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Slashermare Moon


1/23/2011 #1
Slashermare Moon

(True, but a dragon would be a lot faster, I reckon about 200mph for an average dragon,)

"I'm here" Slasher said, from above her.

1/26/2011 #2
The Grim Reader
(Granted, but if we take real life physics, dragons are big creatures, with big wings. Several times bigger than a falcon. Even with hollowed out bones, and wqings not weighing mmore than a pound, all that muscle will drag you down. Not to mention how powerful those wings must be in order to get to that speed. Now diving, 200 mph, yeah I can see that. More weight, aerodynamic, yatta yatta. But just straight flying 200 mph....I'm going to need more convinving.) " did you get in front of me?" Amaterasu asked.
1/26/2011 #3
Slashermare Moon

(Slasher has no muscle, he runs on darkness, he screws physics)

"I flew" he teased.

1/26/2011 #4
The Grim Reader
(Darkness is his muscle, then they should still wiegh something. I was just saying if we used real life physics....what other physics are there to go by?) Amaterasu giggled.
1/26/2011 #5
Slashermare Moon

(darkness isnt really tangible, it would weigh very very little, his overall weight is about 40kg )

Slasher nodded then manevered himself behind her.

1/26/2011 #6
The Grim Reader
(Well Dusk is tangible when he wasnts to be. What is that in pounds?) So....let's go sight seeing." Amaterasu replied. (Amaterasu should be pretty light, considering how heavy birds are in general.)
1/26/2011 #7
Slashermare Moon

(about just under 100 pounds)

Slasher nodded "OK, whatever you want"

(Yeah, she should be. Slasher can also hit mach 1 if he flies ten miles up into the air then fives straight down, I;ve checked this)

1/26/2011 #8
The Grim Reader
(So..about how heavy do you think Amaterasu is? What about Terminal Velocity?) Look at that big scary castle." Amaterasu replied.
1/26/2011 #9
Slashermare Moon

(If you mean the force of air resistance I took that into account, otherwise he'd be moving at 560 m/s when he was just over the ground, and depends how big she is)

"It's not that scary" Slasher said, "But it is a bit unnerving"

1/26/2011 #10
The Grim Reader
(How big do you see her as, she ain't very big, maybe a bit smaller than Slasher.) "Yeah, I know, it's like someone lives there. Wait, I've been there before." Amaterasu replied.
1/26/2011 #11
Slashermare Moon

(then she'd be half his weight, just over 40 pounds)

"You have? I havent" Slasher said,

1/26/2011 #12
The Grim Reader
"Yep, that's Geombi's castle, remember? I saved his servants, a lot of them." Amaterasu replied. (Oh...but that is pretty big for a bird right?)
1/26/2011 #13
Slashermare Moon

(yeah, maybe about 30, birds ar heavier than people think)

"Oh.. yeah"

1/26/2011 #14
The Grim Reader
(Yeah, birds of prey are heavier than people think, other birds weigh in at about 10 or a humming bird or a Cardinal.) "So wanna go somewhere else? Do you know of a place with a view?" Amaterasu asked.
1/26/2011 #15
Slashermare Moon

(she's a lot bigger than most birds)

Slasher nodded then said "Follow me, before he rocketed upwards.

(so what should Slasher's max speed be.)

1/26/2011 #16
The Grim Reader
(Granted, but remember the phoenix in Harry Potter? That was like a normal bird. Okay, granted, she about two times the size of a falcon. But she is still smaller than Slasher.) Amaterasu followed as best she could. (Okay ten miles up in the air, yeah Mach One. But for under a hundred feet, try keeping it somewhere like 75 or something you think is reasonable. Flatline flying, meaning flying straight is about....hmmm...what would your guess be. Of course Amaterasu will be a little slower than Slasher in almost every way when it comes to flight.)
1/26/2011 #17
Slashermare Moon

(you said she was just a bit smaller than Slasher. Gah, stop confusing me! 75 is too slow, Dragons arent natural, they can go faster than any bird. gah, let me think on it tomorrow, I'll ask my physics teacher. gtg)

1/26/2011 #18
The Grim Reader
(Okay, makes sense, lol, and she is smaller than Slasher....okay.)
1/26/2011 #19
Zac and Artemis

(If you are one of the Original Vets on this forum, this is for you. It technically not finished, I wantedto change some things, and it's worn out a bit, but it's the original dedication. After a long time of not being able to find my old it is! It reads: "Bonds form and freindships are made...while bonds can be broken, and friendships can end... MEMORIES LAST FOREVER.)

( Since it's hard t tell who's who due to the blur and spreading of the's the list from left to right: Mid, Slash (with Sikara above him), Grim, Kun, Me (with Ari behind me), Luna, then Riley...I wish it remained like it did when I first finished it...and I also want to change a few things since I'm MUCH better at sktching now...but...originals are always the best, so...merry christmaqwanzikalloween and a happy St. Newsentine's day everyone!)

1/26/2011 #20
The Grim Reader
(I don't think luna was a vet for my forum...but i get what u bad those times are gone. I miss the old crew.)
1/26/2011 #21
Zac and Artemis

(At least we're not Nobodies, or what I wrote on there would be wrong, right?)

1/26/2011 #22
The Grim Reader
(I don't follow. What do you mean by Nobodies? You mean like KH Nobodies or what?)
1/26/2011 #23
The Grim Reader

(Wow, that is a nice drawing, but you are right, it is a bit blurred. What's this talk about You Tube to see the rest? Secondly, I am at school, and my time on here is limited. I shall get back on at 12:15 to 1:30 maybe.)

1/27/2011 #24
Slashermare Moon

(My physics teacher says 150mph)

1/27/2011 #25
The Grim Reader

(Straight flight? Okay, 150 it is. It's hard to argue against a physics teacher. So Amaterasu should be like what 75, somnething like that? Does that sound right?)

1/27/2011 #26
Slashermare Moon

(Well he said 100-150, and I'd sat about 90mph for her)

1/27/2011 #27
The Grim Reader

(For the bird??? He gave you estimates for the bird? Or not?)

1/27/2011 #28
Slashermare Moon

(No, I just guess 90 mph is a good speed for a phoenix)

1/27/2011 #29
The Grim Reader

(Ehh, I guess so. I don't really feel getting all technical cause then you'd always to state when they reach top speed or whatever. Ya know? But yeah, that'll work. 90 mph straight flying, or what?)

1/27/2011 #30
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