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Okay, considering that most people on here(other than Lug) know most of everyone else's characters, I figured that along with the registration I think we have, a reference of current OCs(since only 6 are allowed as 'normal' OCs) would be helpful so...






and example using the characters I will use:

Normal-Midnight, Shimmer, Tanshin, Gaik,Life Form 00-, Hodari(hopefully Angel will bring in Triana)


Kids-Steele, Lumera

Summons-Inu, Kayleigh

Evil-Black Eternal

(obviously you can have more than one evil but, if you have all goods for main character, you can still have ONE evil char)

kinda like that. so we know who has what characters and what they are.

2/20/2011 . Edited 4/18/2011 #1
The Grim Reader
Cool. But ugghh...I've used a temporary summon.
2/20/2011 #2

what do you mean a 'temporary' summon? if they're not gonna be a main char no need to post them.

2/20/2011 #3
The Grim Reader
Well, someone who is dead, named Geronimo. A shapeshifting trickster who I explained all about in the roleplay. He can not go back to rest until he finishes his quest or whatever that Reyan or Geombi gives him. Dopn't worry, It's a simple task.
2/20/2011 #4
The Grim Reader
I increased the number to six characters....but that's useless info now.
2/20/2011 #5

then yea, he wouldn't be up if he's just kinda a random extra. OH I just remembered one part I gotta edit! one evil OC for free.

2/20/2011 #6

edited grim

2/23/2011 #7
Slashermare Moon

Normal(6)-Slasher Eclipsesight, Riaryla Lunarmind, Arassara Nightwing, Mercassis The Myriad of Dreams, Slasha



Summons-Slasher can summon Duel monsters cards if they are Dark or Dragon


2/23/2011 . Edited by MidnighttheDragon, 4/7/2011 #8

Normal(6)- Triana, Lilian, Ace (real name Jordan)

Spirit- Uhhhhhhhhhh........

Kids- Karasu (Rasu for short), Kokoro, Epesi, Kazu, (I forget the other two.... crap Mid do you remember? Oh! The girl is Saiki.... I forget the boy though.... was it Riyuu...?)

Summons- Aria (silver wolf) and Lilith (black panther) are Triana's summons. She rarely summons them.

Evil- Arawn (dark sorceror wants to use Triana to bring greater power to him blood line.)

2/23/2011 #9

Normal- None.


Kids- yeah right... Mid's OC Giakotsu is closest to a child... but shes a grnadaughter... and a few "Greats" down the ladder.

Summons- none

Evil: Reyan

2/23/2011 . Edited by MidnighttheDragon, 4/7/2011 #10

yea, Riyuu I think Angel...

and u don't have to register the kids yet, they haven't been born.

Lug, Reyan can be on your normal list, or your free evil list, since he is a main character. he would not be a spirit. spirit is they ARE dead, but they walk around like a ghost, or, in Destina and Ookami's case, they reside inside of someone's mind, giving them advice and helping them when they can.

2/24/2011 #11


2/24/2011 #12
O. Gallan Rager

Normal- Bazooka Bunny, Slayer, and Shrike

Kids- Bella Bunny & Carroshean Bunny

Summons- Grava

2/25/2011 #13
The Grim Reader

Normal: Spade, Bane, and Soraia Leon.

Kids: None as of yet. Wait does Gambi count as a kid or a character?

Spirits: Don't think I have one of those.

Summons: Dusk, Amaterasu, Neo, and sometimes snakes.

Evil: Geombi.

3/2/2011 . Edited 3/10/2011 #14

Gambi would be a kid I think

3/3/2011 #15
The Grim Reader

But that's the thing, he isn't natural. Thanks though.

3/3/2011 #16

but he's still Midnight's kid

3/3/2011 #17
Mercy at Dawn

Normal: Riley Macintosh; Ryan Macintosh; Kylar Shadowbane; Ean Wolfheart; Alyria Shadowbane (Made her up. So ha's!)

Kids: Undecidededededed. Meepz!

Summons: None really, unless you count the Ka'Kari that aids Kylar, but it's merely an artifact of power.

3/4/2011 . Edited 4/28/2012 #18
Cry of Fallen Dove

MESSAGE ME if you are interested in roleplaying any of the following:


The Blacklist

9/11/2016 #19
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