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I'm really happy, sugar coated me! Happy, good. Anger, bad. That's my philosophy! ...I can't do this man, I'm not happy...
2/10/2011 #2,101
I LOVE Who's Line! I watch the episodes every night! Love the one where Colin is in front of the green screen and it's scenes of him, and he starts off with, "It all started with a badly-timed bald joke!" XD
2/10/2011 #2,102


i just finished it though, so now i'm watching the waynes thong episode.

2/10/2011 #2,103
What are you guys talking about?
2/10/2011 #2,104
I don't recall that one. ~~ "Think, Greg, what keeps you down on earth." ~ "Why, my love for you, Drew." ~~ "What foreign language are we gonna fake?" ~ "Canadian!" ~~ "I'm sorry, was that applause? I couldn't hear it over Ryan's shoes."
2/10/2011 #2,105

here's a link then


2/10/2011 #2,106
My favorite moment has to be when Drew had the tape recorder to say "A thousand points for everybody!", and during a break Wayne recorded over it to say "My a** my a**."
2/10/2011 #2,107

My favorite time was when Ryan broke the neon lights on Drews desk with his head during a game of party quirks.

2/10/2011 #2,108
That was a crowning moment of epic awesomeness there, how he /kept acting until the scene was done/. ~~ Oh, or when Wayne spelled out H-O-R-W-A-D instead of Howard in a song :D ~~ Or when Colin had to pantomime a pregnant woman on a rollercoaster, and he mimed /pushing the baby back inside/
2/10/2011 #2,109

Or the time Wayne kidnapped Melissa from the audience and ended up flipping her skirt, or the time Colin kept saying "MEOW" at random times during the show, or the time when Colin sang "There's blood in my stole!" At the end of The Irish Drinking song

2/10/2011 #2,110

I'm so CONFUSED!!!!!! Why are you two speaking nonsense?!

2/10/2011 #2,111
I love the recurring jokes :D Like Colin's "You can make poo from food!" in scenes from a hat, shows you will never see on broadway, and then later it was the last line of his hoedown and everyone died laughing he was the only one to keep singing. ~~ Or, "Hey, Colin, you know the bird that says the name of our next band?" "The turn? The arctic turn?" "Oh, and what sound does that make... ?" "Uh... backsteetbois!" *uncontrollable laughter from Ryan* "I was thinking an owl. It says 'hoo' like, 'The Who'"
2/10/2011 #2,112

Or the big blue shoes, and of course, the millions of Colin is Bald jokes.

and the Tickler. Oh man the Tickler.

2/10/2011 #2,113
Anko and I were quoting a song and then those two started rambling about some show.
2/10/2011 #2,114
"Let me be your lightening rod of hate." Or when he wore the world's ugliest shirt. "I never thought I'd miss bald jokes." :D Colin is awesome. (They could have /just/ Colin and Ryan do the show and it'd be hilarious)
2/10/2011 #2,115

the sound thing is it would XD

but i would miss wayne, brad, and greg

....and the others, but i don't like them near as much as the five we've been mostly talking about

2/10/2011 #2,116

......okay i need some sleep

i typed "sad" as "sound"

ankos logging off now before she collapses of sleep deprivation

2/10/2011 #2,117
Nighty night, apnetic Anko. I think I'll be heading out, too. It's 9:15 and I haven't eaten anything today, so I probably should. I'll check in in a couples hours or so, though.
2/10/2011 #2,118
2/10/2011 #2,119

I'm going to go crash, too. See ya later!


2/10/2011 #2,120
Okay, see ya Yami-chan
2/10/2011 #2,121
So how's everyone
2/11/2011 #2,122

I'm doing pretty good, even though I am a bit frustrated.. -_-

2/11/2011 #2,123
Holy crap Someones on. Why's that Yami-chan?
2/11/2011 #2,124

Yes, someone is on. And I'm not Yami-chan. I'm Yami-chan's evil twin sister. ;P

Ah, I keep calling one of my friends (whom I told earlier in the day that I was going to call), and he isn't picking up the phone. -_-

2/11/2011 #2,125
Doing fine, myself. Playing RF3. ~~ @Anko: Guess who's birthday it was today?
2/11/2011 #2,126
I ran into that water dragon you were talking about. It's so hard. Stupid whirlpool.
2/11/2011 #2,127
I'm sorry, Evil Yami-chan. Must be annoying.
2/11/2011 #2,128
Oh~ Who'd you propose to? (Also, it took my best fire spell and a lot of HP pots before a won. An IronflowerMS or two is an invaluable ally here, too)
2/11/2011 #2,129

I was joking. I'm me, I swear. ^_^'

2/11/2011 #2,130
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