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Slashermare Moon

The other one became hectic.

12/22/2010 #1

(so whats gonna happen with this one? i wanna rp)

12/22/2010 #2
Mercy at Dawn

(Grim should copy his first post on the first STAD topic and put it here. . .)

12/22/2010 #3
Slashermare Moon


12/22/2010 #4
The Grim Reader
(Not to mention all the first three parts got deleted somehow for some reason...)
12/22/2010 #5

(well, here are my suggestions. an OC ammount limit, an element limit, and off the top of my head that's it)

12/22/2010 #6
Mercy at Dawn

(Oh yeah. It's the new update. Every topic that's over nine months old is deleted. . . It's quite gay really.)

12/22/2010 #7

(whats the limit of ocs? and elements? are we gonna have to make new ocs? or just keep old ones?)

12/22/2010 #8
Mercy at Dawn

(Yeah, we DO NEED an OC limit. I want two at the moment, but we should have a five OC limit. . .)

12/22/2010 #9

(well considering I kinda have to have Mid and Shim, since Mid is me and Shim is my mate....I think like, there should be a parent limit, and then a kid limit for each parent.(that way we don't have to waste slots on our OC roster for kids who probably aren't gonna do much fighting))

12/22/2010 #10
Mercy at Dawn

(Look, list all of your neccessary, and I mean NECCESSARY characters. Mine are Riley, Ryan, Ean, and Abel. That's really all.)

12/22/2010 #11
The Grim Reader
(I would probably have to say at the most...maybe five does sound good. Secondly, yeah I can't copy and paste what doesn't exist anymore...sad really. Why does it do that? So unless you lock it, it gets deleted in nine months time? Okay element limit is three. But the standard is two.)
12/22/2010 #12

(my ABSOLUTELY neccecary chars, are Mid, Shim, Inu, and Steele(possibly Lumera, but she would rarely show up so I'm not gonna count her) but I have quite a few(I would narrow it down obviously) that aren't NECCECARY, but I like RPing with.

12/22/2010 #13
Slashermare Moon

Slasher, Destania, Riaryla, Mercassis,

12/22/2010 #14

(okay but Grim, do kids of main OCs count, like, would Steele count?)

12/22/2010 #15
Mercy at Dawn

(thanks for saying Mercassis Slash, even if they aren't together, I forgotz about Kylar.)

12/22/2010 #16
Slashermare Moon

Slasher has Darkness, with a bit of fire

Mercassis has her weird element

Riaryla has Light and fire

Destania is a spirit.

12/22/2010 #17
The Grim Reader
(I do beleive they should count. But this is our main OC's story, not the kids. The kids are born here. Again, since we cut the razor's edge last time, no lemons allowed. At all. Should we even have kds on here?)
12/22/2010 #18

(thats lame. they shouldnt delete stuff. mines is Suki, Hikari, Kurayami, Kiyo, Sasha)

12/22/2010 #19
Mercy at Dawn

(Riley has Chaos, along with Ryan. Kylar has no element, but the special power of the Ka'kari, an item that allows him to mask his footsteps, stay completely silent (Goes along with the footsteps) , and become invisible. Ean has no special power, and Abel has the ability to split souls. . .)

12/22/2010 #20

(my last Char(or chars, depending on if Steele counts) is gonna vary, so gimmie a second...)

(oh btw.

Mid: Darkness and Nature

Shim: Light and Nature

Inu: Light, and(when in her demonic state, which don't worry, I won't overdo) darkness

Steele: Fire, Darkness, Nature.

Lumera:(though she'll like, never appear due to shyness but she's part of the family soo...) Light, Electricity, and Nature)

12/22/2010 #21
The Grim Reader
(Yeah we should definately set bondaries on what our characters can and can not do.)
12/22/2010 #22
Mercy at Dawn

(See, this is why I'm glad I came up with MY own abilities, Chaos and the ability to split souls. Everyone's gonna use the same elements, and then there will be fights later on, and so forth. . .)

12/22/2010 #23

(Steele exsits before they even come into any given forum Grim, him and Lum both, they come with Midnight and Shim. they are a part of their characters, which is why I'm having a hard time choosing if Steele should count(cause, if we are starting with same ages as last time, Steele is only like, five, so is only really an interation char, and maybe sparring, but never a real fight) and Lum, I didn't count cause, even in the last RP, I rarely used her, she just kinda....existed)

12/22/2010 #24
The Grim Reader
(Woah! Hold on guys. One at a time. I'll check over them. Alright, Mid, I gotta say, Nature, and the way you describe it and it's not an element. It seems more like a talent. Didn't you say it involved potion making and stuff? are probably going to have to show me what Nature is again.)
12/22/2010 #25
The Grim Reader
(Okay...Riley...I've never really asked before...what is Chaos? And splitting souls....sounds edgey. What does it do?)
12/22/2010 #26

(no, Shimmer can make potions. Nature is using the power of nature and harnessing it in order to heal and power yourself and/or others up(added speed, strength, etc)

12/22/2010 . Edited 12/22/2010 #27

suki: water

hikari: water ice light

kurayami: fire darkness

kiyo: fire air

Sasha: water darkness

12/22/2010 #28
The Grim Reader
(When you say nature....what do you mean exactly?)
12/22/2010 #29

(the element of nature, idk how to describe it. and kun, in my opinion, water and ice should be the same element, anyone agree with me? water and ice should count as one?)

12/22/2010 #30
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