TF and TF Private Role play No uninvited please
A Transformers G1 and a Transformers the movie cross over Role play between a couple of friends. Please no one uninvited, we have a plot and wish to stick with it.
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Trelynne - The Story Teller

It was a mid day on December 14th 2009, snow already littered the roads, sidewalks, building and gutters. And still more was falling, it was already half a foot tall, and steadily growing. The uncover base where NEST members and Autobots were housed also had humans that for what ever reason had become part of the team.

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Trelynne - The Story Teller


Treylenne who was currently off the base, walking through the snow with two guys walking with her. One was dressed in a black and red winter jacket that had a little blue with it and black pants on with black boots. The other was wearing a red and white winter jacket with black and with black pants and winter boots. "Trey is it not advisable to be walking around in a skirt when temperatures are this cold are you sure you are fine?" One of the guys asked her as she walked across a street.

Trey smiled and looked back at Perceptor's holoform that was with her. "I am fine Percy~ its 32 degrees outside, plus the skirt goes to my knees its long enough to keep me warm, and I'm used to the cold really." The teen glanced down at her outfit, a dart purple vest with a silver heart patch on the left breast over the heart, with her black flare skirt that brushed the tops of her knees with her black and purple boots that had 4 inches on heel to them, and her black and purple long sleeve blouse. She hadnt wanted to wear long sleeves, but Red, Prowl and even Prime had said they would not allow her off the base without at least a long sleeve blouse on.

Perceptor nodded his head, "If you believe that so then I will not argue with your logic, this time." The scientist could easily argue his point of view and win and he knew it, but he had learned since coming to earth that it was wise to pick your battles when dealing with some issues, and this was one of those issues.

Red Alert glanced around at all of the people, all of the buildings, all of the cars. It was a nightmare of traffic jams and people hustling about on the crowded sidewalks. He now saw her reasoning for not wanting to just drive to the stores she wanted to do to, they would spend all day in a traffic jam with how things were looking. "So why is the 25th so important that people would be how they are? It is a waste of resources and time"

Tre smiled at Red, “Humans believe in God like you believe in Primus, and so some people celebrate his son’s birth, while there is a many who just enjoy the day and give thanks for their year, count their blessings and give gifts to those they like and care about.” She put it as simply as she could since the Autobots knew little of religion, more so the two that were logically locked into finding any and all answers with a scientific method.

“And what type are you Treylenne?” Perceptor quietly inquired as he followed her along the walkway to a large shopping center.

Tre smiled, “I enjoy the day most, and I am one of the few humans that don’t fully believe in one thing one way or another. Since I see things more scientifically, and Creationism states that dinosaurs and ape men did not live, even though there is proof.” She shrugged a little, “I always took after my father who was a scientist that always needed fact and proof.”

Both holoforms nodded their heads thoughtfully, they could understand that reasoning, they were logic bound after all and it didn’t make sense to disregard proof that was so blatantly clear.

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Rose- Prowler FanGirly

(Boo! Cheater XD)

Sam smiled as she watched Moonracer and Arcee working on decorating the base's high points. Having gotten the all clear from the big guy, they had started work on transforming the base into a huge Christmas celebration. The two femmes were currently stringing garland around the edges of the ceiling and tinsel all over the ceiling having it go from one side of the hallway all the way to the other, letting it hang a little low so that some of the bots (Prime) would have to watch out for the hanging garlands. "Looks great guys!" She called out as her friends finished up their tasks and walked back over the teen who was on a boom lift helping to decorate the walls and such.

Moonracer smiled at her young friend. "Thanks, this is our first time ever doing something like this, the celebrations back on Cybertron were never like this." She held out her hand for Sammie to climb onto, they needed to go and get the next wave of decorations.

Sam climbed over the railing of the boom basket and slipped onto Moon's hand and smiled at the bubbly femme. "Well glad to hear you can have your first Christmas with us then! Promise its something you'll really enjoy."

