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The Grim Reader

TEMALES! Hey Grim.

9/5/2010 #61

lots of snow!

9/5/2010 #62

angel i sent oyu a pm. hope you reply otherwise i got to decide by myself

9/6/2010 #63
Felix Forsythe

i hit 100 subscribers on youtube

9/6/2010 #64

Yeah I got your PM Kun. I sent you a reply.

9/6/2010 #65
Zac and Artemis
I like this topic...A LOT. Keep chatting here! And Slash, I can't take Sikara out, but I know how to deal with her...
9/9/2010 #66
Felix Forsythe

three people died in a car wreck yesterday not thirty miles away from my home. four people from my school were in the accident. the three i knew were the ones to die

9/9/2010 #67
Zac and Artemis
Whoa, man...sorry to hear about that...are you okay?
9/9/2010 #68
Slashermare Moon

that sounds horrible DL

and Cy, that would help

9/9/2010 #69
Zac and Artemis
Well, Ari used to be all evil-ish and really didn't help my situation, but then I realized: She's living in MY head, so she's ganna follow MY rules! If she ever gives you sh¡t, just tell her to shut-up and lock her in an "imaginary" cold, dark cell...or in a medow of fluffy bunnies. Whatever you think would torture her more. Ari- You sat me in front of a TV playing re-runs of Barnie...I'm still not over that, you know...
9/10/2010 #70
Slashermare Moon

HAHAHHAHAHA! well I might try that XD

9/10/2010 #71

sorry dl

9/10/2010 #72
Felix Forsythe

its' ok

9/10/2010 #73

Wow I'm sorry DL. I hope that your friends find peace in the afterlife and that the one who was driving (whether he lived or died) doesn't blame himself for not being able to stop the inevitable. May they all be welcomed into the light and peace of the realm of the dead.

9/15/2010 #74
Slashermare Moon

Sikara- Yeah, I'm dead and I'm living in darkness and freakiness

Me- so? I canrt help how my mind is

9/16/2010 #75

Lol need a night light Sikara? *holds up shining orb of light with swirls of blue and purple in it* Made it myself! ^^

9/16/2010 #76
Slashermare Moon

Sikara- takes Nightlight* YAY thankies *hug*

9/17/2010 #77

*giggles* No problem. What are good witches for if not to help people when they can? ^^

9/17/2010 #78
Zac and Artemis
Aww, Sikara! :D Ari- Nice. Nit even being sarcastic, either.
9/17/2010 #79

Nya? I is confused............... (and yes it happens to me a lot.... lol)

9/17/2010 #80
Zac and Artemis
Confused about what?
9/17/2010 #81
Slashermare Moon

Sikara- *sticks the Nightlight in Slasher's mind* yay now I might not bump into stuff!

9/18/2010 #82
The Grim Reader
Okay, awesome. How you two doin? Sikara, Slasher?
9/18/2010 #83
Slashermare Moon

Sikara- not bad

Me- trying to work out who's bigger. Zilla or Godzilla

9/18/2010 #84

Dude........ I have not a clue....... O~O

9/20/2010 #85
Slashermare Moon

Sikara- Thankies for the nightlight, now I can at least see myself

9/21/2010 #86

*smiles* Your welcome. ^^

9/21/2010 #87
Slashermare Moon

Me- One of these days I MIGHT actually begin to understand her.

9/21/2010 #88

Lol maybe. ^^

9/22/2010 #89
Slashermare Moon

Sikara- Don't count on it.

9/22/2010 #90
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