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Looking for a specific fic? Did you read a fic and then come back to find that it has disappeared? Well, you've come to the right place!

Welcome to the Fic Finders Agency. Where we find the fic you're looking for.....for a price. :P *shot*

Just kidding!! All we want is your soul and eternal obedience! :P *shot again* I mean.. Wha? :D

Just post as much info as you can about the fic. If we all aren't as lazy as hell (like we usually are), we'll try our very best to find it!

Guaranteed~!! ;D (maybe)

12/3/2010 #1

Just a note of caution: I have read fics that I like and the authors just randomly delete it without an apology or might also be the case. Just keep that in mind.

12/4/2010 #2
Kitty of the Scarlet Tengu

Yeah, I think that's what happened to this awesome fic I wanted to read just disappeared...I'm pretty sure I faved it. =/

12/4/2010 . Edited 12/7/2010 #3

~fic finders, fic fic finders~

12/5/2010 #4

*sits at a desk and looks around the room*

I never thought I would actually be hoping for clients... *shot*

12/5/2010 #5
Kitty of the Scarlet Tengu


12/5/2010 #6

Well here's your first client.

I'm actually looking for a fic that I read the other day. I stumbled upon it randomly, and, without any chance of favoriting it or bookmarking it, my power went out, thus, shutting down my computer. Since I couldn't remember the name or the author's title, couldn't find it, so... here goes.

It's suppose to be an Anko/Naruto pairing, which involves them being sensei and student. Last I can remember for any of the chapters is, that Naruto's somehow overpowered, has a knack for blacksmithing, and doesn't depend on the Kyuubi's power. I think the author's name started with a D or something.

1/4/2011 #7

Okay, I looked for a few minutes and thanks to the crappy network right now, I gave up. It should still be in your history unless you have it automatically delete itself at the end of the day. Maybe you could check there and see if you can find it. ^-^

1/4/2011 #8
Colorful Mephistopheles

Well the Fic that I'm looking for is an NaruHina Fic that I read a while ago. It starts off with Naruto being young I think and he picks up a porn book and shows it to Hinata. They are both known as perverts through out the story. I think that there's a part in it where Naruto and Hinata gets caught having sex wen someone dispel their genjustu.

1/18/2011 #9

If you haven't found it yet, I'll try to look for it when I get back home. :O

1/22/2011 #10

Hey I am looking for a multi chaptered Naruto fic I read a couple of months ago. I don't remember that many specifics of it but lets give it a try.

It was Naruto-centric, quiet a bit of humor, the scene I really remember is where Naruto prepering for a C-class mission, that he just knoware going to go loopy, by praying to his gods - The Flying Spagetti Monster, the fox godess Inari and one more that I don't recall. His teammates wonder what he is doing.

2/15/2011 #11
Crono Drago

Well theres a couple of fics I'm looking for that I've got halfway stuck in my mind that have been anoying me though I haven't had any luck in actually finding the damn things.

The first one was a Naruto / God of war crossover. One of the key things I remember about this one was that During the Mizuki incident Naruto found some sort of metallic plate in the forbidden scroll that when he activated it summoned the Ghost of Sparda. After basically telling the god to more or less fuck off and help him save Iruka Sparda chose Naruto as his champion and gifted him with the signiture chainblades. I also remember that after sasukae saw thes being put to use in the 'true' genin exam he more or less gaped at their power and just started to cary around a Kusanga (I think thats the right thing. A sickle with a chain and weight on the end.)

The second story that is stuck in my mind is alot less defined. A Nartuo/X-men Evolution (Ithink) cross. One of the big things I'm remembering about it was a mountain being carved into a new home and seals being put on everything. Even rmeember Logan getting his motercycle treated like that to keep it clean and such. Admitedly I might be wrong and it could be a diferent series than Naruto crossed over but it just seems right from what I remmeber being done.

2/23/2011 #12

Crono Drago, I think this is the first one:

2/25/2011 #13

So this can be for any fanfic? Okay i'm looking for this Twilight fic I read years ago the only thing I remember is it's a Taylor LautnerxBooBoo Stewart slash fanfic and I can't find it anywhere.