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Ace hummed "Winter Wonderland" to herself as she cautiously stepped out of the main base and into one of its many hangars. Her ankle boots clicked and created a hollow echo with every step she took. The teen's green eyes darted around the room, searching for any lurking 'Bots or NEST personnel; she was in a good mood, and didn't want anyone to spoil it with pranks or work.

Acira slowed her pace as she approached the massive doorway of the hangar. Everything in the base was Optimus Prime-sized, but she had long since gotten used to it after a month or two. Ace stuffed her hands into the pockets of her black pea coat and softly smiled as she gazed out at the glistening snow covering the empty tarmac. She leaned back against the doorway and crossed one heeled foot over the other, looking out at the twinkling sight. The girl absolutely loved the cold weather; the frost and chill reminded her of the spirit of the Christmas season.

Metallic footsteps reverberating throughout the hangar alerted the seventeen year old of another entity. She tensed and glanced to her right, but relaxed once she recognized the Autobot. "Hey 'Bee."

The golden yellow scout walked forward and greeted Acira with a cheerful clicking sound. Ace smiled and glanced up at Bumblebee. "So are you ready for--" The teen was interrupted as her phone rang. She fumbled with it for a second before tapping the screen and answering with a confused "Hello?" She listened for a second before hissing a curse and looking up at Bumblebee. "I'm sorry, 'Bee, but I'm supposed to be in the Major's office right now. I'll catch you later!" Acira waved at the mech before dashing back towards the base. She had totally forgotten to check in with Major Lennox to receive her assignment for the day.

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Trelynne - The Story Teller

Trey hummed as she came out of another store, bags in hand and looked up to see huge fat snowflakes falling like crazy. She beamed happily, as she looked back at her two escorts, "You both up for a quick trip through the park before we head back?" She wanted to check out how the trees looked covered in snow and the ice rink before she went back to the base.

Perceptor looked at Red Alert, then nodded. "I have no issue with going there first Trey." Red nodded his head in agreement, both were watching and in a way studying how her mood seemed to depend on the weather, and it seemed that cold weather like this brightened her mood and made her happy.

Treylenne smiled and started off for the park, she glanced at her bags that had tissue paper over the top of them to hide the contents, she smiled happily sure that this was going to be a good Christmas.

As they got to the park the snow started to fall even harder, Red's and Perceptor's holoforms' hair was covered in snow. Tre laughed and set her bags down onto one of the benches and reached up and brushed the snow from their hair and smiled at them. "If you were human you would so catch a cold you know that?"

Perceptor smiled and shurgged, "Our holoforms dont register much of a change so." He reached up and repeated Trey's actions to her own little dusting of snow, but he registered the cold sensation of the semi frozen water molecules. "Interesting, it registers on you, but not on my own self."

Red looked from Perceptor to Tre, Tre just shurgged and smiled. "Guess your more sensitive to others and not yourselves. Let's get going before Red's alt is snowed over~" She snickered and picked up her bags.

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Alex hummed as he walked from the Command center after talking with Prowl and Optimus about the latest updates in the surveillance, and also the access to the base. He was carrying several data pads along with a couple of reports, and a stack of ID cards that had been updated and had something special added to them so the Autobots would be able to pick up on the cards in case of emergency. It had been Trey's idea she had slipped by Red Alert a while ago, after getting it approved by all of the officers the teen had made them and given them to Prowl to check over, make corrections if needed and approve them.

Now Alex was taking the data pads, reports, and also the NEST ID cards to Major Lennox. Often times Alex was under Lennox's command, or at least when they were in the field, but when they were on base Alex played more than one role because of his extensive knowledge in many fields and expertise, it mad him very valuable to be joggled between all of the different teams, much like Trey. He assumed it was due to her interest in him was the cause for his position, not that Alex minded. He had been informed by several of the Autobots that she had been with the team a lot longer than any of the others, but the Major, Epps, Fig, and Graham.

