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The Grim Reader

( I feel dumb lol.)

4/25/2012 #391
Slashermare Moon

(Lol. she can do that again)

4/25/2012 #392
(Here we go) A shadow appeared on the ground, and from it a giant shadow like commet shot from into the sky. "Find the bringer of darkness, and seal his fate" a voice came from the shadow on the ground which was beginning to close up. "Do not return until your mission is completed, else it will be our fate that is doomed'. The disappeared, leaving the black commet in the sky. "Is the mission clear" asked a young male voice. "Aye" responded a female's "But can we do this on our own". "No silly, remember, we only have to make sure he dies" the male responded. "Aye, so we find help". "There you go, now than...this way". And the dark commet flew off.
4/25/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #393
The Grim Reader

(Okay. Thanks lol.)

4/25/2012 #394
The Grim Reader

"Tell me something...." Aeroku said, looking over at Shadeheart. (Mhm, hey does anyine know where Dragonghost characters are? Oh you was replying to Riley and not me.)

4/25/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #395
Slashermare Moon

"What?" the dragoness asked.

4/25/2012 #396

(heading to the resistance, trying to find Abram)

4/25/2012 #397
The Grim Reader

"Why did you choose to stay?? And what is your name?" Aeroku asked.

4/25/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #398

(where is the resistance)

4/25/2012 #399
The Grim Reader

(Just follow the another rogue character or something I'll make but I gotta go study.)

4/25/2012 #400


The black commet flew through the dark sky. When it started to split down the middle.

"What are you doing Nek?!" the male called out out."I can't hold on anymore...sorry". And with that, the comment split in two. One piece heading for the ground, the continuing to fly.

"I'll find you Nek, stay safe until than" said the male voice from within the flying commet.

(So what I'm thinking is that Nek can run into Abram and Dak into Cimera or another random character)

4/25/2012 #401
O. Gallan Rager

(Sure. I'll have Abram head out side. I'll bring another resistance character. A female for Dak.)

Abram nodded at Riley and began to make his way outside. He stood in the backyard of the Resistance Headquarters, staring up at the starlit sky. The elf noticed a comet soaring through the sky and tilted his head.

"Well that's odd," he said.

4/25/2012 #402
O. Gallan Rager

"I could share them with you," Onyx added blushing.


Cimera stared at him and rolled her eyes. "It's not all about you, you know. Nor I. But the entire world at large."

4/25/2012 #403
Mercy at Dawn

"You think I don't know that!" Kylar snapped. "But what of my actions. Every action we make affects the world little by little. And I don't want this. Yes, I'm worried for me, I'm worried for those out there. I'm worried for those around me even after this whole thing clears up!" He motioned to the black sky. "Because if I can't do something about this cursed item, I'll be a killer for the rest of eternity!"

4/25/2012 #404
The Grim Reader

"That sounds great." Kirin said looking to onyx ith her deep, yet bright and colorful amber eyes looked into his.

4/25/2012 #405
O. Gallan Rager

She said nothing, turning away from him and tying her satchel of brown powders. She hadn't thought of that. But she didn't like his tone. She then said, "Then you must seek a way to control that item or destroy it. Do something about it...I could help you anyway I can, and for the record, I never asked for being a witch or being treated like a common animal. But we learn to get used to our burdens, so don't talk to me about suffering and hurting and being burdened. The world doesn't revolve around you or me.

I know you know all this."

She turned and walked down the path. "Azeroth awaits..."

4/25/2012 #406
O. Gallan Rager

Onyx found himself lost in those orbs, his red eyes trembling.

4/25/2012 #407
Mercy at Dawn

"Ci. . . I just want to be normal like you. No more immortality. No more urges to kill. No more ultimate price for death. I'm not asking for the world to stop turning for me." He called the Ka'kari forth, throwing it far past her. Suddenly, it reappeared in his palm with a blue flash, and he shook his head. "But I don't know how. I just. . . Never mind, let's go." He finished dejectedly.

