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Slashermare Moon

(Errr no one is gonna use this)

10/11/2010 #1
The Grim Reader
(Well, I definately know one person who definately will. Dragonghost. I may get involved if not spice things up a bit.)
10/11/2010 #2
Slashermare Moon


10/11/2010 #3
The Grim Reader
10/11/2010 #4
Slashermare Moon
10/11/2010 #5
The Grim Reader
10/11/2010 #6
Slashermare Moon



Ducky (Saurolophus/Swimmer)

Cera (Threehorn/Triceratops)

Petrie (Pteranodon/Flyer)

Spike (Stegosaurus/Spiketail)

Chomper (Tyrannosaurus Rex/Sharptooth)

Ruby (Oviraptor/Fast Runner)

Plus anyone else you can think of

Bad guys

Sharptooth (one from the first movie still alive)

Red Claw





Anyone else

Those are the characters. Choose whichever you want. If no one objects I'd like to go Ruby.

10/12/2010 #7
The Grim Reader

(Hey, I watched the first movie. I kinda got a background on the characters...not like there was much to Spike's character, seeing as how he can't really talk and all...)

11/19/2010 #8
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