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The Grim Reader

"I'm callin you what you are." Geral said. "You are of the shadow persuasion. If I wanted to be a racist, I woulda called you a spook." Geral replied.


"No problem. Now....what say you and I take a walk?" Ren asked Vita.

4/28/2012 #691

"Your senses are sharp for one so young. And your abilities to communicate with animal are quiet remarkable" came voice from above "Ever thought being a spy". The figure levitated over the girl. It had to be boy, though young, 14.=========="Your smile is as nice as your souls third door" Nek replied.

4/28/2012 #692
O. Gallan Rager

Onyx grunted. "Yes. I get it. I am shadow dragon, big deal. You sound like you have something against my kind anyway."


"I'd say let's go." Vita said smiling.

4/28/2012 #693

(Morning my friend)

4/28/2012 #694
O. Gallan Rager

Gabriella snapped her gaze upward, hearing a boy's voice. She glared up at him with those gray eyes of hers, mistrusting. He had to be someone from Grand Hand Factory. As she stared up at the figure, Rigger darted onto her shoulder and gave an amused sound.

Looks like you have a secret admirer from a far. Ready to profess his love for you.

Dream on, she snapped at the crow. I don't even know who he is.

"No. I don't want to be no spy," Gabriella retorted.


"What's a soul door?" Abram asked.

4/28/2012 #695
O. Gallan Rager

(Good morning, friend!)

Cimera stared up at Sgt Upshot with a withering look. "You can't hold me forever. Kylar Shadowbane will come for me."

"Let him. I have a few surprises for him," the soldier replied.

4/28/2012 #696

"Secret! ADMIRER! Look here crow, I admit she's hot but I dont even know her" the boy said to the bird before lifting his dark wings slightly, allowing his body to decend "As for your choice, thats to bad. You could have been roling in power".(Dak can speak to animals as well)========="The your souls is hidden deep within your body, and there are ways to access it" said Nek as took more interest in the eld than the meal "Your first door is your eyes, which is how your soul percieve the world. Your second is your mouth. Your third is your shadow. And your fourth is your blood".

4/28/2012 #697
Mercy at Dawn
"Um, excuse me?" Kylar put on a nervous tone as he approached a fellow guard. "Can you direct me towards the prisons?" He was also very glad he took that guard's ID.
4/28/2012 #698
Mercy at Dawn

(Equally reciprocated. My sleeping schedule is now so messed up. Go to bed at 5AM and wake up at 9:30AM)

4/28/2012 #699
(You're lucky Blaze, wish I could go to sleep at five A.M.)
4/28/2012 #700
Mercy at Dawn

(Why? I hate not getting my eight hours. Then I have a tired feeling creeping at me all day... It's weird really.)

4/28/2012 #701

(IDK, I just like being lazy)

4/28/2012 #702
Mercy at Dawn


4/28/2012 #703
O. Gallan Rager

Rigger shrugged his shoulders as he perched on Gabriella's shoulders.

"I don't want power," Gabriella said coldly. She picked up her backpack and slung it on her shoulders. "Power is the reason I'm in this mess."


"Heavens! There are that many orifices within me," Abram cried. "How do you know all this?"


It was another female guard that stood posted next to a male. "Shouldn't already know where it is?" she asked quietly.

"Must be new," her companion sid.

4/28/2012 #704
Mercy at Dawn

"Yeah. The other guard just posted me outside and told me I was on prison duty at 2200 hours." He replied.

4/28/2012 #705
O. Gallan Rager

"Who are you?" the first guard asked, folding her arms across her chest.

"And who are you guarding?" the second one asked.

4/28/2012 #706
Mercy at Dawn

He pulled the ID and paper from his pocket. "Garith Leevan." He replied, showing them the ID card. "As for who I'm guarding, I am to assist with the guarding of the HVT. I was told my talents may be of use to stopping this... Night Angel." He let the words roll off of his tongue in genuine disgust.

