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The Grim Reader
In order to carve his own path into destiny, Ace, son of Spade went to search for his own path, one that had nothing to with his father. Now, he has found that path, and in the end, Ace, a wielder of light and darkness has become evil. Spade, needs his friends and allies to help stop Ace before the world suffers. Being the last to resist, Spade and his fellow friends now fight against Ace and his followers.
5/15/2011 #1
Mercy at Dawn

(A new one? This oughta be fun! But I don't like starting it off. Anyone care to start it?)

5/16/2011 #2
The Grim Reader

(Hey Riley, yes a new one, cause the old one isn't getting anywhere.)

5/16/2011 #3
Mercy at Dawn

(That doesn't help start it off. . . xD)

5/16/2011 #4
Mercy at Dawn

(Grr, I'll start it. Correct me if I go wrong, as always.)

"So what now?" A man asked, though barely so. He stood at 5"11, at an underlying age of 29, almost the youngest there. "What's your plan?"

5/16/2011 . Edited 5/16/2011 #5
The Grim Reader
"I have no idea...I don't even know where I went wrong in raising him....but we'll figure out a way to stop him...even if I have to kill him myself." Spade replied to the man.
5/16/2011 #6
Mercy at Dawn

"Hmm, doesn't seem like something you'd do Spade." The man replied.

"Riley, you're not really helping him out any." Another man, a couple years older spoke up.

"I don't know how confident and cheerful we can be after this Ryan. Do you want me to do a little cheer?" Riley asked, raising an eyebrow.

5/16/2011 #7
The Grim Reader
"No...Riley, Ryan....I need to do this. I brought him into this world...I did something wrong. He's my responsibility." Spade replied. (You do know this is like severely in the future, Ace is like twenty five. That means Spade has to be in his late forties.)
5/16/2011 #8
Mercy at Dawn

(Pfft. Thanks for speaking earlier. I'll fix my chars age, but that would only make them about 29-32)

"Heh, sounds like something my mother would've said. 'I brought you into this world and I sure as hell can take you out.'" Riley replied, giving a small smile.

5/16/2011 #9
The Grim Reader
(It's fine, you didn't specify age. You only said they were young, and one of them was two years older. That fits. Late twenties to early thirties is young.) "I thought about saying that, but I decided against it. I'm sure you two have heard it a lot in your lifetime." Spade replied.
5/16/2011 #10
Mercy at Dawn

"Eh. . ." Riley rubbed the back of his head sadly and sheepishly. "Does only about ten years count?" He asked.

(My computer's freezing up. I'm gonna see if I can fix it. Brb in however long it takes.)

5/16/2011 #11
The Grim Reader
(Okay.) "Yeah, I do believe it does." Spade replied chuckling.
5/16/2011 #12
Mercy at Dawn

"Well, good. . . I guess." He commented.

5/17/2011 #13

A woman with bright lilac eyes was walking through the garden of her home, tending to her plants, her long golden auburn hair reaching down to her waist, with the occational very very pale blonde almost white hair seen in it. She was humming lightly, her lightly glowing hands passing slowly over each plant, making them perk up a bit like young dogs, eager to please their mistress.

(Lilian has gotten control of her small bit of magical heritage and enjoys using it to help her plants and keep things growing strong. But thats not all she can do.. lol)

5/22/2011 #14
The Grim Reader
"I'm going to go see how Lilian is doing." Spade replied to Riley as he walked out of the room.------------------ "Hey Mom. How are the plants doing?" Neo asked, his raven hair showing aubuurn in the front, in a spiky up front sort of manner. A piece of his hair hung down over his face. (Think like anime characters. I'll get to what he is wearing next.)(Awesome. I can't wait to see what else she can do...and has no doubt taught her two children some of these skills. Neo is the more aggressive one in combat. The kids are both 19-20 years old, and ready to make a name for themselves. Neo has inherited Spade's scythe also. But he hardly ever carries it around, instead, summoning it to battle through way of shadows.)
5/22/2011 #15

"Hello Neo. The plants are doing wonderfully." she said with a small laugh as one of the plants nuzzled her lightly and she patted it affectionately. "They're a lot like animals since I've started working with them magically." she said while turning and finish up the magical perk up quickly. (Yeah Lilian has taught the kids a bit. Mostly healing and usful little tricks like how to use plants to do some of their bidding, Limre is a bit better with that then Neo but he can be wicked good with making giant Venus Flytraps and maybe really throrny vines. They can both shapeshift but only have 1 form unlike Lilian who has 2.)

5/22/2011 #16
The Grim Reader
(You'll be amazed at what all Ace has running through his vains. Of course Limre is going to be better at it than Neo. I don't see him being able to use it as effectively.) "That's amazing." Neo replied. Neo was wearing his usual gloves that went up to his elbow. They were fingerless and these gloves was his favorite His sleeveless black t-shirt was underneath an X style harness that helped him carry his two short blades on his waist.(It is part belt as well.) This was brown, and his brown eyes showed awe at his mother's teachings, even to this day. He never got tired of seeing Lilian grow plants, even though his gifts lied elsewhere. His black pants were of the cargo pants variety. Plenty of pokets to carry things in. He had somewhat of a tint over his body, but you could tell he was definately white. He wore nothing over hiis face. He had recieved most of his looks from his father.
5/22/2011 #17

Lilian smiled at her son, still amazed at how much he looked like his father other then the little bit of auburn in his hair that he got from her. "You wanna help me by grabbing that water can for me?" she asked pointing at a water can that was just out of her reach.

