being. Everyone, remember that this is MODERN times.
9/11/2012 #3

aww, medieval times are so fun though...

9/11/2012 #4

I call a love interest for Rodrick!

9/11/2012 #5

Go for it! xD

9/11/2012 #6

Have you guys checked out the (crudely drawn in ten minutes) map? xD

9/11/2012 #7


It's...really bad xD

9/11/2012 #8

Yes, it sucks. xD

But it's basic function is just to tell you where everything is. Like the Resort Islands are owned by the Iona Lord and the other nobles as vacation getaways.

Or the creepy ass ??? place in Old Iona. xD

9/11/2012 #9

At least Ricki's making another one xD

9/11/2012 #10

Thank goodness! LOL

Oh and think of a pretty name for your character. xD

9/11/2012 #11

I'm very picky with names x3 You don't have to worry.

9/11/2012 #12

Your forms are always informational, so she'd probably be best in the noble class.

9/11/2012 #13

Aww, thanks, Lolli :D

I'll be sure to make a noble then x3

9/11/2012 #14

Your welcome!

9/11/2012 #15

So, do you have any more info on this fic?

9/11/2012 #16

Yeah. What do you want to know more about?

The landscape?

The antagonists?

The school in general?

The royal family?

I got information on all of it. :D

9/11/2012 #17

Let's start from the bottom up :D

9/11/2012 #18

The royal family dates back centuries and centuries to when Iona was founded by King Iona himself. Many of the nobles are descended from the first citizens of Iona. The Iona Lord is always the first-born child, male or female. All members born into the royal family have olive skin and amber eyes. The Crown Prince or Crown Princess is always the one who is next-in-line and as a result they are the representation of all of Iona.

Now, as for the current generation, if you want to know want to know about them that you didn't learn in the form. Rodrick's basically a perfectionist, but is worried that he can't live up to his family. Both he and Nicola have trouble telling true friends/lovers a part from false friends/lovers who are just trying to get in their father's good graces.

9/11/2012 #19


From that alone, I'm getting a few ideas. Either a girl who Becomes the Mask, or a girl who has been hurt in the past so she knows what it feels like to have trust issues and does anything she can to avoid hurting the person she loves. Leaning towards the latter though xD

9/11/2012 #20

Yeah, go for the latter. It would definitely make things a bit more interesting. :D

9/11/2012 #21

Yep! I can relate with the latter more anyway, so this OC will not fail to disappoint! :D

9/11/2012 #22

Now, the school in general is open to everyone. In the past it was only open to nobles and few merchants, but no commoners were allowed and the royal kids were all home-schooled until the start of this story. However, since the academy is the safest area of the whole kingdom, the royal kids have been sent there to learn especially since they'll pick things up faster. It's a standard boarding school and the Iona Lord has made sure that his children receive no special treatment...and he certainly got it, but definitely over the degree that he'd find acceptable.

9/11/2012 #23

What do you mean by that last part? :o

9/11/2012 #24

Oh yeah, even the royal children get bullied.

9/11/2012 #25

Well hopefully it toughens them up instead of potentially breaking them? xD

9/11/2012 #26

I don't know about that, but it does prove that bullies are stupid enough to harass the kids who will rule over them one day. xD

9/11/2012 #27

Speaking of bullies...

Antagonists next! :D

9/11/2012 #28

Donovan Raze - Son of a noble and Rodrick's arch-rival is the most recurring antagonist.

However, he's just there to keep the readers busy. The true antagonists are up to something sinister. I can't reveal much about that though.

9/11/2012 #29

Alright, that's fine :D

9/11/2012 #30
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