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Slashermare Moon

(Ryan's topic)

10/9/2010 #1
Mercy at Dawn

(Thanks Slash. Sorry to kinda clutter stuff up. I'm writing a story, and I wanted to kinda have you guys' opinion as I go along. So, might as well add what I have so far. BTW, the full, edited version of this prologue and chapter one so far will be up on tomorrow.)



2025, the invasion of the Llovorians has brought Earth down to it's last few refuges.

The project began in 2015, while Earth had managed to slightly drive back Llovorian forces, and was managing to keep key countries alive. Of course, that changed.

At any rate, Project Last Resort was the governments attempt to create bionic human beings capable of near invincibilty, and the ability to pull off near impossible stunts. Which was anything too much for the normal man.

I was the first successful being created in the project. I was tagged with the codename 'Shadow Hawk', yet my squadmates and everyone else simply calls me Kennedy. Kennedy Grant. Being the leader of Delta, our goal is to help the Earth push back the alien forces, and pull ourselves from this mess, at any cost.

This is Earth's final stand.


Chapter One: Start of a Turning Point

Sunday, April 28, 2025 Eratine, Somewhere between where D.C. used to lie, and Kansas. 1:14 PM

Everything seemed normal. But, we all knew it wasn't. Hell, I was starting to think it was common knowledge to even newborn children. Wouldn't surprise me.

I calmly stepped into the main meeting room, choosing to stand instead of sit. 'In case of a possible ambush.' My mind registered automatically.

President Hollis cleared his throat a few times, and I immediately knew that we were in for a speech. I sighed slightly, rubbing my temples to relieve the small headache.

10/9/2010 #2
Mercy at Dawn

(That's all so far.)

10/9/2010 #3
Mercy at Dawn

*Clears throat*

Now, since you guys are my closest friends on Fanfiction, you decide which path the characters in my story take.

Straight: Through the Graveyard of Soldiers, where traps have been spotted.


Right: Where they'd have to cross through an acid pit and sneak around a marching army of the Llovorians

Post your answers soon!

10/15/2010 #4
Slashermare Moon


10/16/2010 #5
Mercy at Dawn


Left- 0

10/16/2010 #6
The Grim Reader
Left. I'm left handed, so there you go.
11/30/2010 #7
Zac and Artemis

If this is still valid...left.

1/2/2011 #8
Mercy at Dawn

Hmm, I can't believe I forgot about this story. I had a good start going on too. . . Maybe I'll start over on it.

5/16/2011 #9
The Grim Reader
If you remember, left wasn't even an option lol. I fooled you. You gave us only straight, or right as our choices, and I said left.
5/16/2011 #10
Mercy at Dawn

Actually, I did notice that. When I looked back a few mins ago, I was like. Wait, was there even a left option? I only see Straight and Right. . . WTF?

5/16/2011 #11
The Grim Reader
XD I know right? I just messed with your mind.
5/16/2011 #12
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