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A forum that says it all. Literally. However Profanity will get you banned. Just a forum to chat and talk about ideas. That especially means new kids on the block. No Lemons Allowed.
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The Grim Reader
Exactly as it sounds, do a truth or dare style game against other members of this forum where the only prize here is comedy. Look to Huda for details on how to play lol.
8/24/2011 #1

You left me the hard work. T.T

Anyway, I'm Huda. :)

And heres the first game here. Everyone knows truth or dare right?

Just a simple change here is that when someone says "dare" you have to say something that can be done on forum.

For example:

person 1): i choose dare.

person 2): i dare you to say "I LOVE BANANA" on the main chat thread,

And so on.

Everyone needs to do these simple tasks:

1) Answer the question the person above you asked / do the dare.

2) If the person above you choose "dare" then dare him/her to do something / if they choose "truth" ask them something.

3) Choose if you want "truth" or "dare".

Anything unclear? just ask :)

Have fun! ♥

8/24/2011 #2

I'm going to start first :)

Since I'm the first, I'm going to skip number 1) and 2)

As for step three

I choose truth :)

(now someone asks something and choose if they want truth or dare and then whoever answers that question (it doesn't have to be me) do the entire three steps and the game goes on normally)

8/24/2011 #3

is it true your arib(i cant spell)

(is this right?)

8/24/2011 #4

(it is Arabic :) and yes that's right but you have to choose truth or dare, and it doesnt have to start with "is it true" )

lets pretend you chose "truth"

heres what i do:

(first i answer your question) yes it is true :)

(now i ask you a question because you said "truth") are you in love?

(and now i choose truth or dare) dare.

you just do the same thing following the steps :)

8/24/2011 #5

oh okay. so i choose truth

8/24/2011 #6

ok you choose truth and i am going to say the same things

yes its true :)

are you in love?

i choose dare.

8/24/2011 #7

I dont even know anymore :/

ha dare.

I dare you to eat this green pudding. *holds it up*

8/24/2011 #8

meh it wont kill me will it? XD

*eats* XD

(u forgot to choose again)

8/24/2011 #9


It's pudding jellow XD

I choose truth.

8/24/2011 #10

lolz hahahaha XD

ok lets see

do you like waking bare footed?

i choose truth.

8/24/2011 #11



do you like that one boy thats your friend?

i choose dare

8/24/2011 . Edited 8/24/2011 #12

yay i'm not the only one who likes walking with no shoe XD

a crush maybe. (but if u figured it out because i was worried, then you should know if i knew u gone missing I'd be worried too, that doesnt mean i have a crush on you XD i just tend to be extra protective for people i care bout)

ok i dare you to HUG MEH :D

i choose truth again XD

8/24/2011 #13


ok do you go to school?

i choose thruth

8/24/2011 #14

yay XD

yep high school n_n

do you go to college?

i choose dare

8/24/2011 #15

Not yet but i will in october -.-

i dare you to kiss the floor

i choose truth

8/24/2011 #16


i did that, but next time, choose something that can be done through here (forum) thats the only rule bout dares, because there is no way to know if i did or not.

ok what are you going to study?

8/24/2011 #17

P.S: the floor tastes weird XD :P

8/24/2011 #18

ok. im doing animation...since i got put into an art institute :/

you didnt choose

8/24/2011 #19

oh awesome :D

sorry XD i choose truth

8/24/2011 #20

ok truth

um how many langagues can you speek?

I choose dare

(g2g night)

8/24/2011 #21

i can speak 2, and i'm trying to learn 2 more :)

i dare you to kiss this frog :D *holds frog up*

i choose truth.

(kk byebye night)

(ofcourse anyone can answer that dare it doesnt have to be mama :) )

8/24/2011 #22


*kisses the frog* 0.0 it turned into a prince XD

Um have you played this game in real?

I choose truth

8/25/2011 #23

*kisses the frog* 0.0 it turned into a prince XD

man~ i was going to say that T.T :P

and yep i have but without dares.

how many kids do u want to have?

i choose dare.

8/25/2011 . Edited 8/25/2011 #24


8/25/2011 #25

hey lolz, u need to answer the question i asked, dare me to do something, then choose truth/dare. :)

8/25/2011 #26


8/25/2011 #27

it is a game you need to play, not chat!

8/25/2011 #28

I want to have one kid.

I dare you to... kick a pie across the room.

I pick truth.

8/25/2011 #29

*kicks the pie*

Is it true your a boy? XD

I pick truth

8/25/2011 #30
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