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O. Gallan Rager

"What you might see will scare you," The Collector said.

Tabora finally got her clothes off and stretched out. "Ahh! Much better."

6/17/2010 #2,701

(if she is half pheonix, what is the other half)

hi. he said. Sorry, I don't have enough energy to speak yet.

6/17/2010 #2,702

(The Dragon Brother Chronicles officially has 6 chaps now! ^.^)

"I live here in this fiery burning wasteland. I'm pretty damned sure a face ain't gonna scare me. hood. down. now."


"I'm waaaiting." Sampson said, laughing.

6/17/2010 #2,703
The Grim Reader
"I respect the Collector's privacy. I haven't shown my face either." Bane said, pointing to his mask. (It is like Spade's. It covers his mouth.) "I love you two so much." Don said. Lucky woke up.
6/17/2010 #2,704
Slashermare Moon

(Dragon, She;s a red and gold Dragon with Phoenix wings)

"I see." Incendia said before letting a tear fall on each of his injuries

6/17/2010 #2,705
O. Gallan Rager

The Collector shook his hooded heat. "I don't think so."

"Just let it go Tony, okay?' Shrike said patting the tiger.

"Okay," Tabora said. Sitting up. "Let's go. Give me all you got captain!"

6/17/2010 #2,706

Inu smiled and nuzzled him. " know how I told you 'everything' about my past?" she asked.


"Why not show it?" the tiger asked.


Safi smiled. "I love you two."

(*shivers* this is gonna turn into a threesome ain't it?)

6/17/2010 #2,707
The Grim Reader
(3O17 Slasher.)
6/17/2010 #2,708

the tiger snarled. in the blink of an eye(litteraly) he had the sythe to her throat. "NEVER call me Tony, OR touch me or you WILL regret it."


Sampson smiled. "I'm ready when you are." he said.

(he is already on his back.)

6/17/2010 #2,709


Midnight groaned as some steam rose from them but they began to slowly close.

6/17/2010 #2,710
Slashermare Moon

"Possibly" The Darklight said gently

6/17/2010 #2,711
O. Gallan Rager

The Collector said nothing and followed Malleus who began walking again.

6/17/2010 #2,712
Slashermare Moon

"Are you ok?" Incendia asked

6/17/2010 #2,713
The Grim Reader
(Oh right. Giggidy-giggidy-giggidy-giggidy-oh! XD) Don nuzzled Safi. Lucky nodded.
6/17/2010 #2,714

Midnight groaned as he slowly stood up, the IV empty and no longer needed. he shakily got out of bed, but not from pain, from the fact that he had not left the bed in days. "I think so."

6/17/2010 #2,715
Slashermare Moon

"That;s good" Incendia said before changing into her Phoenix form and perching on the bed post

6/17/2010 #2,716

Inu sighed. "do you wanna hear the bad news, or the REALLY bad news first?"


(you're HAPPY about this grim?!)

Safi nuzzled back. "eventually we gotta find some more lions and lionesses."

6/17/2010 #2,717
O. Gallan Rager

Shrike gulped. "Got it."

Tabora climbed on top and began to nuzzle him.

6/17/2010 #2,718
The Grim Reader
Lumia laughed.
6/17/2010 #2,719

the tiger returned the scythe to his back and stood up straight. "Good."


he nuzzled back. "Set sail Captain."

6/17/2010 #2,720
Slashermare Moon

Slaher kissed her gently on the forehead before saying "Let's go see Midnight and Incendia"

6/17/2010 #2,721
O. Gallan Rager

(That's it, no more Family Guy for you, Grim.)

6/17/2010 #2,722

Midnight smiled. "Thanks. a lot." he said, lightly hugging her. "It feels so great to be up again."


Twilight walked over to Lumina and Slasher and rubbed up against Lumina's leg.

6/17/2010 #2,723
The Grim Reader
(I'm not happy about that. I just find it funny is all.)
6/17/2010 #2,724


6/17/2010 #2,725
Slashermare Moon

Incendia nudged him with her beak OK ok but dont ruffle my feathers please, it makes flying hard

6/17/2010 #2,726

(oh)(were you serious about the LuckyXDuskXInu PM thing?)

6/17/2010 #2,727
O. Gallan Rager

"Has anyone seen where Malleus went?" The Collector asked. "I don't know." Boss Barber said.

"OH shiz nick, we lost him again." Shrike said.

Tabora grinned. "You got it." She then lowered herself over his doghood.

6/17/2010 #2,728

he let go. "Sorry."

6/17/2010 #2,729
Slashermare Moon

Incendia shrugged and then changed form again, still able to balance on the bed post with all four of her paws

6/17/2010 #2,730
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