Alex walked up to the Major's office door and knocked on it a couple of times and waited,the Major was going to be thrilled at the new of more reports to fill out, and also the notice that Ratchet and the rest of the medical staff was requesting that everyone be required to take yet another physical. Something about winter report and charting or something like that, Alex really just tuned it out. He hated the medical staff all but the neon colored Autobot, military medical staff just wasnt like your mom back home. (XD Had to add that)

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Rose- Prowler FanGirly

Prime walked out of his office Prowl behind him, the two had just finished up a meeting regarding the odd pause the decepticons activities. Of course that could just be due to the massive dent the they to their numbers the last time they had clashed but still, to be weary and ready for anything was best during war times.

Sam laughed as she watched Arcee fly by Prime in her bipedal mode, Moon was quick on her aft. "Hi Prime! Hi Prowl!" She called as they passed by the two officers. She was sitting on Moon's shoulder armor as if Moon was just walking and not running by.

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Angel Aya

Melanie yawned as she walked out of the kitchen after helping to finish up the lunch that would make everyone fulls for days. She had a knack for cooking thanks to her ability to play with chemical compounds, cooking was just science if you really thought about it right. And that on its on allowed her to be able to create foods that was heavenly, but not heavy on the waist line, which was good for both the girls (plus Alex!) on the base, and also the NEST guys. Since the rations were not the best-- she would know she had tried them herself, and it also allowed they to feel more like they were at home or a more welcoming place than the base. Since it was most like their home for most of them, the NEST members did have families that they went home to from time to time, but as for the others and the Autobots, not so much. And Mel along with the others had slowly need adding to the base here and there to give it a harmer touch. The Autobots seemed to enjoy learning about it, and about the things they added.

Trey had been one of the first to start this off when she had a huge group photo taken, it was then turned into a huge painting that was displayed on one of the walls in the command center, because that was the ONLY place on base that fights absolutely never happened. And since she had started that, every year another would be taken, to include any of the new members that had joined since there had been more Autobots found, more NEST members added, and a couple more girls added to the base. Trey had never told anyone her real reason for why she had started it, but most assumed it was something she had done with her family. Though she had never spoken of her own family, and no one really asked her. (Tre im going based off of your past from the other TF RP tell me if your still sticking with that one please.)

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Major Lennox shook his head and hung up the phone. He had a feeling that Acira was going to forget... The Major glanced up as he heard someone knocking at the door. "Come in," he called out, sliding one of his reports back into place and starting to write at a rapid pace. If it was Optimus' or Prowl's holoform, he was quite frankly screwed; the report was due about a week ago, but Lennox had never been in his office long enough to get around to it. There was always some NEST member getting harrassed by the twins or Ironhide, or vice versa. And with the issue of Galloway's surprise visits... Lennox shook his head once more and tried to concentrate on the report in front of him.

. . .

Ace slipped and bumped into a wall as she abruptly stopped in the hallway. Someone else was in front of the Major's office, but she could quite recall whom... Alexis..? Wait, no. Alex. She quickly corrected herself, remembering how the other loathed being called by his actual name. Acira hesitated before stepping back and leaning against the wall. It wouldn't hurt to wait a few minutes while he did his business with the Major...

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Alex shifted his stack of items into one of his arms and opened the Major's door, he saluted the Major before he closed the door. "Sir, i was just with Prime and Prowl. They gave me the update on the surveillance, also they had the need IDs that are to be issued out.. And also the medical staff is getting ready for yet another round of examines."

He paused as he walked in front of the Major's desk. He set the medical notice and the stack of IDs on his desk first then nodded at the data pads and stacks of reports in his arms. "And here is the current reports from the other units on different events that have happened over the past month. And here is the next report Prowl would like you to work on Sir." In truth, Alex had become more like Lennox's personal assistant and often times took a look at the files and reports that were going to the Major since he had a high enough clearance level he was in fact able to help out the Major. After all there was no way he could read all of the information on the pads, plus do all of his reports, keep an eye on the NEST members, take care of daily events, on top of that there was the constant interruption. So Alex had asked and gotten approval to help the Major out, for when things got too piled up he could take the trivial things, read/do them and report the overview to the major before submitting it.

