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Zac and Artemis
For the new guy!!! Basically, all OCa live at a battle arena where people challenge eachother to deuls, or tests of skill. There's multiple battle zones, obstacle courses, training room, dining hall, dorms, bathrooms (lol)/washrooms, and a jail/dungeon/brig/you get the point. It's located on a reletively small island. There are no fatalities in any battle or challenge, and the rules of the arena are enforced by the manager, which, if no one minds, will be one of my OCs since I made the topic. Please ask if you have questions or suggest something to add to this, thank you.
9/9/2010 #1
Felix Forsythe

(yay! awesome idea! but i have to go to bed night!)

9/9/2010 #2
Zac and Artemis
(Oh, and to make things uncomplicated: Ony up to four people allowed in one duel or challenge at a time. Also, any species is allowed.) A tall, reletively old man sat in a large black leather chair, watching the monitor showing the entrance excitedly, "Now that the arena is finished, heroes, and even a few villans, will be making their way to my arena soon!" he stood and looked out the large glass window behind him, "I can't wait!" He had slick black hair that was neatly cut and combed, and a black suit on over a white shirt. His eyes were a light green.
9/9/2010 #3
Felix Forsythe

a tall, young looking man was walking to the arena. he had long, untidy black hair and eyes of a deepest dark red. He wore a red, torn, longcoat, black leather gloves, a black headband, a dark shirt, and slightly worn dark slacks and long boots.

accompanying him was a tall deep golden furred fox. he wore similar clothes to the human man, but his fur was deep gold, and therefor his clothes werre lighter and his eyes were a deep blue. he was about a foot shorter than the human he accompanyed

they both walked at the same pace, wielded a sword on their back that seemed of a different design, and were talking.

9/10/2010 #4
Zac and Artemis
Meeting the two at the door was a young woman. She had short, black and wavy hair with a crimson streak in it. Her eyes were also crimson as well, and showed that she was very bored. She wore a red t-shirt with plain blue, baggy, and slightly torn jeans. Her nails were painted black, "Oh look...the first arrivals..." she muttered straightening up and crossing her arms.
9/10/2010 . Edited 9/10/2010 #5
The Grim Reader
A man looking to be about twenty with a scar across his eye, and black raven hair that flowed in the wind with eyes as black as the darkest night. He had a certain way about the way he walked that said he had been in many battles during his lifetime. His clothes were simple and humble, a plain white t-shirt and pants covered by a white robe. He had a katana strapped on his back.
9/10/2010 #6
Felix Forsythe

the man approached the woman at the door

however the fox did the talking

"Allow us entry please"

9/10/2010 #7
The Grim Reader
(Post #6. He arrived at wherever they are at.)
9/10/2010 #8
Felix Forsythe

(i read it. my people were speaking to the woman at the door. kinda at a standstill until then)

9/10/2010 #9
The Grim Reader
"Who are you?" The man asked the fox.
9/10/2010 #10
Zac and Artemis
The woman uncrossed her arms and brought a hand up. A pen suddenly flew into her hand from out of a nearby booth, followed by a pad, "I'll need your names, first." she said dully, looking to each traveler one after the other.
9/10/2010 #11
Felix Forsythe

the man chuckled that the two people asked the same thing

the fox

"My name is Niles. His is Auron"

9/10/2010 #12
The Grim Reader
"My name is Talon." The man said.
9/10/2010 #13
Zac and Artemis
She quickly scribbled down each name, "Auron...huh, that's my brother's name..." she muttered, "Alright, you two get dorm 100D on floor twenty." she said, indicating Auron and Niles, a small key floating over to them, "And you get room 100S, also on the twentieth floor." she said to Talon, a key floating to him.
9/10/2010 . Edited 9/10/2010 #14
Felix Forsythe

Auron took the key and walked in

9/10/2010 #15
The Grim Reader
Talon nodded. "Thanks."
9/10/2010 #16
Zac and Artemis
She huffed and looked away, "Yeah, whatever..."
9/10/2010 #17
Felix Forsythe

Niles noticed her odd behavior but followed Auron to the room

9/10/2010 #18
The Grim Reader
"Uhh...I'm sure you get this often, but would you mind showing me where my hotel room is?" Talon asked.
9/10/2010 #19
Zac and Artemis
She rolled her eye and walked in side, "Follow me..." she said with a sigh. She lead him through the entrance hall, which was a ery lavish and decorated loving-room-type place, a large plasma-screen TV covering the entire wall on the opposite side of the entrance. It was currently off since nothing was happening yet. She walled over to an elevator and pressed the "up" button.
9/10/2010 #20
The Grim Reader
"So, what's your name?" Talon asked her as he waited for the elevator.
9/10/2010 #21
Zac and Artemis
She looked at him from the corner of her eye, not saying anything or even smiling. If you looked close enough, you could see that her eyes were actually glowing slightly, and getting brighter too. The elevator opened with a ding and she stepped in, pressing the floor 20 button and leaning against the wall, closing her eyes and crossing her arms.
9/10/2010 #22
Felix Forsythe

Niles was struggling with the key while Auron leaned against a wall

9/10/2010 #23
The Grim Reader
Talon got in the elevator. "I see you don't talk much. I like a challenge." Talon said.
9/10/2010 #24
Zac and Artemis
She still didn't say anything. Afterthe elevator reached it's destination and opened, she looked down the hall to see Niles struggling with the key. With a sigh and a flock of her wrist, the key floated out of his hand, into the lock, and turned itself, opening the door. After that, she continued down the hall in the other direction to the very end, at a room labeled 100S, "Your room."
9/10/2010 #25
The Grim Reader
"I'll see you later." Talon said as he winked at her and made the call me sign with his hand.
9/10/2010 #26
Felix Forsythe

Auron appeared next to Talon

"You really don't know the meaning of self-control do you?"

9/10/2010 #27
The Grim Reader
"Yeah, I controllewd myself. Take my word for it." Talon said.
9/10/2010 #28
Felix Forsythe


"If that was controlled, you should be locked up"

9/10/2010 #29
Zac and Artemis
She glared at him as he walked through the doorway. Her eyes suddenly glowed extreamly brightly and her hair was ruffled by an unseen force, the door suddenly slamming hard behind him. She started walking away, but yelled back, "It's Krona, by the way!"
9/10/2010 #30
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