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Lita Aquaheart

oh...*feels stupid for asking the question* we need to get you to the hospital! you're in no shape to walk so...

12/31/2010 #2,941
O. Gallan Rager

Drake--*staggers and falls, then rises* ...Yeah..

12/31/2010 #2,942
Lita Aquaheart

um..uh...I guess i'm going to have to carry you.

12/31/2010 #2,943
O. Gallan Rager

Drake-I can't ...make you do that...*stands and leans on Lita* ...

12/31/2010 #2,944
Lita Aquaheart

well how else are we going to get you to the hospital?

12/31/2010 #2,945
O. Gallan Rager

Drake--We can walk...*chuckles weakly* My legs aren't broken...

12/31/2010 #2,946
Lita Aquaheart

but your ribs are, and you use your stomach muscles when you walk, which would hurt your ribs.

12/31/2010 #2,947
O. Gallan Rager

Me--*points to Arcanel* ...He grants wishes.

Arcanel- *coughs and nods* Yeah...Thanks alot Onyx. I think everyone knows that.

Drake--*grunts and nods* good point.

12/31/2010 #2,948
Lita Aquaheart

*smiles* I love it when i'm right...anyway, the problem is how for me to carry you without hurting you...

12/31/2010 #2,949
O. Gallan Rager

Me--*groans* Why don't you wish for Drake to be fully healed while Arcanel's here?

Arcanel--*sighs* ...

Drake- *smiles*

12/31/2010 #2,950
Lita Aquaheart

*facepalm* duh! hey Arcenel! would you mind healing drake?

12/31/2010 #2,951
O. Gallan Rager

Me: XD have to make a wish, Lita.

Arcanel: I can grant it...but you have to say the magic words...

Drake: T.T ...

12/31/2010 #2,952
Lita Aquaheart

ok fine. i wish drake was healed!

12/31/2010 #2,953
O. Gallan Rager

Arcanel- *grants wish and slumps over a little*

Me: He'll be alright. That always happens when he grants a wish.

A purple cloud swarms around Drake and spins faster and faster until it disappears revealing a newly restored Drake with all his wounds healed and his body unbruised.

Drake-*stretches and hugs Lita* Thank you! You're the best! I'm definitely going to make it up to you.

12/31/2010 #2,954
Lita Aquaheart

0///0 all I did was say 5 words...

12/31/2010 #2,955
O. Gallan Rager

Me: Awwww...somebody's blushing...

Drake: *smiles* ...Five words and saved my bacon. I owe you a lot.

Me: I know how you can repay her...BOW CHIKA WOW WOW! Do it in the butt! Pretty pretty...*squeals and crumps to the ground, holding crotch*

Drake: *turns to Lita* ...As I was saying, you're a really cool friend. I will make it up to you.

12/31/2010 #2,956
Lita Aquaheart

yeah just...could you please stop hugging me! you're not the only one with bruises you know!

12/31/2010 #2,957
O. Gallan Rager

Drake: *turns to Arcanel* ...I wish Lita was healed.

Arcanel: *grants wish and purple cloud swirls around Lita, healing her before disappearing* ...That hurt a little.

12/31/2010 #2,958
Lita Aquaheart

*smiles* I guess we're even now!

12/31/2010 #2,959
O. Gallan Rager

Drake: *shifts uncomfortably, rubbing hands through sandy brown hair* wanna sometime...maybe...

Me: Go on a date?

Drake: *gulps and nods embarrassedly*

Me: I KNEW IT! You have a crush on her!

Drake: No! It's nothing like that...I'm not worth it.

12/31/2010 #2,960
Lita Aquaheart


12/31/2010 #2,961


Necro: *Large Tail armed to the bone with spikes lashes You all apart from one another* Runts!

12/31/2010 #2,962
O. Gallan Rager

Drake: *jumps out of way and blushes* Sorry Lita...It's just you're so...

12/31/2010 #2,963
Lita Aquaheart

adorable? irrisistable? most guys seem to think so

12/31/2010 #2,964

Necro: How delightfully cute... shall i be the best man?

12/31/2010 #2,965
Lita Aquaheart


12/31/2010 #2,966

Necro: Temper temper... *rolls eyes*

12/31/2010 #2,967
Lita Aquaheart


12/31/2010 #2,968
O. Gallan Rager

Drake: Yeah...But I don't chase after girls like the others...and I don't flat out admit stuff like this...*glares at Me*

Me: XD ...What?

Drake: Sorry again Lita....You never answered my questions...*blushes and looks down at sneakered feet*

12/31/2010 #2,969
Lita Aquaheart

I noticed you're not like the others

12/31/2010 #2,970
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