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7/4/2010 #2,971
Mercy at Dawn

"I thought all my packing would do no good?" Riley asked as he planted claymores around Inu. "Where were you hit?" He asked as one of the claymores blew a group of creatures up.

7/4/2010 #2,972
7/4/2010 #2,973

he raised an eyebrow. "Shake?" he asked, then realized what he meant. "actually, sorry but, I kinda do." he held out a hand. "but either way, good to meet you."

7/4/2010 #2,974
The Grim Reader
(Nothing much, Broke. That's your name without the extra O. Broke. That's sad.)
7/4/2010 #2,975

"I leg...I was...paralyzed." she said.

(*glomps back*)

7/4/2010 #2,976

(lol doesn't matter about that)

Versula smiled

"anyway I met a friend when I was on my travels he is a wolf to"

7/4/2010 #2,977
Mercy at Dawn

"How do you get hit in the leg and become paralized?" Riley asked, rasing an eyebrow. He checked her over. The only explanation was a poisoned blade as far as he could tell.


Kylar sheathed Retribution, grabbing his poisoner's knife as he made small slices in creatures, hearing their screams before they died seconds later.

7/4/2010 #2,978
The Grim Reader
"It's Shift and Jake together make Shake. But ok Shift, if you insist. Nice to meet you too, Shift." Spade said, shaking the hand.
7/4/2010 #2,979

"I feel...some kind...of poison...flowing...through me."

7/4/2010 #2,980

Shift nodded. "thanks." he sighed. "I understand where you're coming from, I lost me dad a few years back."

7/4/2010 #2,981
The Grim Reader
"How so?" Spade asked.
7/4/2010 #2,982
Mercy at Dawn

"Shit. Don't you have that healy power thingy?" Riley asked as another claymore blew up.

7/4/2010 #2,983

"It doesn' on...poisons..."


"he died protecting me."

7/4/2010 #2,984
Mercy at Dawn

"Kylar!" Riley called. Kylar stabbed another creature that came from the side as he turned to them. He headed to Inu, eye's questioning.

"Poison?" Kylar asked. Riley nodded slightly, and Kylar took a sample of her blood, and with a small drop of antidote, mixed the two, finding the blood to turn white. "Hmm, Na'salemous. A paralyzation poison. He let her drink a few drops of the antidote, before returning to battle, fighting again as if nothing had happened. Riley did the same.

7/4/2010 #2,985

Inu did the same, deciding it was best not to let herself be distracted. she snarled and unleashed her first curse mark state, hacking and stomping and tearing through cluster after cluster of enemies.

(she is like 150ft tall and is in her Ultima form)

7/4/2010 #2,986
Mercy at Dawn

"Is it just me, or do they seem to be never ending?" Kylar asked as he ripped through a group, bringing down five more with a handful of throwing knives.

7/4/2010 #2,987

"I know." Inu said, tearing through more with her Keyblades. "I mean, you'd think with a giant dog with 6 giant Keyblades would have done more damage than this."

(g2g bed nite sry)

7/4/2010 #2,988
The Grim Reader
7/4/2010 #2,989
Mercy at Dawn


7/4/2010 #2,990


7/4/2010 #2,991
Mercy at Dawn


7/4/2010 #2,992

(u gonna post any time soon? lol ^.^)

7/4/2010 #2,993
Mercy at Dawn

"Exactly." Kylar replied, cleaving a creature in half.


7/4/2010 #2,994

"then how do we defeat them?!" Inu asked.

(lol)(btw the next chap of my ToD has been up for a while if u wanna read it)

7/4/2010 #2,995
Mercy at Dawn

(I'll check it out.)

"Why are you asking me?!" Kylar asked skeptically, cleaving one's arm off before decapitating it.

7/4/2010 #2,996


"I wasn't!" she shouted as she stomped another cluster flat. "I was just kinda thinking out loud!"

7/4/2010 #2,997
Mercy at Dawn

"Think more on the killing than on the near impossible questions!" Kylar replied as he ducked under a heavy halberd (an axe like thing that Vlad Dracul, or Vlad the Impaler, used) and stabbed up into it's chin, feeling a blade sink into his arm.

(Aw, I have to go......SHIT!)

7/4/2010 #2,998


she nodded, waiting to use her demon form only if neccesary. since only her legs were being hit due to her size and her Keyblades fending off aireal attacks, her legs were beginning to become weak and she was having trouble standing due to the damage, but she kept fighting.

7/4/2010 #2,999
Slashermare Moon

Flying over Inu and the others Slasher passed over and scorched a line of the enemy with Darkfire before getting struck on the shoulder with a catapault projectile. Pain followed the dull crunching sound as the thin bone cracked. Barely staying in the air Slasher landed on Inu and panted "They wont stay down! Look!" he said, pointing with his tail

The row of opposition he had set ablaze were rising to their feet even as the black wicked flames licked thir bodies

7/5/2010 #3,000
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