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I don't know if you know there is a new SSSVM book out? I found it in hardcover at Target this morning, it is called, I believe Ever After Dead and it gives a brief account if what happens to Every character in the books after the last one --- Spoliler Alert for anyone who Doesn't want to know don't read down ------ Anyway I am so UPSET it basically said Eric ended up Super fantastically happy married to Fredya???? And after about 50 into his contract won a huge war for her so she offered to let him out early from the 200 years, well he says no and just asks to make a new child a blond blue eyed man??? And when he found out Sookie for married he asked for a photo looked at it and them tears it up?? Well with Sookie and Sam they end up married with 4 kids 2 who are telepaths. They are madly in love????? W**??? And then after the marriage there is an invite from Niall to the Summerlands( isn't that where fairies go to die?) she sees Pam and Bill but is happy? Oh and Bill ends up developing vampire bases video games and makes a fortune and adds into his Nest at his house. ------------------Spoiler Over------------- What was CH thinking???? She created these Amazing characters and builds this beautiful romance only to throw in the towel for the last book. Personally I think she was sick of her characters, that's my thought. I can't believe we have to live with DEA and now this. It has everyone listed from a-z but I only looked at the main characters. Arrrggggg!!! When I found out about DEA I didn't buy it, I sneaked and read the info on the internet and after that I vowed not to buy it or even read it!( I didn't buy this new one either, just snuck a peek at Target)So I had already been reading some FF for other books and I wanted to read a HEA for Eric and Sookie so I started reading FF for SVM. You know if you go through all the FF I don't think there is even one story that has Sam and Sookie stay together. It should tell CH something about just how badly she turned the characters. I personally just don't get what she was thinking about having the characters act Way out of character. I do remember an interview I think when True Blood started that she said that Sookie wouldn't be a vampire, I just always assumed that with her "Essential Spark" that would give her a super long time with Eric. And introducing that and then closing F*** off , but then in this new book offering for Sookie and Sam to come to F***? I don't know like you said the last 3 books Just Don't work or make sense. So I am so Happy that there are FF writers Fixing it :-) I just think a Love story Like Sookie and Eric's shouldn't have been offed the way it was. I mean there were what 11 b
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Sorry accidentally posted before I was done, lol Anyway there were 11 books building their relationship, Eric was always there to save her, he was there when Bill wasn't he saved her from long shadow and a million other things, they fought so hard for them to be together Why just give it up??? Why not off Freyda??? Why not run off together? Why not involve Niall? I am just so unhappy with CH, oh and I heard that she had said the only people unhappy with the ending were teenage girls, I'm 35 and a mom of teenagers, but not one myself! Thank You all writers for writing and Heling Eric and Sookie get their Happily Ever After, like they should!!!
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Ha! On my first post there is F***, I was writing F A I R Y, not anything else but the land where Niall lives, too funny auto censoring
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