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O. Gallan Rager

Then I'm with your brother!

Kiwi: OHHHH YEAH! We got you covered.


7/23/2010 #31

0.o prison?

7/23/2010 #32
O. Gallan Rager

Random Guy: YEAHHHH! That's where Lil Wayne's at. Let's pay him a visit.

"Yeah jum on, Midnight," Onyx said. "It'll be fun. You can meet the guy with the dreads who made the Lollipop and Got Money songs."

Kiwi grinned.

7/23/2010 #33

*groans* hows about we just throw my step dad in there instead?

7/23/2010 #34
O. Gallan Rager

Onyx grinned. "Cool. Lil Wayne can rap him to death and annoy him to death with freestyle verses."

Lil Wayne: Best rapper alive, ha! Weezy!

(Free Lil Wayne! ARGGH! I want my favorite rapper back!) (T.T)

7/23/2010 #35

tosses my step dad to Onyx. "Make it so!"

7/23/2010 #36
O. Gallan Rager

Onyx throws him into Lil Wayne's cell.

Lil Wayne: *starts rapping very fast and with finesse, swinging his dreadlocks*

Kiwi: O_O, he is the best rapper.

7/23/2010 #37

luckily my step dad hates rap!



7/23/2010 #38
The Grim Reader

(Hey Mid you still on?)

7/23/2010 #39
Zac and Artemis
Artemis, die to being completely and utterly drunk, stumbled around the place while muttering and singing random parts of random songs. /-/-/-/-/-/ Me-You know...I really need to try harder on keeping alcohol away from her...
7/23/2010 #40
Zac and Artemis
Hey! Wazzup?
7/23/2010 #41
Zac and Artemis
Eh, nothing much. Just chillin on my couch and eating some mashed 10 pm! :D
7/23/2010 #42
Zac and Artemis
I know, right?'s Ari doing at...wherever this tpoic is supposed to be? Last time I checked, she was stoned... /-/-/-/-/-/-/ Meanwhile! At the randomness topic center...: Ari- "*tumbles across the ground and lands on her behind* A B C Q 20 BANANA SMURF!"
7/23/2010 #43
Zac and Artemis
*Walks in door to see Ari rolling on floor and laughing* Oh...she completey wasted...
7/23/2010 #44
Zac and Artemis
Artemis stood up, almost fell, then noticed Kun and Cy, "HELLOOOOO!!!" she yelled, "What' two up t-hic-to?..."
7/23/2010 #45
The Grim Reader

(Hey, buddy, your a sight for sore eyes. Think you can get me to laugh?)

7/23/2010 #46
Zac and Artemis
*runs hand through hair* Aaaaawwww she is ganna annoy the hell out of me to Oreos from the immense hangover she's ganna get...whatever, I'll enjoy it while it lasts! Hey Ari, what are you and where do you need to go? /-/-/-/-/-/-/ Ari- "Oh...that's easy! I'm home, take me drunk!"
7/23/2010 #47
The Grim Reader

(Funny. Mixing words to change their meaning is a classic. XD)

7/23/2010 #48
Zac and Artemis
Alright...Artemis, would you kindly...tickle the crap pit of Grim? /-/-/-/-/-/-/ Ari- *Grins at Grim* "Hello..." *approaches him menecingly*
7/23/2010 #49
The Grim Reader

(Oh....O.O don't....I'm VERY ticklish....have mercy. =.= I'm squinting to see through the bull crap you are gonna give me in the next post lol.)

7/23/2010 . Edited 7/23/2010 #50
Zac and Artemis
Ari- "Oh...well, iguess if you're THAT tickleish..." *tackles him to the ground and sits on top o him to pin him* "Then I just can't resist!" *starts tickling Grim with both paws and tail*
7/23/2010 #51
The Grim Reader

(*Laughs so hard he busts a gut..lierally. "I told you I was ticklish" Grim said through fits of laughter.)

7/23/2010 #52
Zac and Artemis
Artemis laughed a bit before standing up, "Hah...heh...hic...I'll be in the closet!" *runs/stumbles into the closet and closes door behind nooses can be heard* /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/ Me- Well...she can get creepy sometimes...
7/23/2010 #53
The Grim Reader

(Picks up guts off the floor. Me- "You ain't kiddin, but she sure knows how to tickle ya pink." )

7/23/2010 #54
Zac and Artemis
I live with her me, I know...
7/23/2010 #55
The Grim Reader

Me- "I don't wether I should cry knowing you have a friend who'll always be there, or whether I should cry knowing you just replaced me with a figmant of reality."

7/23/2010 #56
Zac and Artemis
Figment of Reality? Do you mean "Figment of my Imagination?" I need to know this so I can respond correctly, sir.
7/23/2010 #57
The Grim Reader

Well it all depends on how you look at it. To me she's a figmant of your imagination, but to you she is a reality. So put the two together and you get a figmant of reality.

7/23/2010 #58
Zac and Artemis see, to any other person that wasn't kidding themselves, they would be totally confused or ty to disprove you. But me, that makes perfect sense.
7/23/2010 #59
The Grim Reader

Of course it makes sense. How could it not?

7/23/2010 #60
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