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Mercy at Dawn

Ryan followed her quietly, and did the same on the other side.

6/12/2010 . Edited 6/12/2010 #301
O. Gallan Rager

"Trust me, you would," Tabora said. She flicked her ears. "Oh boy, she's planning it already."

6/12/2010 #302
The Grim Reader
(Who is Riley talking to?)
6/12/2010 #303
Mercy at Dawn


6/12/2010 #304

"Tabby, I would never laugh at you."

6/12/2010 #305
O. Gallan Rager

"Much," Onie said planting a kiss on her cheek. "C'mo, let's get back to camp."

6/12/2010 #306
Mercy at Dawn

"Wedding planner. . . How did I forget that? I guess I'm just screwed up in the head."

6/12/2010 #307
Slashermare Moon

Starlight giggled


Amethyst screamed again and landed on all fours, pale as a sheet and scared out of her wits

"That was priceless!" Shadeheart laughed

6/12/2010 #308
O. Gallan Rager

Tabora smiled toothily. "Because if they do have a wedding, I want you and the Phantom Fangs to keep me from having an accident. Besides, they should come too."

6/12/2010 #309
Mercy at Dawn

Ryan laughed too. "Sorry Amethyst." He told her, smiling.

6/12/2010 #310
The Grim Reader
Lumia glared at Riley. "What do you want!? To beat me up again for that horrible dragoness you call a friend!?" Lumia cried.
6/12/2010 #311

"it's what we live for."

6/12/2010 #312
Slashermare Moon

Amethyst whacked them both then walked away, shaking

Shadeheart was laughing before she heard someone walk away "Ryan follow me." she said and led him to where Roza was

6/12/2010 #313
O. Gallan Rager

Onie ran back to camp, hoping to beat her.

"No you're not," Cimera said. She nuzzled him and held up a silver powder. "With this we'll have the wedding together before you can say 'I do'."

6/12/2010 #314
Mercy at Dawn

"I do." Ean replied sarcastically, smirking.

6/12/2010 #315
Slashermare Moon

Starlight raced past him


Serannia stared in wonder "You were dead. wow"

"Shut up and leave her alone" Sikara said, whacking Serrania


6/12/2010 #316
Mercy at Dawn

(Oops, my post with Ryan was late. . .)

6/12/2010 #317
O. Gallan Rager

Tabora smiled. "Good. Now you know what to wear at wedding."

6/12/2010 #318
The Grim Reader
(319 Riley.) Lucky was wondering what to do now that he'd been dismissed from the real world.
6/12/2010 #319
Mercy at Dawn

Someone delete that post with Ryan.)

On the way, something bothered Ryan. "Shadey, just your opinion on this, not that I ever really would. . ." The words hurt him. "What would you say if I told you that I loved you? I just want your opinion."

6/12/2010 #320
O. Gallan Rager

"This is the Crono Frigid powder, It can freeze time for three hours with each use," Cimera said.

6/12/2010 #321
O. Gallan Rager

Onie tried to keep up, but she was reaching camp in no time.

6/12/2010 #322
Slashermare Moon

"I would be a bit shocked and wouldnt know if you were joking or not" Shadeheart said

6/12/2010 #323
Mercy at Dawn

Riley looked away, hurt. "I. . . You know what? Never mind. . ." Instead of saying it, he quickly scrawled a small note of apology, giving it to Slasher before he left.

6/12/2010 #324
Slashermare Moon

Serrania smirked then wahcked Sikara back, but the Blue Eyes was too fast and dodged "Too slow"

Serrania stuck her tongue out "Meanie"


Starlight reached camp "Beat ya"

6/12/2010 #325

"no." Sampson said.

6/12/2010 #326
Mercy at Dawn

"That's what I thought, but after that, if I'd asked if you loved me back, would you have said yes or no?" Ryan asked.

6/12/2010 #327
Slashermare Moon

Slasher took the note then nuzzled Lumia again

6/12/2010 #328
O. Gallan Rager

"Okay, twice, you beat me." Onie breathed.

6/12/2010 #329
O. Gallan Rager

"Then find something." Tabora said. "I've got something formal."

6/12/2010 #330
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