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Raven's Spark

Messing around...

8/20/2012 #31
The Grim Reader

Ummm......the usual? O.o

8/20/2012 #32
Raven's Spark

I commented! Go go go!

8/20/2012 #33
The Grim Reader

XD O.o I don't get what you mean But thanks!

8/20/2012 #34
Raven's Spark

Trivia! It looks like the Spyro OC Training Forum is getting ready to close up! Midnight has decided it's close enough to dead to finish up and destroy Black and everythign! Fun, right? No! It also means people are trying to apologize to him, but he shoves them off!

8/20/2012 #35
The Grim Reader

Woah....are you serious? o.o

8/20/2012 #36
Raven's Spark

Last I saw, yes!

The chat works!

And it seems Kora/Val is going to be grounded and off the computer... refusing to go to school. One of her conditions or whatever... I dunno.

8/20/2012 #37
The Grim Reader

LOL that happened awhile ago but don't go in

8/20/2012 . Edited 8/20/2012 #38
Raven's Spark

Whatever that is.

8/20/2012 #39
The Grim Reader

*lick* Hi!

8/21/2012 #40
Raven's Spark

*presses paw of Doug* Hi There.

*presses again* My pack sent me on a special mission! Have you seen a bird? I must find one. I am a great tracker! Did I mention that?

8/21/2012 #41

(Hey hey grim I'm back, haven't been in for awhile because school just started)

Taylor Swift waved at a little boy. He didn't wave back.

So yes, she will be having a new album coming out soon.

8/22/2012 #42
The Grim Reader

Lol it's fine.

8/22/2012 #43

When I die, I want my grave to say "Respawning in 3...2...Connection interrupted."

8/22/2012 #44

I was called lazy today.

I almost responded.

8/22/2012 #45

I was in the bathroom when I saw this spider.

So I got a piece of toilet paper and very, very carefully burned my house down.

8/22/2012 #46

I used to have a talking dog.

Than the doctor put me 20mg a day.

8/22/2012 #47
Raven's Spark

The respawn one was good.

8/22/2012 #48


8/23/2012 #49

*Speed Dating*

Me: I die. What do you do?

Her: Gather the dragonballs.

Me: We're done here guys. She's the one.

8/26/2012 #50

Son: Dad, what does gay mean?

Dad: It means to be 'happy'.

Son: Are you gay dad?

Dad: No son, I have a wife.

8/26/2012 #51

A mosquito landed on my girlfriend's butt...

...easiest decision of my life.

8/26/2012 #52

Me: Ugh...I better get to bed, its picture day tomorrow *goes to sleep*

Acne: Let us return to the holy land.

8/26/2012 #53

According to astonomy when yuo wish upon a star you're actually a few million years late.

That star is dead.

Just like your dreams.

8/26/2012 #54

Middle of test with 100 students.

*Dead Quiet*

A) Your rear end: I will now sing you the song of my people


B) Your stomach: I will now demonstrate the mating call of the humpback whale

8/26/2012 #55

(*-* ) Today I feel FABULASE!!! ((\_ /\

8/30/2012 #56

Going to grandma's house:

.....( '-')

Coming back from grandma's house:

( '-' )..........

9/3/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #57
The Grim Reader

I lol at 51. I don't get your last joke.

9/7/2012 #58

you can't tell because the forum didn't upload it correctly, but I fatter when I left.

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #59
The Grim Reader

Okay, I seee.

9/9/2012 #60
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