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not yet.

1/3/2011 #181
The Grim Reader
Be sure too. Other than that, accepted and welcome aboard.
1/3/2011 #182

Name: Lilian Ross

Age: 19

Race: Shapeshifter (shifts into a copper wolf and a tiger)

Apperance: About 5'3" tall, long copper colored hair, lilac colored eyes. Her face is soft and round with almond shaped eyes. A dainty mouth and button nose. She looks like she's maybe 15 but has a very... volumsuious bust. (D-cup). Wears black tank top and tight baby blue camo cargo pants.

Personality: Happy go lucky most of the time and a clueless flirt (flirts without realizing it), loves to sing out of boredom, when she gets mad she is pissy for quite a while and she's also easily hurt though she tries to hide it.

Back Story: Best friends with Ace but tried to keep him out of her issues to protect him.


Name: Ace

Age: 18

Race: Werewolf (big & black)

Appearence: 5'8, Deep blue eyes, jet black hair, boyish looks, blood red hoodie over black tank and camo shorts.

Personality: Kinda serious, protective of his important people, hates loud noise, likes to sit and stare at the stars. Scared to death of spiders.

Back Story: Lilian's best friend and like her big brother.

1/5/2011 #183
The Grim Reader
You do know Spade's son is named Ace? Good thing he isn't in this rolelay lol. Lemons are in PM only, just so ya know. I should make that a rule. Secondly, both accepted. What are their powers though?
1/5/2011 #184

Lilian can melt into the shadows, heal others and when she wants to have a venomous kiss. (seduction lessons do wonders. lol) She also doesn't know it but she was a bit of witch in her and can control fire. (she'll find out about this later on)

Ace can run extremely fast and travel through soid objects unless they are made from metal. He also has poisonous claws and fangs.

1/5/2011 #185
The Grim Reader
Okay, sounds good, cept Spade can travel through others shadow too, popping up right behind them, so that will be intersting. Lol. Interesting thing bout the witch thing though. What kind witch powers doies she have? FF is glitchin, and I may not respond right away cause of it.
1/5/2011 #186

Her witch powers haven't made themselves known yet cause she's not yet ready to be able to handle them. She can control some of the elements, bend others to her will, levetate and throw objects, and also she can send out energy pulses and it enough power is thrown into it she can either knock out or kill someone by making eye contact.

1/5/2011 #187
The Grim Reader
Tone it down a bit. Killing by mere eye contact is a bit much. She is only part witch right?
1/5/2011 #188

About a quarter. Yeah I can see how death by eye contact could be a bit much. Hmm.... Their worst fears flash before their eyes to drive them mad maybe? And she can only do it by accident when provoked and can never remember it?

1/5/2011 #189
The Grim Reader
Seems good to me. The worst fears part. If everyone went mad, then Geombi would win.
1/5/2011 #190
The Grim Reader
Would it be temporary madness?
1/5/2011 #191

Its only if she's attacked and feels her life is in danger that it kicks in. Or if someone she deeply cares about is in mortal dnager. And the madness isn't perminent. Its only for a few hours but can scar you for life in some way shape or form.

1/5/2011 #192
O. Gallan Rager


1/5/2011 #193
The Grim Reader
I don't think it would really well on someone who is already mad (insane right?). Although the fear part would work.
1/5/2011 #194
The Grim Reader
hey onyx.
1/5/2011 #195
The Grim Reader
Gtg. Night guys. Sorry Onyx.
1/5/2011 #196

Eh its more of a defence mechanism sort of thing.

1/5/2011 #197
The Grim Reader
Makes sense.
1/6/2011 #198
The Grim Reader

Name: Bane Shinigami,

Age: 24

Race: Human, but hails from the same tribe Spade comes from.

Apperance: About 5'7" tall, fair skinned, with hazel colored eyes. Has fairly kept dark brown hair. His face looks sculpted and has rugged features and he always seems to have a stern serious look on his face. His clothes are tattered, but they still fit. Wears a pouch on his belt full of knives.