2/25/2011 #14
Crono Drago

No thats not it unfortinetly. In that one Naruto is the actual reincarnation of Kratos. The one I'm thinking of is where he is nothing more than a champion. One who fights in the name of the God of War. Its really bugging me since it was a very good fic. Hmm now that I think about it I remember that Kratos actually talked to Kyubii and more or less forced Kyubii into training Nartuo in exchange for haveing a easier time getting out of the Underworld after Naruto died. Pending of course that the kid didn't die from lack of training or somesuch.

When he had been granted the tittle of 'Avatar of war' he was given a 'updated' version of Kratos blades which were able to actually retract into his skin in the form of chain tattoes. *scratches head* I think I remember him showing it to Hinata and causing her to panick and at another point Hermies showed up infront of him and shoved a scroll into his gut so Kyubii could teach him.

2/25/2011 #15

Ok here is another one. It begins with that Zetsu picks up a young Naruto outside of Leaf village, half in mind of useing him as emergency food. Naruto grows up to become a cannibal and is called Zetsu's Chef, The Demon Butcher among other things. His main weapon is his frying pan and he likes too eat chakra rich ninjas. This is not a dark story but rather the opposit it is more or less pure humor.

Naruto and Zetsu part ways and Naruto runs across Team 7 i Wave and thay are rather disturbed. He is hired by Orochimaru too help train a team - he is rather good at it and manage to turn them too into cannibals. He leads this team in the chuunin exams. A female Orochimaru sleeps with Jiraiya and ends up pregnant. Sasuke is beeing sane and rather sensible, Gai's team unknowingly ends dried sand nin, Itachi is totally loopy and Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Ryouga Hibiki (Ranma 1/2) among other are present for the chuunin exams.

3/2/2011 #16
Crono Drago

bleh I've got another fic stuck in my head that maybe someone out there might have heard of recently.

I remember that this one was a Naruto timetravel story with a fairly diferent component too it. Instead of it being Naruto or anyone else from Team 7 being sent backwards in time this fic had Ino being the one who went backwards. I also liked how it went about happening. A version of the Mind Transfer Jutsu used on Sasuke while he was fighting Naruto causing his gaint body of Chakra armor to slightly shift long enough for Naruto to land a killing blow. Only for NAruto to end up being captured by Akatsuko after the fight ended. Anyway Ino's soul got sucked into some sort of time warp in space caused by the third of the Mangekyo Sharingan because the piece of Chakra that Itachi had given Naruto had both kept the portal open and I think directed it long enough for Ino's soul to enter into the mind of her pre-Accademy self.

Anyway from there I remember Ino doing round about methods for teaching pre-accademy Naruto the skills that he only truely started to learn long after the accedemy (Tree Climbing, Water Walking, Corrected Taijutsu forms.) Hell I even remember this author managing to use this method to make pre-accademy Naruto able too do the standared bunshin. Of course During this new timeline Ino was considered more of a Tomeboy and kept her actuall knowledge a secret for the most part. (One example of a change was that she dared Sasuke to stay at atraining ground all night the night of the Uchia masacre which got Inoichi to grill her for WHY she would do that but he backed off when he heard what she said not knowing about the deaths.)

Anyway Mizuki still managed to get Naruto to steal the forbidden scroll but this time instead of useing the 'I'll pass you if you do this' Method what he did was 'I'll let you pick your teammates if you do this." And as a result Naruto had a even easier time stealing it because he new the tree walking exercise. Of course when the sandaim learned that it was Ino who had basically taught it to him (along with revealing that she had been helping several other students in class) she was declared a prodigy and such. I know she was put on the same team as Naruto under I beleave it was Kurena.

Yea I only recently read it so alot of it is in my head floating around I just can't rmeember the name of the blasted fic.

3/17/2011 #17
Life Is Short

Hey guys. I've been going around quite a few forums, asking for help on finding a old fanfiction. I have been looking for this particular one for a few years now, so you can imagine my frustration.

