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Slashermare Moon

This is where we can make the story

6/6/2010 #1
O. Gallan Rager

Okay...when are we going to write this co-story? I'm ready to go for it now.

And I've got some ideas for morals and themes: Coming together despite differences, belonging, love, adventure, prejudice, sexism, homosexuality, and racism.

6/23/2010 #2

neat I have always wanted to do a co story

6/23/2010 #3
Zac and Artemis
I guess were all just too caught-up in the other fun and crazy stuff to do on this forum, lol.
6/30/2010 #4
O. Gallan Rager

Then I'll start it off.

Fate paved a path for its chosen travelers. It created a road to a freedom, an avenue for redemption, and a street of sin. Along these walkways there is a constant struggle between good and evil-- a never ending war between light and dark, a battle between heroes and villains. In this new world of Ever Crest, each character has his or her own path they must take whether it be the path of good or the path of evil. How they make choices will change their destinies and lives forever? This is their tales.


"Stop, thief! Return the jewels at once!"

Past the fruit and vegetable vendors, throw the dark alleys, and past the brick towers and cottages, Rufus Ringo ran to find cover. With a satchel of priceless jewels he had stolen from the palace, he would no longer have to suffer the injustice of poverty. He could probably trade the jewels for a lot of gold pieces. But first he would have to escape the guards hot on his heels.

7/1/2010 #5
Slashermare Moon

(we havent decided anything to start this)

7/1/2010 #6
O. Gallan Rager

(Well shouldn't we?) (I'm tired of waiting.)

7/2/2010 #7
Slashermare Moon

(I know)

7/3/2010 #8
Zac and Artemis
Alrighty, some things to consider: What species arethe characters going to be? What genre? I kinda want action/adventure and suspense/mystery...but that's just me. Is there going to be a main villan, or just some huge catastrophe that has to be avoided? Ifthere's a catastrophe, what IS the catastrophe? And if there's a villan, why is he so evil? Just SOME things to consider. Anyway, laterz!
7/3/2010 #9
O. Gallan Rager

Well here's my should be fantasy genre or sci-fi

The characters should be humans, fantasy creatures such as elves, dwarfs, dragons, and others. And the cast of characters should be varied, from heroes, heroines, skeptics, rivals, pessimists, warriors, maidens, princes, princesses.

The villain should be someone with the power of a Stigma.

The Stigmas should be people with cursed powers. Powers that are deadly and at the same time can hurt and kill the user if he or she isn't careful. Anyone who is a Stigma bears a black curse mark that glows and could be in an shape. They can also be good or bad.

If sci-fi it should be something with either mutants and humans like the X-men or aliens.

7/3/2010 #10
O. Gallan Rager

That's a lot of genre's Kun, might want to stick with one or two.

7/5/2010 #11
O. Gallan Rager

Why don't we vote for the genres we want?

7/8/2010 #12
The Grim Reader

(I think we all want action)

7/9/2010 #13
O. Gallan Rager

(True. But what else?) (Did you read the ideas I had in the previous posts?)

7/9/2010 #14
The Grim Reader

Awesome ideas about the Stigma.

7/9/2010 #15
O. Gallan Rager

Then let's try that one. Stigma is one of my favorite words. It means mark of disgrace.

7/9/2010 #16
The Grim Reader

Awesome. Let's make it like an outcast group of wannabe nobodies who get that Stigma mark for using forbidden techniques.

7/9/2010 #17
O. Gallan Rager

Yeah. I like that.

7/9/2010 #18
The Grim Reader

But do they?

7/9/2010 #19
O. Gallan Rager

Some of them can. But most are born with the curse mark and forbidden deadly powers.

7/9/2010 #20
The Grim Reader

No I mean do the others like the idea?

7/9/2010 #21
O. Gallan Rager

They haven't said anything.

7/9/2010 #22
The Grim Reader


7/9/2010 #23

well I like it

7/9/2010 #24
O. Gallan Rager

Thanks, DQ.

How's the ice cream business going for you? *chuckles*

7/9/2010 #25

fine thanks lol

and no problem

7/9/2010 #26
The Grim Reader

Your in the ice cream business? I am so jealous.

7/9/2010 #27

yeah I help run tip top

7/9/2010 #28
O. Gallan Rager

Yeah, DQ has her own blizzard sundaes, chilly dogs, and sodas.

And I have a store named after me. Michael's. YEAHHH!

7/9/2010 #29

lol lol

7/9/2010 #30
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