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In a land torn asunder, by many wars waged as loud as thunder. A call to arms and many flee, to support their own homeland and country. But within the country of Conceed, lies three brothers and their creed. To stick together no matter the bide, even though each brother bears arms for a different side.

6/30/2010 #1

(So....what's the deelio, here?)

6/30/2010 #2
The Grim Reader
Shaden looked out over the horizen.
6/30/2010 #3

(Ask grim, I think basically it's us three in some apocalyptic WWIII)

6/30/2010 #4

(so do they have powers or just normal humans?)

Dawex walked over to Shaden and sat down. "Been so long huh?"

6/30/2010 #5

Trig stood next to him, his face hardened.

(So.......they're humans?)

6/30/2010 #6
The Grim Reader
(It's a metaphor. Their friends. and yes and no. Not WWIII, but another world entirely.) "Nice to see you both." Shaden said.
6/30/2010 #7

(so they are like we are, friends that consider eachother brothers?)

Dawex nodded. "you too Shaden. how you been?"

(so do they have powers or is it normal humans?)

6/30/2010 #8

(I think they SHOULD be humans.......a difference to the normal forum)

Trig smiled, "Same here."

6/30/2010 #9
The Grim Reader
(Powers. One element only.) Shaden nodded. "The Country Hidden in the Shadow will strike your land Damex." Shaden said.
6/30/2010 #10


"How do you know?" Dawex asked.


6/30/2010 #11

Trig sighed, "Again?"

(Can it be ANY power?.......cause I've got a power that is non-elemental, related)

6/30/2010 #12

(switching to DSi)

6/30/2010 #13
The Grim Reader
"Don't you know anything? I'm on their side." Shaden said. (No. Darkness is to closely related to shadow. Pick something else. What is it Trig?)
6/30/2010 #14

"Then why are you my friend?" he asked.


6/30/2010 #15

(He has a pure black rod on his belt, which he can manipulate into any weapon he chooses, guns, swords, spears, you name it.)

Trig sighed, "What do we do?"

6/30/2010 #16
The Grim Reader
(Change that into an elemental weapon. Lightning would look kick ass if it could do that. Agreed?) "Because, we promised to stick together, no matter what. Remember the creed?" Shaden asked.
6/30/2010 #17


Trig sighed, "what are they invading for?"

6/30/2010 #18
Dawex nodded. "i remember. and yea, what ARE they invading for?"
6/30/2010 #19
The Grim Reader
(You don't have to choose lightning if you don't want to.) "Why else? The Map to the Lost City is in your country, Dawex. They'll want the power of the Ancients." Shaden said.
6/30/2010 #20

"Damnit." Trig swore.

(I know....I WANT Lightning)

6/30/2010 #21
The Grim Reader
(Okay. You can have it.) "I know." Shaden said.
6/30/2010 #22
Dawex sighed. "them and everyone else." he said. (can they each have one normal wep?)
6/30/2010 #23

(I was thinking that too)

Trig sighed, "What is it with the Ancients that gets all these countries at each other's throats?"

6/30/2010 #24
The Grim Reader
(Yep. Shaden's is like Ichigo's sword from Bleach.)
6/30/2010 #25

(Trig has a rocket launcher strapped to his back.)

6/30/2010 #26
The Grim Reader
"Power. Unlimited, and unrestrained power." Shaden said.
6/30/2010 #27

Trig took the rocket launcher off of his back, and set it down beside him as he sat down.

6/30/2010 #28
(dawex has a staff like Goku's only a LOT stronger)he sighed. "if wielded correctly, it can make one invincible."
6/30/2010 #29
The Grim Reader
(No....just the same size. That thing was already way too long.) "It's not a weapon like what we are wielding now. It's a chasm of pure energy that could turn us into gods." Shaden said.
6/30/2010 #30
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