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The Major blinked at the new paperwork before looking up at Alex and nodding. More papers... Great, he thought sarcastically. "Thank you, Alex. Now the IDs need to be handed out to all personnel today, correct?" he asked, starting to take a glimpse through the newest reports and filing them into a specific order to be done. If that was the case, then he'd either have to search the base for everyone or just make an announcement over the intercom... Major Lennox started to rub at his right temple, a habit he had picked up not too long ago. Either way, it would create a mess in the base.

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Trelynne - The Story Teller


Alex nodded his head. "Sir, if you'd like I can go ahead and pass them out for you to save you time and it would not interfere with everyone's duties. Plus I know where everyone is for the next two hours. so it will be less troublesome and time consuming if i did, and so you werent taken away from your office having to do it, it would also allow you time to do your reports... Prowl did mention that a couple of them are later..Sir." Alex was trying to be helpful, after all he had been on the base long enough to know just how things worked, and a pissed off Prowl did not equal happy base.

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Major Lennox looked up gratefully at Alex. He was so very thankful for the kid being around to help as he always did. "Please? I do have a couple reports that should have been turned in yesterday... or two days ago..." Lennox hated getting caught behind on his reports, but things always seemed to find a way to interfere with his time for paperwork. With a chuckle and a smirk, he added, "And we wouldn't want an angry Prowl on base, now would we?"

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Trelynne - The Story Teller

As the teen picked up her shopping bags there was a loud scream from a human female. Red’s and Perceptor’s holoforms snapped to attention and looked for the source of the scream, a woman who was pointing up into the sky. They quickly looked into the sky, their eyes widening three fold at what they saw…. Many a huge cluster of meteorites plummeting towards the park they were in!

“EVERYONE OUT OF THE PARK NOW!” Trey’s voice called out as she started to try and move people out of the general are. Quickly Red and Perceptor joined in helping the teen move everyone, luckily for them the meteorites were slow coming in… and while they had a general idea as to who there would be a cluster of them coming to earth, they still needed to get everyone out of the way now!

Trey was just pushing the last person from the park’s entrance when the sign above her head was hit by one of the meteorites, she screamed as she went to the ground and quickly rolled away from the collapsing stone archway. “RED!! Call the Major now!” She yelled as she quickly got to her feet and moved out of the way as the large cluster of meteorites that were landing quickly. She ran over to where Perceptor’s and Red’s holoforms were.

Red Alert connected to the base com and opened up a line into the Major’s office. “Major! We are at the city park, right now there are meteorites crashing to Earth, a large cluster of them. It is 98% possible they are Cybertronians, please come here now.” The park was a 10 minute drive, and it would be a 3 minute race with the lights and sirens going.

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The Major was just able to keep himself from cursing as he received the message from Red Alert. He quickly stood up and started out of his office, snagging Alex by the arm on his way out. "I think the IDs and reports can wait," he murmured, releasing Alex once they were headed down the right hallway. Lennox was just able to catch sight of a familiar figure standing slightly concealed in the halls. "You're coming too," he plainly stated to Acira before breaking out into a sprint to the hangars.

Ace blinked at the Major and Alex before following after. At least it was a chance to get off base...

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Trelynne - The Story Teller

Alex cringed as he followed behind the Major, he could hear the crashes from the background of Red's com, it did not sound good. He tapped on his ear bud that acted as a communicator and opened up and used the mission Chanel everyone kept open for something like this. "Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Prowl, Ratchet, Epps, Graham, Fig, report to the hanger for departure. Location: Mid City Park, Treylenne, RedAlert, and Perceptor have reported that there are asteroids landing in the parks, most likely Cybertronians. Unknown if they are Decpicons or Autobots but they need help no matter the reason."

Ratchet set down his data pad he was working on and quickly felt the med bay and headed for the hanger, meeting up with Prowl on the way.

Sides was behind them leaving his quarters, he really did hope they were Autobots, more friends and old faces were great.

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Sunstreaker peeked out of the washing racks before heading towards the specified hangar. He dearly hoped for them to be Autobots, but just knowing their luck...

