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Alright I'm writing a novel about dragons but am having a hard time trying to name them, I came up with some ideas, but I am open to suggestions.

Main Dragon-Dracus. (Drake-us) controls Light and Darkness

Main Character's GF-Silver controls Blue Fire (a rare ability in this novel, only two other dragons besides her have been known to wield it. it can be more powerful than normal fire, but also is the only element that can heal wounds.)

Main Character's father and strongest dragon in the clan-Tyrus (tie-rus) controls darkness

Elder-Eldren controls fire

Elder's son, can speak Spanish-Fuegron controls fire

Popular Dragon(like a jock)-Drace controls earth

Main Character's Mom-Majestina controls wind

Main Character's Mentor-Icvan controls ice/lava (not many dragons wield dual elements)

6/23/2010 . Edited 6/23/2010 #1


6/23/2010 #2

any suggestions, criticisms, anything?

6/23/2010 #3

come up with an odd ball character that no one likes but in the end like he or she alot

6/23/2010 #4

alright, and any name suggestions, ones you liked, anything on the chars I already have?

6/23/2010 #5

Mentor-Icvan sounds interesting I think he will be a very interesting charcter

6/23/2010 #6


6/23/2010 #7

I like the sound of all your characters keep up the writing

6/23/2010 #8

*nods* thanks.

6/23/2010 #9

no problem

6/23/2010 #10
Gauche n Noir

make a charecter whos an egg all the time but is still smart kinda every now and again.


6/23/2010 #11
O. Gallan Rager

I have some ideas for names: Talma, Mattina, Eiros, Leverix, Bantyre, Aldora, Valoris, Diamanto, Giovana.

You could change Eldren to Elyron, Arcanas, Cronix, Eldremar.

6/25/2010 #12

I kinda like Cronix. and who do you think should have the other names?

6/25/2010 #13
O. Gallan Rager

The girl friend could have the first ones above.

6/25/2010 #14

I kinda like Talma.

6/25/2010 #15
O. Gallan Rager

Good choice. That one is Native American for "lightning"

6/25/2010 #16

lol then that fits PERFECTLY(sarcasm) lol but the name does sound pretty.

6/25/2010 #17
O. Gallan Rager

You like it?

6/26/2010 #18


6/27/2010 #19
O. Gallan Rager

Cool. Anything else?

6/28/2010 #20
maybe a better name for Icvan? i still want the name to some how represent a fusion of his two elements.
6/29/2010 #21
Mercy at Dawn

Idea's for names? Hmm: Iures, Curoch, Aephet, Aceastes. . . Groden, Ralgon. . .

6/30/2010 #22
The Grim Reader
(How abou8t just calling that guy Ivan instead Icvan.)
10/12/2010 #23
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