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The Grim Reader
(I'm pretty sure Earthquake is a move that does damage.) "Hang on, I'll get you." Nora tried to her reach her paw down in here and grab her.---------Rex used Fire Blast at the downed Blaziken.
10/12/2010 #61

blaze was hurt a bit but used uppercut

"Owowow." shinx was stuck

10/12/2010 #62
The Grim Reader
(It doesn't do constant damage.) Vulpix tried really hard to get Shynx. "Grab my paw!" Nova yelled.-----------(Fire Blast is the strongest move next to Blast Burn that a fire Pokemon can learn. That would still not do much damage though.) Rex got hit.
10/12/2010 #63

blaze smirked

shinx grabbed it

10/12/2010 #64
The Grim Reader
Nova pulled her up. "I swear those two get so carried away sometimes." Nova said.------------"Tch. Pretty good so far." Rex replied.
10/12/2010 #65

"uh-huh" shinx agreed and hugged nova for saving her

blaze glanced at the girls "We're stopping for today."

10/12/2010 #66
The Grim Reader
"Alright. So I win." Rex said as hew smirked.--------"'s no big deal really."----------"Wow...that was intense." Flaria said.---------Afer coming from the pokemon station, Tyson noticed smoke from the flames where his pokemon where at. "Of course." Tyson replied.
10/12/2010 #67

"Whatever." BLaze said

Shinx let go "Sorry"

Acqua shook her head "We should had just brought them with us

10/12/2010 #68
The Grim Reader
"What the hell....we are so going to need those water pokemon of yours. You two should be ashamed. You can't stop fighting at all." Tyson said. Rex lowered his head.----------"It's okay." Nova said.
10/12/2010 #69

blaze looked away

Aquca took out her milotic and viporion . they put out the fires

shinx smiled a little

10/12/2010 #70


10/12/2010 #71
The Grim Reader
"Wow. Awesome job." Tyson said. Rex looked at the Vaporeon and blushed. (Girl right?)
10/12/2010 #72


vaporeon blushed and looked away

milotic returned to her pokeball

10/12/2010 #73
The Grim Reader
" are you doing?" Rex asked the Vaporeon after he got on back onto his front legs. (Meaning now he is lower to the ground and is walking on four legs.)----------"Cool!" Flaria said as she went over to greet fellow Eon. "I'm Flaria." Flaria said.---------Nova smiled at Shynx.
10/12/2010 #74

"Im fine and you?" she asked

she smiled at flaria "Im Lily." (i forgot the jap name for water lily so yea)

shinx noticed a beautifly and jumped after it (shes young)

10/12/2010 #75
The Grim Reader
(Lotus?) Vulpix noticed this and laughed. " missed one heck of a battle." Rex replied.----------"Finally, a fellow Eon. Geez, at least now I have someone to talk to." Flaria said smiling.
10/12/2010 #76

(no its different)

shinx couldnt catch it

"I did?" Lily asked, "You are the first i met as well" she smiled

10/12/2010 #77
The Grim Reader
(The starter should be powerful and their first pokemon. Although they can be young...they have to be along for the ride every step of the way. That's how I feel.) "Yay." Flaria replied.--------"Looks like they are getting along. Maybe I should bring out my Onyx. Always good to have a strong rock type." Tyson said.
10/12/2010 #78

(not all the time. i think when i palyed diamond my starter was weak compared to the others. shinx is strong but didnt evolve yet)

lily giggled

"Are you sure about that? theres still water lying around." Acqua said

10/12/2010 #79
The Grim Reader
"Well, we can't even fix the ground because someone used Earthquake." Tyson said looking at Rex. " are you?" Rex asked Lily.
10/12/2010 #80

acqua only nodded

"im fine." lily said

10/12/2010 #81
The Grim Reader
"Good. Let's get out of here before the police see this." Tyson said as he had his pokemon return to their pokeballs.
10/12/2010 #82

acqua did the same but kept shinx out. she picked her up


10/12/2010 #83
The Grim Reader
(Kisses back*) "Let's go." Tyson said as he walked to a nearby town. (You have played Diamond or Pearl, yo get to tell me where everything is at.)
10/12/2010 #84


"I havent been here in a while."

(i played both but i dont remember the cities. ill look it up)

10/12/2010 #85
The Grim Reader
"Right." Tyson said as he let Vulpix out.
10/12/2010 #86

shinx got down and looked around

"wanna go to the casino?" Acqua asked. she remembered that there was one in Veilstone city

10/12/2010 #87
The Grim Reader
"I'm not one to gamble my money." Tyson said. "Is there a spa for pokemon around?" Tyson asked.
10/12/2010 #88

she nodded "A lady give pokemon massages."

(i might go in a little bit)

10/12/2010 #89
The Grim Reader
(Okay..) "Good. No doubt Blaze and Rex need one." Tyson said.----------Vulpix happily chased Shynx around.
10/12/2010 #90
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