4/25/2012 #408

"There. I land there for" the female voice exclaimed as it took notice of a stranger on the ground. The comet turned and aimed straight for the bystander, colliding with him and disappearing itmmediatly. But it left no mark of damage on the stranger.

4/25/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #409
The Grim Reader

"I do quite like you Onyx." Kirin said, blushing softly. "Let's...go out on a date or something?"

4/25/2012 #410
O. Gallan Rager

"It is okay, Kylar. I promise you I will find a way to help you, but you must tell me more about this stuff. What do you mean about immortality, the need to kill, and price of death?" Cimera asked, grasping his hand.


Abram found it weird that the comets were moving. Oddly enough, he heard them talking, but wasn't sure if he was hearing things. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him. The elf moved forward in the forest towards the voices.

4/25/2012 #411
O. Gallan Rager

"A date? Um...I'd love...I'd love to go with you!" He blurted out. He then softened his tone when he heard Bazooka Bunny laughing.

4/25/2012 #412
Mercy at Dawn

"Immortality and the price of death go hand in hand." He shook, not wanting to look into her eyes. "And I don't blame you for wanting to. . . get away as soon as possible after I say this, but. . . I can die as many times as I want, but the price for my near instant revival is the death of the one closest to me. . . A sick part of Equivalent Exchange." He couldn't believe that a tear actually made its way down his face. "And I told you of the need to kill, when I look into ones eyes, I can tell whether or not that have embraced the darkness within their hearts. Everybody has darkness inside of them, but when I look upon one who has embraced it, their eyes appear to be black as coal."

"I-I'm so sorry. . ."

4/25/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #413

(I changed post 409 onyx)

4/25/2012 #414
O. Gallan Rager

"It's alright," was all Cimera could say, still holding his hand, shocked at what she heard. But she refused to leave him, trying to handle it all at one time. Her eyes were locked on his face. She noticed the tear and whined a little.

4/25/2012 #415
O. Gallan Rager

Abram gasped in surprise as something went through him. He put his hand to his saber and held the other to his chest. "What was that?" he said aloud, looking around wildly.

4/25/2012 #416
The Grim Reader

"Yeah, a date. Would you like to go now?" Kirin said. as she went around

4/25/2012 #417
O. Gallan Rager

"Sure. I don't mind." He got up and followed her.

4/25/2012 #418
Mercy at Dawn

"Now I've dragged you into this. . . This curse." He hissed the last part. "And the only way to escape is to leave any feelings for me behind forever. So what is it Cimera. . ." He stared into her eyes, a few more tears rolling down. "Are you going to be like everyone else and leave me? Now that the secret is out."

He transferred a memory through his mind to hers.

Like everyone else I trusted. . .? He asked quietly as the memory began.

It was Kylar as he had just turned his actual age of thirty-two, and he had just walked into one of his safe houses, finding his best friend Ederith reading a scroll on his table in shock.

"Ederith. . .?" He called quietly, taking slow steps to her side. She looked up to him, and then to the scroll, and he gasped as he realized what she had stumbled upon. The ancient runes he had found on the Night Angel, the ones that he'd rewritten into an entirely different language that he thought no one even spoke anymore. But she did, and she could read it too.

"Ederith!" He yelled for her, but she was gone, sprinting off in the direction of the door. He didn't stop her, flinching as the door slammed shut. She had been the closest friend he'd had in this world, and now, he was sure he would never see her again. He was new to this, and as such, a sob rocked through his body, the loss shaking him to his core.

"Why?" He threw Retribution at the wall, which stuck point first into the stone, and then the Ka'kari far across the room. It reappeared, mocking him, and he knew there was no escape from this life of torment.

"Now do you believe me? That my words are true. . ? That I AM the monster you fear, the monster everyone loathes. The monster who kills from the shadows, enjoying the feeling of blood splashing upon him after every slit throat, every impaled chest." He looked down again. "That I am. . . Nothing but pain, and torment.

4/25/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #419
The Grim Reader

(Man, Reginal vs Riley anyone? Come one, I'm iotching to see the two fight for real.)

4/25/2012 #420
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