While they were out in the garden a snowy owl with bright glowing lilac eyes, flew into an open window of the house, and shifted into a young woman with long dark auburn hair that glowed like fire in the sunlight. She looked around in the draws and pulled out a strapless black bra and matching panties, mesh tank top that stops at her midrif, light blue faded hiphuggers, heeled black sandles and a midnight blue vest. She was short in stature standing around 5'1" and had a body like a dancer. A few of the plants in the room quivering in happiness at her presence.

5/22/2011 #18
The Grim Reader
Neo stood at about 5'6, having already outgrown his sibling. "Will do mom." Neo replied, as he handed her the water can. "Hey Mom....where is Limre right now, I'd like to spar." Neo asked.
5/22/2011 #19

Lilian smiled and closed her eyes for a second then pointing towards the house. "Your in luck Neo. She just got home, looks like she's been out flying again." Lilian said with a laugh.


Limre walking over to the fridge and opened it, looking for something to munch on while grabbing something to drink, finally snagging a few cokkies out of her dad's hidden cookie stash. "I'm sure he wont mind... besides mom makes them for everyone..." she said with a laugh while munching on them and sipping her glass of milk.

5/22/2011 #20
The Grim Reader
"Thanks Mom. I'll make you proud." Neo replied as he ran towards the house in all speed.---------------------- "Lilian, how are you doing this fine evening?" Spade asked, in still wearing the same old outfit he wore twenty years ago. He had aged a bit, but he still kept up those muscles all these years by working out everyday.
5/22/2011 #21

Lilian smiled and stepped up to her husband, looking up at him and wrapping her arms around his waist. "I'm doing well my love. And you?" she asked lighlty.


Limre rinsed out the glass she used for milk and set it on the rack to dry, patting one of the house plants and perking it up while humming a happy little tune her mother sang at bedtime so many years ago. She then went back into her room and picked up the sword her father had given her for her 16th birthday since her brother had inherited dad's scyth. She also grabbed her fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back (kinda like Kakashi's but with cresent moons on the back) and a long chain that she wrapped around her hips 3 times.

5/22/2011 #22
The Grim Reader
(It's a katana. That was Spade's weapon, and it was empowered with darkness. In the hands of Limre though, it was changed. It know has since been purified and can use light attacks. Awesome.) "I'm doing fine honey. I just wish I had known about....Ace earlier. We wouldn't evebe in this mess if he hadn't found out about his origins. It's my duty to stop him." Spade replied.---------------(Limre is light right, Neo is shadow? Cool.) Neo was waiting for his sister downstairs.
5/22/2011 #23

(Yup yup) "Yeah I know... What are you gonna do to stop him though?" Lilian asked while looking up into his eyes.


Limre came downstairs humming and putting her hair into a braid, not even paying attention to her brother while walking outside, her sword straped across her lower back.

5/22/2011 #24
The Grim Reader
"He holds power over both darkness, and light. He is extremely powerful....and he is much like I was when I was his age. Except he is headstrong. I can use that to my advantage. I honestly don't know how to beat him, he has been trained extremely well. Whoever adopted Ace must be amazingly good at what they do." Spade replied.--------------------"Hey, sis, hold on a second." Neo replied as he raced to catch up to her. He met her just outside the house. "Wanna spar?" Neo asked.
5/22/2011 #25

Lilian sighed, knowing Spade was beating himself up over the Ace issue and wishing there was something she could do about it.


Limre sighed ad looked back at her brother over her shoulder. "I guess..." she said with a shrug, teleporting with a flash to their sparring grounds.

5/22/2011 #26
The Grim Reader
Neo followed right behind, doing the same thing Spade did all the time to find his friends.--------------"Look....I'm fine Lilian. It's just....I never knew about Ace until I learned he was adopted. Makes me wonder what could have been." Spade replied.
5/22/2011 #27

Limre was sitting in a tree waiting for him. "So how you wanna do this spar?" she asked, her legs swinging under her like a small childs would.


"I know honey. I just worry about you sometimes." she said with a small sigh as she rubbed the back of her neck lightly.

5/22/2011 #28
The Grim Reader
"Attack and Defense. I choose an attack, you defend, then vice versa. We take turns. Hand to hand only. You have to declare when you are attacking and when you are defending." Neo replied.----------------"Thanks." Spade replied, as he smirked.
5/22/2011 #29

Lilian nodded, still rubbing her neck that was a bit sore. "Your welcome hun."


"Alright then." Limre said, hopping down from the tree and landing gracefully.

5/22/2011 #30
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