Epps, Graham, and Fig paused their card game and immediately stood up, quickly running towards the meeting place. "Damn! I forgot my soda!" Graham and Fig rolled their eyes at Epps and shook their heads while keeping a steady pace.

Major Lennox made it to the hangar and started to open the massive door. He glanced back, waiting for the others to arrive. Once he saw Alex, he let out a half smile. "Thanks for calling everyone." The Major wondered how he had forgotten a detail like that...

Acira almost literally slid in to the hangar, but was just able to catch herself. She blushed a little and watched the doorway.

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Trelynne - The Story Teller

Alex grinned and nodded his head. "Thats what im here for Major." heck he had been called the NEST SIC so many times he stopped correcting people after a while. He glanced back at Acira as she slipped into the hanger he smiled at her. "Careful girly, with all of the chaos the Autobots are going to be causing while transforming you dont wanna get hurt." His first time in the hanger during their roll out, not fun.

Ratchet and Prowl quickly entered the hanger and transformed into their vehicle modes, both going over Alex's head, the male didnt so much as blink as they did so, he knew were to stand and where not to. Ratchet, that is the chance they are Autobots?

2/3 chance they will be Autobots, Cons dont come in big groups that are that tightly clustered. The medic replied. He just hoped he was right, he revved his engine and waited for the others.

Sideswipe quickly flew into the hanger, jumping over Alex and Ace and transformed and landed in his alt mode by Prowl and revved his engine.

Alex smiled at Acira as he watched the Autobots, "Told ya, best thing to do is stay still they know were we are. Time to go now, this your first time out on a mission call with us?" He knew her face but not too much about her really.

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Sunstreaker was soon to follow suit with his twin, transforming mid-air and landing beside Sideswipe.

The partial NEST crew ran into the hangars and stood before their Major, each saluting quickly before going straight to grab some hand-held ammo and weapons. Major Lennox nodded a pprovingly and started to walk towards the transformed Autobots. "Let's head out ASAP," he called out over the revving of engines.

Ace slightly ducked down as a couple of the Autobots almost literally flew over their heads. She had to bite her tongue in order not to curse in surprise. "Ah... Yeah..." she murmured, watching the Autobots curiously.

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Trelynne - The Story Teller

Alex smiled at Ace, "Trust me, this'll be good for you if these are in fact Autobots. Come on." He carefully grabbed her arm and lead her to grab a couple of weapons and then he took her over to Ratchet's passenger's side, Ratchet opened his door for the NEST female. Alex smiled, "Stick with Ratchet and do as he says he will be the best one for you to be with." He smirked as he heard Ratchet's engine roar in approval at his comment.

He hustled his own weapons and went over to Sides' alt mode, they got along great when it came to battle and he quickly slide into the seat.

The other alts opened up their doors and waited for the NEST members to load. Prowl internally smirked as he watched Alex play guardian for the new female of the group. And com'd the major's ear unit. "Seems like Alex has taken to his role as your SIC Major, he takes care of things very efficiently." Which always made Prowl rather pleased, more so because he had listened to Trey who had been the one that had told him about the young man;s potential.

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Major Lennox chuckled as he headed over to Prowl, carrying a large weapon of his own. "Yes, and that's why I'm glad he's my second in command," he replied, gently setting the massive gun inside before getting in himself.

Each NEST member shuffled into different Autobots; Graham with Ratchet, Fig with Sideswipe, and Epps with Prowl. Each soldier, however, knew to steer clear of Sunstreaker. They were all quick to learn that the twin did not enjoy driving them around, let alone havig them touch his interiors.

Acira slightly fumbled with the weapon at first before glancing at the Hummer. "Um... Hi?" she greeted uncertainly, climbing in timidly. The teen had never really met the medic in person, but she sure as hell had heard a lot about him.

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Trelynne - The Story Teller

((Collaboration with Sesa!)) (yes i woke him up!)

Prowl chuckled and closed up his doors as Lennox and Epps got inside, he revved his engine then took off flying out of the hanger going to the location of Red's holoform beacon. While he kept it to himself, he was very much so hoping they would have more friends on base, there were still a lot of faces on base missing.

