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A forum that says it all. Literally. However Profanity will get you banned. Just a forum to chat and talk about ideas. That especially means new kids on the block. No Lemons Allowed.
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Luna Goddess of the Night

Hey, peeps, come to chat!


12/7/2009 #1
The Grim Reader

Thanks for answering my forum. What do you want to chat about?

12/9/2009 #2
Luna Goddess of the Night

played any new games recently?

12/9/2009 #3
The Grim Reader

Same old, same old. But they are classics. The likes of Kingdom Hearts 1&2, TLOS Series, and both Rock Band 1&2. But I find Fan Fiction much more entertaining than any video game I've played so far.

12/10/2009 #4
Luna Goddess of the Night

fanfiction is entertaining. you get to see what others create

kingdom hearts, yesh! i am a big fan of kingdom hearts, and have drawn a few, cutsie heartless

the spyro series, amazing. but i perfer old school to new school

rock band, only played a bit, thanks to my friend, smexy chipmunk a.k.a. micako (who has a fic out)

guitar hero, thanks to my friend. she brought it over.

and xenosaga, saw it in a game store, got it, began to play it, and it is intense. i'll send ya a vid

12/10/2009 #5
The Grim Reader

Awesome trailer. To bad there is no sound on my computer whatsoever. I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan myself. What is your favorite form of Sora, OC or otherwise?

12/11/2009 #6
Luna Goddess of the Night

are you asking about sora fron kh, or my sora?

12/11/2009 #7
The Grim Reader
sora from kh, the OC part was for if you created a new form for him to use
12/12/2009 #8
Luna Goddess of the Night

my oc is a chick, lol, but ok

i liked his final form, along with his dark form

12/13/2009 #9
The Grim Reader

Trust me, I know your OC Sora is a chick. If I didn't I would have said so. Thank you for the clear up though. How do you like the schedule I gave you.

12/14/2009 #10

OMG I LOVE KH TOO!!!....are you 2 stalking me to find out what I love? lol........Anyways, I like Shippuden Akamaru better cause 1) he looks alot cooler 2) you can ride him like a horse, even though he's a dog and 3) He's probably ALOT more powerful when he is the size of a horse, then when he is the size of a puppy...I do find it kinda weird how he never learned to talk would have been awesome if he had learned to talk like most Animals in Naruto.

12/30/2009 #11
The Grim Reader

(Thats from a long time ago, I like a lot of things from Star Wars, to DC Comics, Marvel, to name a few. Second, he isn't a summon. Only summons can talk. The only exceptions are The Tailed Beasts, they can talk, but their not summons.)

12/30/2009 #12

OK I like KH2 best, Lion Sora is my fav form, and my friend drew a HILARIOUS pic of Sora tortureing a heartless.....basically, sora is holding a Shadow in 2 fingers, and he has the hole, GIEANT EVIL SMILE look on his face, and the heartless has a cute face on and is crying, screaming "please! spare me!" it's freaking hilarious!

(btw Grim, what do you consider profanity? like only the f bomb, or even stuff like d@mn and a$$?

12/30/2009 #13
The Grim Reader

(All of it. I don't really care. if you cuss once in a while, just not all the time. Plus it'll censor it anyway.)

12/30/2009 #14

(really? huh, I never realized only summons could talk....I guess that explains-WAIT A MINUTE!!! YOU DON'T WATCH JAPANESE EPISODES ON YOUTUBE DO YOU? Akamaru said "Happy new year" one year in Japan at the end of an episode! go to youtube and type in Akamaru Happy New Year, you should be able to find one...also, Kiba and Naruto talk about why Akamaru can't talk but Pakkun has nothing to do with summons!

12/30/2009 #15
The Grim Reader

(No I don't watch it on you tube or at all. I just pay attention in the series is all. Darn Japanese. (jk))

12/30/2009 . Edited 12/30/2009 #16

so what is your favorite Sora form?

12/30/2009 #17

(well! watch that video in Japanese! it will prove you wrong!)

12/30/2009 #18
The Grim Reader

anti form. Sure the defense sucks, but it still looks awesome.

12/30/2009 #19


(that is the link to the episode where you are proven wrong! hahahaha!)

12/30/2009 #20

(what's you're fav world?)

12/30/2009 #21
The Grim Reader

(I don't get sound.)

12/30/2009 #22

(also, if you're intersted, I'm writing a KH: TOD fic.) (and the vid is only like 1 1/2 min long)

12/30/2009 #23

(you don't need sound, there are subs!)

12/30/2009 #24
The Grim Reader

(Oh. Your right. I never knew. Japanese loopholin piece of junk. (jk)

12/30/2009 #25
The Grim Reader

(I think I reviewed that very fic.)

12/30/2009 #26

(loopholin?) (you did? I guess I should re-check my reviews then!) (so did you watch it?)

12/30/2009 #27
The Grim Reader

(No. But I did read a ToD KH fic. It might have been yours, I forget.)

12/30/2009 #28

(was it the one where at first Kiba co-hosted, then Onyx and Kiwi?)

12/30/2009 #29

(what is loopholin?)(did you watch the Akamaru Video?)(what is your fav KH world?)

12/30/2009 #30
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