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Lita Aquaheart

yeah true, Hades hated his job, you'd be the sons of Ares

12/23/2010 #91

no ares would be a possible parent seeing how he likes chaos and war. but unlike us he's a coward, nick him and he'll go crying to zeus

12/23/2010 #92
Lita Aquaheart

i'd probably be the daughter of posiedon i fi was a demi-god. i LOVE the sea. *sings* there's no place i'd rather be, than on my surfboard out at sea. Lingring on the ocean blue and if i had 1 wish come true, i'd surf 'till teh sun seta beyond the horizon

12/23/2010 #93

awiki wiki maihali loli!

12/23/2010 #94

Id be probaby Hades... i LOVE fire

12/23/2010 #95
Lita Aquaheart

wow mid. i'm surprised u know that song. I love it because it fits me so well,i can (almost) sing all teh hawaiian parts

aloha e' aloha e' ano i kai aloha e'

12/23/2010 #96

Mid? are we gonna RP?

12/23/2010 #97

I used to be OB-FUCKING-SESSED WITH LILO AND STITCH. it was my first ever fanfic, AND story.

it's your post dude lol

12/23/2010 #98


12/23/2010 #99

mope, its yours... Spades talking to Mid

12/23/2010 #100

if you like fire than why not Hephacetus

12/23/2010 #101

Hephacetus... i feel like ive heard that name... who be it?

12/23/2010 #102
Lita Aquaheart

i'm obsessed with all tehe disney calssics, name one and i'll quote it. (seriously name one)

12/23/2010 #103
Lita Aquaheart

correct me if i'm wrong, but i think it's the blacksmith for the gods, he made Zues's thunderbolts and is constantly around fire.

12/23/2010 #104

okay.... Hunch back of Notredame

12/23/2010 #105

nah... hades is in the big three... so id want to be his Kin.... that and hes delightfully mad.

12/23/2010 #106
Lita Aquaheart

HONT huh? "a baby? *gasp* a MONSTER"

clopin"listen! they're beautiful no? so many colors of sound so many chaning moods because u know, they do not ring all my themselves

puppet: :O they don't?

clopin: no you silly boy! up there high high in teh dark bell tower lives the mysterious bell ringer, who is this creature?

puppet: who?

clopin: what is he?

puppet: what?

clopin: how did he come to be there?

puppet: how?

clopin: hush!

puppet: ohhh...

clopin: copin will tell you, it is a tale, a tale of a man, and a mosnter (sung) dark was the night when our tale was begun on teh docks near notre dame...

yeah i could go ON and ON but you wouldn't like that

12/23/2010 #107


12/23/2010 #108
Lita Aquaheart

thanks, ok name another

12/23/2010 #109

lion king

12/23/2010 #110
Lita Aquaheart

oh that's too easy!

"simba: but...don't we eat the antelope?

mufasa: yes, but when we die our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass, so we are all commected, in teh great circle of life."

"simba: in that case your fired!

zazu: you can't fire me! only the king can do that

nala: well he's the future king

simba: yeah! so you gotta do what i tell ya!

zazu: not yet i don', and from teh way i see it your turning out to be a pretty shifty king

simba: not the way i see it! *sings* i'm gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware!

zazu: well i've never seen a king or beast with quite so little hair *picks a hair from simba's head.

i could do way more but i'll stop there

12/23/2010 #111

i just wanted to see whitch lines youd use for Lion King is all... i expected the hyenas and scar

12/23/2010 #112
Lita Aquaheart

u want hyena's and scar? i'll try but i don't know them as well

"hyena: yeah, be prepared yeah-heh...we'll be prepared, heh...for what?

scar:for the death of the king!

hyena: why is he sick?

scar:No, fool. We're going to kill him, and simba too

hyena:great idea! who needs a king? no king no king la la la la la la!

scar: FOOLS! there WILL! be a king.

hyena:but you said...

scar: I will be the king"

12/23/2010 #113

kk im satisfied.

12/23/2010 #114
Lita Aquaheart

ok, name another (if you want to)

12/23/2010 #115

nah, im good

12/23/2010 #116
Lita Aquaheart

and i messed up, its "IDIOTS I will be the king"

12/23/2010 #117

yeah... i realized it, but kept quiet XD

12/23/2010 #118
Lita Aquaheart

ah! double mess up! it's "idiots there WILL be a king" "but you said.." "I will be the king"

12/23/2010 #119

i was gonna say... that didnt sound correct either.

(brb, gotta take shower(

12/23/2010 #120
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