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The Grim Reader
I want your all's opinion on this thing and tell me what cha think.-------------Okay I have an awesome story idea that involves a Totodile that is teal, and his parents travel a lot. (Mizu isn't owned by me, but another guy on anther website) and Maggy a shy Cyndaquil.Mizu was is he traveling with his mom and dad. And then he meets Maggy eventually in a Pokemon Village. However short his stay there is, he leaves an impact on Maggy, and she tries to follow him, but realizes she can't. Then, she writes to him in a letter. Letter carriers are bird pokemon. She uses a Pigeot to carry her letter, who has a red round small hat that has the letters PMS on it for Pokemon Mail nevermind, just PM for Pokemon Mail. While he moving around, Mizu continues writing letters to Maggy. It starts out innocently enough, but then it starts to escalate when Mizu reads a shocking note left by his parents. It says they left, of their own free will, but the claw marks everywhere says differently. Mizu tries to find out what happened. Maggy's letters stop. Mizu wonders why. Maggy's abusive dad burns the letters. Maggy's mom died during pokebirth, so that is why Maggy's dad hates her. However, Maggy runs away from home in the dead of night to try and find the one pokemon she believes understands her....Mizu. However, it's a fire pokemon's worst nightmare as she is trying to survive the harsh cold of winter. So what do you think?)
11/30/2010 #1
11/30/2010 #2
The Grim Reader
What do you think about it? Other than just cool I mean. Did it grab your attention?
11/30/2010 #3
The Grim Reader
11/30/2010 #4
yup. Its kinda like a romance drama story. Ill read it when ynu post it
11/30/2010 #5
The Grim Reader
Sweet, it is, thanks for the enhcouraging words.
11/30/2010 #6
np and laterz
11/30/2010 #7
The Grim Reader

I spelled encouraging wrong, and anyway, I keep getting ideas for this story all the time.

11/30/2010 #8
The Grim Reader
What if my my characters...were some kinda...dunno secret someone in real life.
12/1/2010 #9
12/1/2010 #10
The Grim Reader
Get what I am saying.....
12/1/2010 #11
12/1/2010 #12
The Grim Reader
He's here.
12/1/2010 #13

ok Grim,

my pic:

Actual char:

and just a couple funny ones for when u need cheering up:

12/1/2010 #14
The Grim Reader
Did you check out the story summary I put in the first thing there? What do you think? Freakin awesome, but I believe you did good in retrospect. I couldn't get close to that kinda skill either.
12/1/2010 #15

well, you should see how close some other people can get. pretty damned close.

(wat did you think of the funnies?)

not a romance fan.

12/1/2010 #16
The Grim Reader
But it's got action in there...and drama.....and stuff...seriously....secondly I looked up the serious ones....I'll check the others tommorow.
12/1/2010 #17


12/1/2010 #18
The Grim Reader
Dang it....oh wait...the art was amazing, yours was good to...I certainly couldn't get as far as you did.
12/1/2010 #19

dang what?

yea, ShaloneSK is an AMAZING artist(she has her own Spyro fan comic and it is AMAZING, you should read it, if you are ever interested I'll give u a link to the first one!

and mine sucked balls.

12/1/2010 #20
The Grim Reader
Better than mine if I ever drew one. Yes, give me the first link please...
12/1/2010 #21

k Just gimmie a sec, it's WAAAY far back in her gallery...I'll give you the DA link, the comic comes in clearere there

12/1/2010 #22
The Grim Reader
Also new site regulations or whatever, won't let me look past the link you give me. Btw, oh aren't a romance person....damn it. this sucks.
12/1/2010 #23

ok it starts drawn on pencil but eventually turns into the picture I showed you, here is page one, in the description is a link to the next page after each one:

12/1/2010 #24

look past the link, what do you mean?

also grim, that is not the only one, there are like, 5 different installments in the comic, there A New, then the second, third, etc. she is currently working on Her Touch His Feelings(the one I showed u already)

12/1/2010 #25
The Grim Reader
All of it is locked for me, I can't see any of it.
12/1/2010 #26
The Grim Reader
Like when it said look at the oplder ones down under the picture, it wouldn't let me see it.
12/1/2010 #27

odd, is this on the one I linked u that is first in the comic?

12/1/2010 #28
The Grim Reader
12/1/2010 #29

then I'll give u a step by step

1) go to

2) in search bar look up ShaloneSK

3) once on her profile page look in her gallery

4) on left side choose Spyro tab

5) the page is titled 'A New' it is black and white, and should be on the first or second page.

6) to see next page in comic, look in description each time


12/1/2010 #30
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