4/28/2012 #707
O. Gallan Rager
"Then head to the westward area of the prison, Hall C, Leevan." The guard gestured.
4/28/2012 #708
Mercy at Dawn
"Thank you." Kylar decided quickly that he liked whoever designed this place. Very fortified, very roomy, and very easy to get lost in. He lightly tapped the wall with his knuckles, noting that the material was still weak enough to cut through, given enough strength. But in his current state, he didn't have that. His only hope of escaping before they tortured her or worse was if she'd miraculously changed forms.
4/28/2012 #709
"Knowledge is power, and are you not curious of who I am, or how I to can understand your friends cawing" the figure said before taking a step forward "Hmmm? I know you have no reason to trust me, but it seems like you're making an effort of doing so".========="As a Phantom I am a soul myself which still claims to be alive. And most if not all my jobs concern souls. Like protecting them against necromancy" Nek smiled at Abram's sudden astonishment.
4/28/2012 #710

"Ever been curious vampires? Of how they live so long? Well a soul, like yours, is bless with longevity. You soul with your body can live pass 700 hundred years. Vampires, whether they actually know this or not, can access your soul through your fourth door" Nek mentioned the blood "They begin to devour the soul through the fourh door, and thus gain immortality "Have you ever heard of medusa, the gorgon?. She used to turn souls ston".

4/28/2012 #711
O. Gallan Rager

Cimera glowered at the soldier as he tapped the walls and made extra precautions. He seemed sure of himself, making sure nothing was out of place and stationed several heavy armored soldiers outside her door. He left the room afterward, and she sat in silence.


"Fascinating," Abram exclaimed. "You're a very pretty phantom and a smart one too." He took a bite of grilled salmon and listened more, intrigued by her knowledge of souls.


"No. I just want to be left alone," Gabriella said, turning to leave. She then stopped, realizing it was pointless to move away. He would follow her. Taking off her cap, she peered up at him. "Who are you?"

4/28/2012 #712
Mercy at Dawn

Kylar noted the heavy amount of guards surrounding one particular cell, and headed that way. Besides, it was HIS job wasn't it? He chuckled mentally at his predicament, realizing that there was no way for him to bust her out now without some sort of break in the structure. He'd gained a set of blueprints for the building once from one of his contractors, but the image was long forgotten. He struggled to find that memory as he approached the guards.

4/28/2012 #713
Mercy at Dawn

(Looks like Kylar and Cimera are in quite the jam, doesn't it? Now I guess is where something randomly miraculous happens or else one or both of them get in even more trouble.)

4/28/2012 #714
O. Gallan Rager

The guards stood ramrod straight, blocking the door with high-tech cannons and rifles in their arms. They stared at Kylar as he approached. They remained firm and unyielding and unperturbed like a solid brick wall. Behind them, the door itself crackled and hummed with a series of laser and electric barriers. Inlaid into the doorway was a keypad and a scanner.

4/28/2012 #715
Mercy at Dawn

Kylar was suddenly aware that he did not take the guards weapon. Oh right, special talents in stopping the Night Angel. He remembered. He said nothing, taking place beside a random guard. So, what now. . .? Is is too much to ask for a random distraction? He was freaking out mentally, somehow keeping his outward appearance normal.

4/28/2012 #716
O. Gallan Rager

The random guard glanced at Kylar and kept his guard up as did the others who stood in front of the door. They didn't bother to move at all, even as a servant girl approached, barring a tray of food.

4/28/2012 #717

"She could access your first door to do so" Nek explained "Thats why its said that it only works when you look at her".==========="Dak, Dak Geostix. Hmmm, what has the world come to" Dak said before his wings disappeared "You must have been through some crap". The 14 year old turned the female.

4/28/2012 #718
Mercy at Dawn

If I had all my weapons on me and my everything else, I'm sure I could have used this as a distraction. Kylar resisted the urge to facepalm, glad that none of the guards could hear his thoughts.

4/28/2012 #719
O. Gallan Rager

"I see." Abram nodded. "So why have you chosen me to get to know?"


"You don't even know that half of it," Gabriella said.


The exchange was very swift. The servant passed the plate of food to one of the guards. Consequently, he blocked anyone from seeing him punch in the pass code to the door and shoved the tray inside. Then he locked the door and returned to his position.

4/28/2012 #720
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