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(hi Ry...)

9/15/2010 #2,971

(Anyone on?)

9/15/2010 #2,972
O. Gallan Rager

Darwin would enjoy the heist laid out before him. That is...if his two adolescent vampire companion didn't screw things up for him. As he reclined on the bench in Central Park, Darwin quietly opened a can of Red Bull. He didn't know why, but every time he had an energy drink, his day felt a little better and smoother.

Sitting beside him was a little boy with short brown hair dressed in a striped shirt and shorts. He noisly bit into a small crow he had found, drinking the blood straight from its body. Right next to the boy was a girl dressed in the same clothing, but with happy blue eyes and brown hair in a pony tail. She cringed at the sight of her brother feeding on the crow's body, but didn't stop him.

"Mr. Ruggles, please make Tavis stop, he's scaring me," the girl said looking up at the man.

Oh god, why did I take these munchkins with me, he thought looking down at the girl with a somber face. "Err...just ignore him, Tasia. He's only quenching his craving. Besides, you two are vampires, you're supposed to drink blood, right?"

"But not from any creature."

Tavis looked up and smiled. "So...It taste good to me."

"Yeahhh...right...anyway...are you guys ready for the game I promised," Darwin said, trying to put on a smile. He didn't like playing the parent.

"Yippee! What's the game?" Tasia asked, giggling.

"Is it fun?" Tavis asked.

"Are we playing Tag?"

"What about Freeze Tag?"

"Hide and Seek?"

"No! No. It's a game I like to call..." Darwin paused and looked away. He glanced at the bank that sat snuggly in between the library and bakery. It was the Central City Bank. "Shopping Spree," he said with a sly smile.

Tasia and Tavis became quiet and excited. They pleaded for him to explain with their innocent eyes.

9/17/2010 #2,973

The guy and Ama was never gonna stop aguring so Kurayami left.

Jerk she thought, sighing, and moved her hand in a downward motion. Purple mist appeared and moved around the girl, healing her.

9/17/2010 #2,974
O. Gallan Rager

"It's a game where we go shopping for whatever we want," Darwin explained. "All we have to do is walk in, grab what we want, and get out. Tavis, I'll need you to open a special door when we are inside. Tasia, you'll knock out everyone with your paralyzing bite."

"What do we do if we caught," Tasia asked.

Darwin smiled. "Leave that to me. You two want to play."

The twins nodded vigorously. Tavis threw the crow to the ground and got off the bench and started to run towards the Central City Bank. Tasia sighed and Darwin grabbed him by the collar and pulled him back.

9/17/2010 #2,975
O. Gallan Rager

(Great. As always, when I post, no one's here to reply, but when I'm gone, everyone just ignores my posts and moves on. Well...I tried.)

9/17/2010 #2,976
Slashermare Moon

Sikara walked in on Travis "and you would be doing what?" may I ask?"

9/17/2010 #2,977

Kurayami headed inot town

9/17/2010 #2,978
O. Gallan Rager

"Let's take it slow," Darwin said.

"Okay," Tavis groaned.

Tasia giggled. "This is going to be so fun! Woo!"

9/17/2010 #2,979

she noticed them but didnt bother to go over

9/17/2010 #2,980
O. Gallan Rager

Darwin nodded and lead them forward, towards the bank. But when he reached the gates, he stopped and turned to look directly at Kurayami.

9/17/2010 #2,981

kurayami glanced back at him before heading into a shop

9/17/2010 #2,982
O. Gallan Rager

Wonder who she was, Darwin thought. Did she figure what we're really doing?

He felt a tug at his side and lead them across the intersection and up the steps into the bank.

9/17/2010 #2,983

(nope hahaha)

Kurayami got a few things beofre following them

9/17/2010 #2,984
The Grim Reader
(How are you two doing? *Hugs Kun and Onyx*)
9/17/2010 #2,985

(im sick :P but weirdly in a good mood :D. how about you?)

9/17/2010 #2,986
O. Gallan Rager

The Central City Bank was quite the lavish, stuffy public place that made anyone feel tired and bored. Inside, they could see a gray-brown marble floor. It gleamed every moment the light touched it. At the very back, lining the walls was a counter and boths were bank tellers and customers made exchanges.

By the looks of it, the banking business was booming and in full swing.

Darwin walked towards the first, avaliable booth. Tasia and Tavis smiled and followed closely, holding his hands.

9/17/2010 #2,987
The Grim Reader
(You are in a good mood? O.O Where is my camera when I need it?)
9/17/2010 #2,988

kurayami sat down far from them and observed

9/17/2010 #2,989


9/17/2010 #2,990
The Grim Reader
(What day is it? I'm going to mark my calendar: The day Kun was in a good mood. I'll ironically celebrate it every year.)
9/17/2010 #2,991
O. Gallan Rager

(Nice to see you two. What took ya?)

Darwin politely smiled at the bank teller and adjusted his glasses. Immediately, they began to glow a bright green and the bank teller was about to say something when she froze like a statue.

"Would you please take out ten million dollars for me," Darwin asked using his hypno glasses and speaking in a smooth tone.

9/17/2010 #2,992
The Grim Reader
(School, and stuff. I won't be on long though.)
9/17/2010 #2,993
O. Gallan Rager


9/17/2010 #2,994

Kurayami smirked Wonder if he will get caught

9/17/2010 #2,995
The Grim Reader
"Do you want the money invested, or do you want to make a withdrawal?" The Banker said, hypnotiaed.
9/17/2010 #2,996
O. Gallan Rager

(I'm going to have to pause this for a moment, I have to walk back home cuz I'm at the library now. Gimme thirty minutes or more and I'll be back on.)

9/17/2010 #2,997
The Grim Reader
(Okay Onyx.)
9/17/2010 #2,998


9/17/2010 #2,999
The Grim Reader
9/17/2010 #3,000
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