"Hello Acira, no need to be timid. I am perfectly friendly." Ratchet's voice came from his speakers as Graham and Ace loaded inside, he closed his doors after that and took off driving next to Prowl. "There is a 66% chance this will be an uneventful mission, but to be on the safe side please know that we will be going directly to the landing sight so you may enter combat directly."The medic stated, he always did before missions where he knew something, it always helped the humans.

Sides roared his engine and tore after Prowl's alt as soon as Fig was inside. Time was not on their side with Red calling in the landing while it was happening it should take too long for the Cybertronians to get out of their space build up shells and be active. Which was not a good thing for the human girl, Trey as he recalled her name and the two holoforms. Oddly enough that was the only human name he really remembered out of the group. But then again, she was in fact the only human that could work with Ratchet when he was in Hatchet mode, and also deal with Red Alert's... oddness.

Plus she had been around for a while, plus she was fragging good at getting 'import' waxes and other supplies she secretly slipped to both him and Sunny. Since the stuff that was on base, sucked slag and was not good enough to be used. While Prime and the Major had more or less ignored their complaints, the teen had gone and gotten the stuff, it was as close as they could ever get to the stuff the used to have on Cybertron. And she wasnt at all rude, while often time it was commented that they (Sunny and Sides) were rude and so they got rudeness back. The teen just smiled at them, brought them items they needed, or items that was going to be needed, and would often times help out with after battle repairs and cosmetic touch ups. Which was something both twins did appreciate and made them both in a small way not mind the human female compared to the others.

She seemed like the only human that had a real clue as to what she was doing when helping them and never needed to be told what to do, she would just walked over, pick up a device and get to work without being noisy and never made a mistake. Guess thats why Ratchet is always keeping her in the med bay, and why Perceptor keeps her in the lab the girly isnt that bad, sorta like a youngling.. Sides randomly thought as he flew along, there was really very few ir any humans Sunny would allow ride with him,and the teen just happened to be one of the few that could get away with it, if she asked nicely and if there was really no other choice but he didnt protest like he would have with anyone else.

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Major Lennox tapped off his communicator for a second, glancing at the dashboard. "How long do you think it'll take us to get there?" he asked. Red Alert had given them an approximation, but the 'Bots could usually beat those times with a little help from Epps, who currently had his heavy-duty laptop sitting on his lap. The Chief Master Sergeant was typing away onto the notebook, timing the stop lights just right so they wouldn't hit any red lights.

Sunstreaker's engine growled loudly before he took off speeding after the others. If the incoming protoforms weren't Autobots, they would be slagged beyond belief...

Ace blinked at Ratchet's interiors before looking back down at the weapon in her hands. "Okay..." Graham quietly chuckled at the teen's bashfulness, but remained alert for the most part. There had been a few times that Decepticons had attacked while they were on their way to a landing site, and it was never 'fun' to be caught off guard when one of the Autobots dumped them out on the dirt to transform.

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Trelynne - The Story Teller

((Again! I woke Sesa up for this! XP))

Prowl calculated for a moment before he replied, "Less than two minutes, we will have a slow down with the traffic jam in the City Center, but that can be gotten around. And Red is clearing up the side streets as we speak." Prowl shifted and went even after than before, there was still that 33% chance that they were Cons. While the holoforms were no issue at all, Trey was not one that backed down but she wasnt armed, or at least it he didnt know she was. They had cleared out the people from the park, that was good it would prevent too many people from seeing, but still they needed to move.

Sides increased his speed and followed closely behind Prowl, he didnt know what but there was an odd sense of urgency this time. He opened up the private Com he and his twin used. Hey Sunny, you also gettin that weird feeling? They had gone after tons of calls like this, but why did this one feel different?

Ratchet chuckled softly as he followed Prowl matching his speed. "Sensors are picking up on more asteroids, heading to the park where the others are." Ratchet reported over the mission channel, he didnt have an exact number of how many had crashed already but there was at least 6 more that were about to come down. A huge cluster, he recalculated, 4/5 chance they were Autobots... he really hoped they were, a group of Cons that big was going to not be good.


