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yesterday i was pissed off and upset and lashed out at a few people. i apologized when i calmed down enough but i think they either think less of me or hate me

9/22/2010 #91

They were more then like hurt that you'd lash out at them. You might have put some cracks in their trust or friendship with you. Your the one who needs to get out the friendship bondo and fix the issue. Start by repeating that your sorry and tell them why you lashed out. Then be nice, maybe ask them to RP with you or something you like doing together. Its up to you to fix what you may have accidentally hurt. Hope this helps Kun.

9/22/2010 #92
9/22/2010 #93
Zac and Artemis
Hey guys! If you're reading this and wondering why I haven't replied to anyone's PMs or posted something inthe forums for a while, it's because I've decided to get away from the computer and XBox for a while. My parents feeling on how much I've been on the Internet and stuff is starting to get to me, lol. I just wanted to clear this up...but, there's also another reason. I've been there for people when they needed someone to talk to; I was always the neutral person that anyone could come to about an argument with another member, or just needed some consolance or something, and I'm starting to wonder why psychiatrists (spelling?) dont need to visit a psychiatrist themselves. So, I can see that there's finally another who can help you all like I could have, if not better :D, allowing me to feel better about leaving. Now...when I say leaving, I don't mean goodbye forever, I just mean...well, see ya later. I'll still talk once in a while, but I probably won't RP much, or at all, for some time. I'll probably continue to make Youtube videos (if I can ever find a way to easily get them up...), and same goes for updating stories. Plus, if anyone decides to get an XBox, look me up on Live, my GamerTag is, "ZaCmAn9998." (lol, cheesy as hell XD). With that being said...LATERZ!!!
9/26/2010 #94
Zac and Artemis
Ari- Geese Zac! Forgot to let me get a say!...actually, I don't know what I'm going to know me, never really planning ahead...umm...well...I guess I'll just see you bunch of Introverts later! Me- *rolls eyes*
9/26/2010 #95

Your leaving!? Awww now I is sad.... :( And who are you talking about that might be better at helping people then you? I is consufed..... Wah!

9/26/2010 #96
Slashermare Moon

Aww by Cy and Ari...

9/27/2010 #97

well least I still have ur phone # :)

9/27/2010 #98

be back soon cy

you know whats sad is when you realize that noone know that you are there. like i know im kinda friends with kids at school but im not that close with them. as for the others a few is nice but other than that they dont even notice me unless they are talking aobut me. same goes for here......and stuff is still bothering me.....and you wonder why i want to leave.....

9/28/2010 #99

nvm ill handle it myself

9/28/2010 #100

Whats wrong Kun?

9/28/2010 #101


9/28/2010 #102

Seriously Kun-chan whats wrong?

9/28/2010 #103

it doesnt matter never really did

9/28/2010 #104

im sorry...i didnt mean to sound just really sad and madish. but even if i say why it wont help anything. poeple on here already thing that ima crybaby or something. so i just keep it to myself

9/28/2010 #105

Its okay. I'm used to people snapping at me.

9/28/2010 #106

sorry i really am T_T

9/28/2010 #107

Its fine Kun. Honestly.

9/28/2010 #108


9/28/2010 #109

I'm being serious about it Kun. Don't worry about it.

9/28/2010 #110


9/28/2010 #111

g2g. night

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9/28/2010 #114

today was bad like yesterday.

yesterday: like around 3 hour felt really sick. like i could had threw up but i didnt go home(cuz i already missed days). so like when i had gym(9th hour) i still felt bad but i particapated anyway. my teach goofs around with everyone but like when he messed with me i looked annoyed. he asked if like i was mad but i told him not, i just didnt feel well and he apologized. but like these boys in the class was laughin and it made me mad and kinda made me tear-eyed(not crying) so i left out but came back after awhile. they kept messin with me like all durning gym(since i had to be on their court cuz we playing volleyball). later that day i was mad about other crap cuz people at school kept messin with me and theres kids on this new website im on.

today: in 3rd hour i was thinking about the crap that was bothering me and when the teach kinda yelled i left out upset. but he(i got like 3 guy teachers) apologized. he asked if he upseted me but i said no. then he asked like other question like do i feel alone and i was nodding to some of the questions(cuz i was crrying so i couldnt speak really.) he told me stuff like you guys said(i am not forgotten, i am loved..etc). so i kinda clamed down or at least acted like i was okay. he said i could take my time before coming back in....after class i was stiill upset. my eyes must have been red cuz my major teacher was worried and stuff(shes tough but shes like a mom to us). but i didnt want to talk cuz i would just start crying again. so she said i could call my mom to see if i could go i been home for llike 3ish hours and my mom comes home. im okay(but sad. im good at hidin emotions from her). i forgot what i said but then she was like saidin i wasnt gonna go to college cuz i keep messin days. and that i should just graduate in janurary(only thing stopping me is my spanish 2 class. its all year) and take online classes.

so basiclly that and other stuff has been messin with me for awhile. so yeah...

9/29/2010 #115

Hey. I just have a question about this website: How do you add a section of Fanfiction? For instance, I would like to post a Machete fanfic, but Machete fanfics do not exist on this website. How do I become the first one? It would be great if you helped. Thanks

5/30/2011 #116
The Grim Reader
I'd love to help but a friend of mine is in a similar situation. I think you may be able to add it to the archive and then post your story.
5/31/2011 #117

hi where can i post my work to be appraised?

5/31/2011 #118
The Grim Reader
What do you mean by appraised?
5/31/2011 #119

Um, I'd like to ask a question. You see, I'm writing a collaborated story with my co-author Mystic Ghost, and I'd like to know if we can post copies on our respective home pages. Like, I have one and she has one, so there are two stories with the same name and content. Is that possible?

Thanks for reading.

6/20/2011 #120
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