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A forum that says it all. Literally. However Profanity will get you banned. Just a forum to chat and talk about ideas. That especially means new kids on the block. No Lemons Allowed.
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St. Pigeon

Yes. I am a virgin. WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT?! *wildeyed stare*

I dare you to jump off of this high dive! *high dive appears out of nowhere*

I choose dare.

9/6/2011 #61

*shrugs* i dunno, truth or dare IS all bout sexual questions ya know :P

besides Huda knows ALL bout her friends :3 XD

that didnt sound good xD

ANYWAY *jumps off cliff* I am tarazan :DDD

i dare you to tell me, your darkest litte secret that no one knows in PM


i choose truth.

9/6/2011 #62
St. Pigeon

I'm leaving. This is getting boooooorinnng. *vanishes in puff of smoke*

9/7/2011 #63

You're just running away from the dare :P

9/7/2011 #64
St. Pigeon

Yes. Yes I am. I have private information that no one can know about! *voice comes out of nowhere*

9/7/2011 #65



9/7/2011 #66
St. Pigeon

What basement strange one?

9/7/2011 #67

Do the dare!.

9/7/2011 #68
St. Pigeon

No! Goodbye. Oh, and also, if you try to force me to do the dare, I'm never going to speak to you again. *roll of thunder*

9/7/2011 #69


you know you love me too much to do that kitty :P

and *cough* chicken *cough*

jk jk dun kill meh xD

9/7/2011 #70
St. Pigeon

Hmmmm. *considers pulling out sword-cane*

9/7/2011 #71


*kisses cheek*

*winks* forgiven now?

9/7/2011 . Edited 9/7/2011 #72
St. Pigeon

Back away weird one! *pulls out katana*

NO ONE KISSES KIT'S CHEEK! *meteorite smashes into the ground*

9/7/2011 #73

well i dont kiss lips you pervy head :P

*now hurt*

9/7/2011 #74
St. Pigeon

*sighs and puts away katana* I hurt everyone's feelings... I'm sorry.

9/7/2011 #75

no you didnt hurt anyone *hugs*

9/7/2011 #76
St. Pigeon

*hugs back* Thank you.

9/8/2011 #77

oh this sounds like fun.

10/17/2011 #78
The Grim Reader

It is.

10/18/2011 #79
I choose truth.
12/1/2011 #80
Mercy at Dawn

Your truth is not a truth, but a lie in disguise! A HA! But this is dead anyway. xD

5/25/2012 #81
Okai Truth or dare???
7/11/2012 #82


7/12/2012 #83

Ok i will give this a try.

Are you really a dragon host?

I choose Truth!

8/6/2012 #84

Maybe *Starts evil laugh, caughs, grab glass of water*

Nah, I'm a sixteen year old nerd in highschool just trying to express his passion through fanfic.

My turn: Are you a chick or a dude

I choose Dare!

8/7/2012 #85

Chick wait..ok, yeah I am a girl.

I dare you to say Taylor Launter is the most handsome man ever! (Yeah I am evil)

I pick dare!

8/8/2012 #86

O-O fine.*Ahem*: Taylor Launter is the most handsome man

I dare you to curse/damn both Team Edward and Team Jacob. (I'm worse)

I pick truth!

8/8/2012 #87

Damn you team Edward! Damn you to a wondeful lovely place full of rainbows Team Jacob! ( Ha!)

What is the most embarissing thing that has happend to you at school?(Haha take that! I am the more evil than you!)


8/9/2012 #88

Hmmm, at school? Well I pretty much got ganged up on by some girls last year and it doesn't get much worse than that.

I dare you to *thinks of very inappropiate things from japanese cartoons* actually I think I'll just dare you to tell me if you're single or not.


8/9/2012 #89

-.- No. Love sucks big time.(Unless it's Link from Legend of Zelda or Miroku from Inuyasha) #Pulls out Mallet# Hey now japanese inapporite thoughts!

Have you ever kissed someone?


8/10/2012 #90
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