Trey hissed and scooted from around her place by a couple of trees, there were five smoking craters from where the meteoroids had crashed... but nothing moved yet. They were roughly the size of...she couldnt quite guess but it looked about 4 feet by 5 feet and about 4 feet high... that was really tight for a Cybertronian to fit into there, even one of Bee's size, or Jazz's. What if these arent Cybertronians...? She slowly edged back from her place, she heard a loud hiss from her com unit as it picked up on static of some sort. She winced and jumped back farther from the craters, nothing was moving but something on the inside must have been moving.

12/22/2009 #24

Major Lennox sharply nodded and started prepping his gun just in case. Like the old saying went, it was better to be safe than sorry. "Epps, you still messing with the timers?" he asked, adjusting a notch on his weapon. Epps tapped in one final key before glancing back at his Major. "I've got all lights within five miles set up to be green by the time we pass by, Sir," he replied, scanning over the laptop screen once more. Lennox nodded approvingly. "Good."

Sunstreaker sped up a little as he received the Com from his twin. And what exactly do you mean by 'weird feeling'? he asked curiously. Feels like any other mission we've had except there seems to be more mechs involved.

Graham noticed Acira studying her weapon and glanced away. He dearly hoped the girl knew how to use the thing and wouldn't injure herself with it...

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Trelynne - The Story Teller

Prowl silently cursed as he listened to Ratchet's report, this was not looking good if they were cons. Prowl flew through intersections, glad they were all clear. As he came within 30 seconds of the park the 6 asteroids crash landed in the part near the smoke that was already there most likely from the first few. He turned sharply and stopped right in front of the entrance and opened his doors. "Where the pit is Trey?" He saw Red, he saw Perceptor's holoform, but not the girl.

Sides was silent for a moment as they got closer to the park. Just sorta feels like this one is more important... He trailed off as he saw the crash, trees got knocked over, stone walls destroyed. But he didnt seem any of the outer shells being broken, was is possible they couldnt break them themselves? He cut his wheel and sharply came to a stop and opened his doors.

Alex got out immediately and pulled his gun and stepped away from Sides' alt and away from the other Autobots so they could transform. "I dont see her Prowl!" Alex yelled over the noise. He scanned the area... she wouldn't, couldn't be in the middle of that...right?

Ratchet pulled up next to Prowl and popped open his doors. "Alright, out you two go, i got to go and check on those to see if they are functioning." Oddly enough, the medic was calm and didnt at all seem to have an overwhelming sense of urgency.

Trey cringed as she slowly started to walk farther back into the tree cover as she watched the other half dozen meteors crash to the surface, she covered her face as they kicked up and spit snow, dirt, and rocks all over. She looked over her arm... it was snowing so hard now, fat huge snowflakes filled the sky and started to cover everything in a thick layer of soft snow. She slowly edged her way to the closest meteorite that had landed the farthest from the entrance. But kept far enough away that in case the being inside came out she wouldnt be in the way..

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Epps and Lennox immediately filed out of Prowl's alt. mode, taking their possessions and readying their weapons. "No visual on Trey... Fig! Graham!" shouted the Major.

Both NEST soldiers stepped out of the Autobots that had transported them, and quickly jogged in front of Major Lennox. "Yes Sir?" The two reported in unison, having done missions like this quite often. The Major looked from his gun to the NEST members and gestured out to the field where the asteroids had fallen. "The higher odds say these are Autobots, but we have to keep armed and ready. Keep your weapons off of safety and keep them aimed. We are not going to risk anything as always. Understood?" The soldiers saluted and quickly held up thei weaponsin the direction of the craters. Lennox turned his attenion to Epps. "Catching any mysterious signals?" he asked. The Sergeant seemed frustrated and finally slammed his notebook shut. "I'm not picking up anything, Major. Whatever of whoever these things are, they scrambled up their signals and are sending out static. I can't tell if they're 'Bots or not," reported Epps. Lennox hissed a curse to himself and shook his head. "Figures..."