Personality: Cares for animals, as he feels animals are the only ones who don't judge him, and feels like any animal would be a fine companion if treated correctly.

Back Story: Shunned from the the tribe he grew up in, and has been living by himself ever since he was 15.

Power: Water manipulation based out of the air. It takes time to do this, so he does a lot of his techniques beforehand and seals them in special scroll. He does at least one technique and puts in a scroll every day, from the weak water clone, to the strong water fang wolf immitation. Has only twenty scrolls, so he needs to use and replenish his scrolls every so often if he wants to perform a new attack.

2/24/2011 #199


Gender: Male

Age: 18

Element: Darkness, and Impact.

Appearence: Ish is a deep black, colored dragon, hes tall and sleak looking. his wings are a deep yellow in color(membrane). his eyes are a solor red. his tail ends in a sharp blade, but with a gap in the center, containing three gold piercings. they are used as both a musical tool, and a sonic distortion method, disorienting his opponents with ease. his horns are pure white, save for sharp red markings running up and down them both, they glow brightly depending on his exurtion of power used.

Bio: Ishlavoh was originally son of a standard trader, his father was capable of speaking not only his language(They are lithuanian) but english, and italian, and many more. though his father and mother soon died after his tenth birthday from a disease that rendered them capable of everyday activity, but killed them at any random time. he is quite a loner, and verbally incapable of any real comunication with people who do not speak in his tongue. to this day, hes actully quite enjoyable to be around regardless of his past, and inability.

2/24/2011 #200


2/24/2011 #201

yay. for whe Rean isnt around XD

2/24/2011 #202

Name: Life Form 00-

Age: ???

Species: Karomeaisín Nyukliakinan Dragon

Personality: he is a bit harsh, but cares deeply for others. He is proud to be the last of his species, but longs for love, in hopes of continuing his race.

Appearance: about 3X the size of the normal adult dragon. scales are a weird mix of a dull silver and gold, mixed into one color. Has an odd, cryptic symbol on his forehead, back, two front shoulders, each side of his mid section(practically right next to the shoulder ones), on his back flanks, his tail, and one on his back. Whenever he moves, if a symbol was on a body part that got moved, that symbol glowed a light red, and then black again when the part returned to normal.

Background on Species: back in war times, these dragons were bred for one purpose: to kill. They were made to destroy entire armies, but soon, they grew too smart for the scientists, and wiped them out. They are one of the most powerful species of dragons known to ever exist, and he is the last of their kind. Though despite their dark past, they are gentle souls, who wish only to make right the sins of their past.

Powers: Plasma, Radiation

Elements: Fire, Darkness (can obtain more when certain 'conditions' are met)

2/24/2011 #203
The Grim Reader
Wow...3x the size of an ADULT can't even imagine something that scale....what is Plasma, and Radiation, how is that used? I'm just curious.
2/24/2011 #204

I'm not 100% sure yet. I just had the appearance in a dream this morning, then in 15 minutes, made well, him.

2/24/2011 #205
The Grim Reader
Okay.....well...once we figure that out, then accepted. But no using these weird powers yet until you get it all together? I know from experience winging it is stupid.
2/24/2011 #206

well, I know one thing radiation does....

he thought for a moment and opened his maw. a red orb appeared in front of it before a MASSIVE red beam fired from it, obliterating anything it touched, and leaving a large trail of radiation in its wake. his symbols had glowed re during this, and slowly ulled to a black.

2/24/2011 #207
The Grim Reader
Doesn't radiation make life uninhabitable to those around them? Interesting, I said accepted, just don't use those other powers until we can come up with what they do.
2/24/2011 #208

okay, I'm gonna replace Higure with him.

and he doesn't give off radiation, but he can use it.

2/24/2011 #209
The Grim Reader
How can he use something he doesn't give off, and rtadiation is man made. Une\less there is some awesome chemical reaction inside Lithendrel's body, which I assume that is what it happening with the red turn to black markings are for.
2/25/2011 #210
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