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Mercy at Dawn
"Nickname." He replied. "'twas random."
4/27/2012 . Edited 4/27/2012 #601
O. Gallan Rager

"I suppose it fits." She said, brushing aside a lock of white hair. She took a couple more bites of her apple with her sharp teeth.

4/27/2012 #602

"Oh...thank you" Nek replied her own cheeks turned pink.

4/27/2012 . Edited 4/27/2012 #603
O. Gallan Rager

Abram reached out and placed his hand on hers. "Yes. Y-You are very ravishing to look at. Any who, what do want to eat?"

4/27/2012 #604
Mercy at Dawn
"Like a glove." Kylar took another bite from his own apple. He sat it down, and started sifting through the leaves and roots, pulling jars and vials from the bag as well. He ground up a few leaves and roots together into a paste-like substance and added one of the small vials he'd sat on the nightstand. He shook it up a bit, sitting it on the nightstand. "There."
4/27/2012 #605
O. Gallan Rager

"What is that for?" She asked.

4/27/2012 #606
Mercy at Dawn
"Later. In case we are ambushed by more soldiers. I will teach them to pursue us again." He replied. "I would leave it at that, unless you wish to know what it does." He added, going into the bathroom to wash his hands thoroughly.
4/27/2012 #607
O. Gallan Rager

"A ward or a barrier would've been better." Cimera said.

4/27/2012 #608
Mercy at Dawn
"Wards or barriers will not make them fear us."
4/27/2012 #609

"Well anything would be great, you choose"

4/27/2012 #610
O. Gallan Rager

"I'm not sure what the kitchen has." Abram chuckled. "But I'm willing to go check."


"But it will make them impossible for most to get in."

4/27/2012 #611
Mercy at Dawn
"Fine, fine." He dipped a blade in the poison, letting dry before sticking it in the poisoners sheath. "We'll try it your way."
4/27/2012 #612
O. Gallan Rager

"Well I would be able to, but again, magic is null and useless in this form, so I can't do it."

4/27/2012 #613
Mercy at Dawn
"I may be able to, but I've never used magic for anything but small traps and to enhance my stealth."
4/27/2012 #614

"Great. I'll wait here".

4/27/2012 . Edited 4/27/2012 #615
Mercy at Dawn
4/27/2012 #616
(you okay Blaze?)
4/27/2012 #617
Mercy at Dawn


4/27/2012 #618
The Grim Reader

'Color is but an illusion, but if I was to guess, it'd be blue." Rendall said, as he looked back at her. "You aren't too bad looking either. Call me Sparky. Everyone back home does. So, who is the leader around here?"

------ "Kirin, what are you doing? Showing an outsider this place is against family policy."

"Under normal circumstances, Geral. You should know these times are far from normal."

"True....true indeed. Why do you want to show him?"

"He helped save me, from being corrupted by Orin's infliuence, placed on me by Reginal."

"I see. My apologies....Onyx. You are allowed entry. Just this once."

4/27/2012 . Edited 4/27/2012 #619

(Well I'm finally done with the Taks what)

4/27/2012 #620
Mercy at Dawn
4/27/2012 #621

(so Blaze, what kind of fanfic do you write)

4/27/2012 #622
Mercy at Dawn
(My main project now is a trilogy for Zelda, wrapped around Twilight Princess and with LinkxMidna. My next is going to me over Call of Duty, maybe.
4/27/2012 #623

(Cool, I just started one for south park. Its M rated, so that'll be my lemon fic)

4/27/2012 #624
(Anybody home?)
4/27/2012 #625
Mercy at Dawn
(I'm home. Imma feelin sorry for Grim and Mike though. I bet that they're doin a lot of college work as we type.)
4/27/2012 #626

(Yeah, your right. So Onyx's name is Mike huh?)

4/27/2012 #627
Mercy at Dawn
(Yeah. I've gotten into the habit of calling friends by their first names whether I know them or not..)
4/27/2012 #628
The Grim Reader

(Not really you kiddin Man? College still hasn't changed the fact I have no life XD)

4/27/2012 #629
(Don't worry Grim, we all have a purpose for being born)
4/27/2012 #630
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