Sunstreaker transformed, his massive blades automatically sliding into place. "All I'm getting is white noise," he muttered suspiciously.

Acira quickly shuffled out of the Hummer and stood off to the side, looking so out of place. She glanced around and decided to hang back by the park's walls so as to stay out of everyone's way.

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Trelynne - The Story Teller

Prowl quickly transformed and scanned the area around them, no humans in sight, but no sign of Trey either... if that idiot had gotten herself into the middle of all of this again.. later now was not the time to think of that. "Ratchet, Sunstreaker follow me, Sideswipe you hang back and cover us."

Ratchet transformed and followed after Prowl, scanning the craters, he got a couple of readings he was sure were Autobot but they were mixed into the static. "...a mixed group...."

Prowl looked sharply at the medic. "what?"

Ratchet motioned to the craters. "Im picking up on Autobot signals along with other unknowns."

Sides transformed and frowned as he hung back,he wasnt picking up on anything but static.


Trey cringed as she heard noises coming from the crater she was closet to. She peaked over the mound of snow and dirt, eyes going wide as she saw the outer shell of the meteor shatter open and a... cybertronian a normal sized one slowly stood up in the crater.. she quickly scanned the form, and spotted what she thought looked like the Autobot insignia. "Ahhh... hello?" She called out... please let this be a good move... most likely wasnt.

The autobot sharply turned around, scanning the ground and then looked down at the small being before him. Scanning the femme then he picked up on the mass amount of radio interference. But was able to pick up on the language the femme was speaking. "H-hello." He tested using his vocals, not too bad.

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Sunstreaker slowly skated after the elder Autobots, keeping an optic out for anything with red optics or glowing cannons. His own optics narowed as he heard Ratchet's words. A mixed group? What are the other signals then..? "Damaged signal transmitters?" he suggested in a grumble.

Major Lennox looked around, but saw no oter signs of Cybertronian life. "I don't see anything," he muttered. "Do you?" Epps and the other NEST soldiers shook their heads, eyes never straying from the smoking center of the park. "Nothing," mumbled Epps, shaking his head. Graham quickly glanced at the Major, shifting his gun for a second. "My guess is that they're blocking their signals. That would increase the chance of the unknowns being Decepticons," he murmured. Fig shrugged and tightened his hold on th weapon befor him. "Wouldn't be surprised," he replied in a dry tone.

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Trelynne - The Story Teller

As Prowl and the other approached the closest crater there was the sounds of cracking rock and whining joints that hadnt been moved in a while. Prowl stopped, and readied his weapon as his optics narrowed and he waited. Ratchet followed suite.

Slowly from the crater First Aid's protoforms stood up, knocking off the left over rubble and other space matter that had built up onto his armor he looked to Prowl and the other two. "Well looks like Wheeljack's calculations weren't off this time." His happy tone came in cybertronian, he had first picked up on the languages and downloaded them before he removed himself from his shell, in case he first met natives of the world, but much to his surprise, he had met Prowl and his fellow Autobots.


Trey looked at the mech as he started to pick the space scrap from his armor and joints. "Your...part of the Autobot fraction, right?"

The mech looked at her for a moment then his nodded his helm, "Yes I am. Designation: Wheeljack. And yours?"

Trey blinked then it registered what he was asking. "Designation: Treylenne Davis, Secondary Designation most commonly used is: Trey."She hoped she had said that right, she had been around Red and the others long enough it was mostly second nature to her now.

Wheeljack rearranged his faceplate into a smile. "Trey it is then, do you know where the other Autobots are?" He was scanning around, picking up a lot on interference due to all of the wasted radio waves.

Trey nodded her head, "I do, but i must ask you first is everyone that landed with you an Autobot?"

Wheeljack was silent for a moment before his shook his helm, "They arent Cons if thats what your asking, myself First Aid, Groove, and Jolt found a small group of bots that had never been apart of a fraction. I gotta get to them before they activate, we didnt have much time to communicate before we had to move." trey nodded her head and started to walk to where the other craters were... Wheeljack, the others had spoken alot about the bot.

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