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(not even close)

3/5/2011 #2,671
The Grim Reader
(Oh yeah, well suck on these tacos!)
3/5/2011 #2,672

(nah, I prefer quesadillas)(ur post Grim)(do either of u wanna join my new forum?)

3/5/2011 #2,673
The Grim Reader
(You know I'm blocked so why did you ask? What's there to post? He flew up in the air. How do you respond to that?)
3/5/2011 #2,674

(my NEW forum. I only blocked you from Spyro OC training forum)(idk fine)

he flew to a destroyed village, there was still some good wood, and other tools around. "The best home, is one built by the love of your family." he said.

3/5/2011 #2,675
Zac and Artemis
(Ph, and Mid, I still have bit recieved my email to activate my DA account, but, based on experience, I'll get it eventually.) (Have Lithe land, Mid, or justcomment on almost falling of, Grim.
3/5/2011 #2,676

(damn....and Cy...wanna join my new forum?)

3/5/2011 #2,677
The Grim Reader
(You are funny Cy.) "Really, how long have you guys been building it?" Bane asked.---------(I'm thinking about seriously brnging in another character.)
3/5/2011 #2,678

"You guys? I have just me. I just found this village. I just thought, WE could build it."


3/5/2011 #2,679
Zac and Artemis
(Maybe, but I'll check it out tomorrow, i'mactually ganna get to bed now, so, night guys!) (Ari- *blows kiss goodbye with a wink then a wave*)
3/5/2011 #2,680

(Aw nite)(Kiba: *catches kiss and puts it on his cheek*)

3/5/2011 #2,681


3/5/2011 #2,682
The Grim Reader
"You are right. The way you made it sound though....never mind that. Sure. Sounds nice." Bane replied.
3/5/2011 #2,683

he smiled and bent down so Bane could get off. "Where's the rest of our family? the wolves?"

3/5/2011 #2,684
The Grim Reader
"Thought they was coming? We'll have to go back and get them, or they will find their way here. Probably they are both still sleeping or something." Bane said.
3/5/2011 #2,685
The Grim Reader
(Brb, going to get a snack.)
3/5/2011 #2,686

"CAn you not summon their presence...or well, at least Neo? I never quite saw you assign Kayleigh to a scroll."

3/5/2011 #2,687
The Grim Reader
"Well....unlike other summoning methods...they have to be in the scroll before I can summon them. Makes it easier to carry them that way." Bane replied.
3/5/2011 #2,688

"Oh. I see."

3/5/2011 #2,689
The Grim Reader
"I don't take them away against their will either. I let them choose whether or not to be in the scroll." Bane replied. (Gtg to bed. Night.)
3/5/2011 #2,690

(aw nite)

"I understand."

3/5/2011 #2,691
Slashermare Moon

Slasher sighed slightly then took off again, back t the resistancr

3/6/2011 #2,692

Ookami sighed as well.

3/6/2011 #2,693
Slashermare Moon

What? he asked.

3/6/2011 #2,694
Mercy at Dawn

"I might as well check on her." Riley sprinted back to the place he'd found her, finding it empty. "Artemis?" He asked looking around. "Hmm. I guess next time we cross paths, either you'll be my friend or my enemy." He carved an X into the ground, and walked off. "Adios."

(Could you imagine a Scottish-accented Spanish speaker? That would sound awesome!)

3/6/2011 #2,695
Zac and Artemis
Artemis laid on her back, staring at the sun through the trees and quietly singing a song, "Staring bleakly at the sun, waiting for my time to come..." she sighed, "Your happy life it makes me sick, allthe screaming sounds like music..." she need there and groaned, "Maybe I should go back to actually taking jobs and-or being a murderer..." she considered, "It'd distract me from my life again."
3/6/2011 #2,696

(What's up guys?)

3/6/2011 #2,697
The Grim Reader
(Dude...your avatar..I've been listening to songs from that cd.....on youttube. Wierd. Trig, where have you been buddy? *Glomps*)
3/6/2011 #2,698
Mercy at Dawn

(*Inhales Deeply and raises a finger* . . . *Exhales and looks away embarrassed*)

"Hold it together, birds of a feather, Nothing but lies and crooked wings. I have the answer, spreading the cancer, you are the faith inside of me. No, no, don't leave me to die here, help me survive here. Alone, no, don't remember, don't remember. Put me to sleep Evil Angel. . . . Open your wings, Evil Angel. . ." Riley blinked. "Huh, odd." He muttered.

3/6/2011 #2,699

(Yeah.....I have a lot of explaining to do don't I?)

3/6/2011 #2,700
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