This is all the details I have. If you can help me, I will thank you to the bottom of my heart. There's not much more I can do (sorry about that).

Naruto/ Hinata is the main pairing, but the interesting bit lies in the fact that Naruto continues to relive a traumatic experience he had while he was traveling in a foreign country (naruto is a bit older than he is after the timeskip- maybe 18 or 19?)

Naruto was involved with a inn keeper who he frequented during his missions, and went by the name Yuki (japanese for snow). However, on one of his return trips there, he finds her throat slit by a group of mercenaries, who killed her as vengeance against Naruto, who destroyed their group's main encampment and killed the leader. This haunts him continuously in his life, even as he starts to settle down with Hinata in Konaha, even causing him to collapse on the eve of their marriage.

Anyway, it was a brilliant story, full of introspective glimpses on what relationships are like in a world of ninja, where those who you care about are easily held hostage by danger and your own enemies, and the helplessness of the difference t characters to protect their loved ones from such fates.

Again, it would give me great happiness if anyone could help me find this fic, and I truly think that if it is lost forever, it is a loss for all Naruto fanfic readers. There's something in it for everyone.

3/19/2011 #18

It sounds like a awesome story...I wouldn't mind reading it myself.

3/22/2011 #19
Rageful Jewel

Okay I read a fic a few weeks ago and forgot to save it. Now I am trying to find it again. (Looking through my browser's history won't help because I accidentally deleted the history.) Here's what I remember:

- The story was mostly likely complete and a one-shot.

- The story was hosted on

- The characters that were in the story are as follows: Jiraiya, Sandaime Hokage, Kakashi, Naruto, orphange caretaker, Iruka

- The story told the events that happened in 2 different realities, one was canon, the other reality was dark.

- The two realities come about from a choice that Jiraiya has to make. The opening paragraph of the story states how Jiraiya thought that he had years to decide what to do about the prophecy he was given in canon (the prophecy that states that one of Jiraiya's students will either save or destroy the world), but in actuality, the important choice Jiraiya has to make has already been made.

Canon-like Timeline:

- Jiraiya goes to a toy store and sees an animal plushie. He decides to buy the plushie to give to Naruto.

- The plushie is sent to the Sandaime Hokage, who call Kakashi into his office. The Hokage asks Kakashi to take the plushie to Naruto.

- Kakashi drops off the toy, seeing how bad Naruto living conditions are compared to the other children in the orphanage, he sets out to improve it. Kakashi goes to his home to retrieve a dog bed that he used for his dog pack. After cleaning the dog bed, he goes back to the orphanage and lays Naruto on the dog bed, gives Naruto the plushie and then leaves.

- The orphanage caretaker checks on Naruto and see that he has a brand new toy and takes it away, claiming that a demon doesn't deserve new things. However, the caretaker let Naruto keep the dog bed because they found amusement in see Naruto as a pet.

- Eventually, this timeline follows what is shown in canon.

Dark Reality Timeline:

- Jiraiya does not buy Naruto the plushie, which means that any events stemming from this fact never occurred. This leads to a Naruto that has lost all hope in humanity.

- By the time Naruto entered the Academy, at 7 years old, he is dead inside. Iruka tries to reach out to him but it fails.

- In the end, Naruto has destroyed Konoha and Jiraiya is left wondering how things ended up this way.

If any of this sounds familiar, please tell me the title and author.

Edit: I found the fic. After days of searching, it turns out that I was looking for Critical Decision by Lucillia.

4/7/2011 . Edited 4/11/2011 #20

Never mind, found it: Up Against You by merraz2590

4/12/2011 . Edited 5/4/2011 #21
Crono Drago

I was wondering if anyone out there has knowledge about a specific type of fic that is possibly out there somewhere. In specific it was a situation that took place dureing the Land of Waves arc. If I remember correctly due to some circumstance upon the Great Bridge, not sure if it was the same event as in cannon about how Naruto drew upon the Kyubii's power, but He was planning to reveal it to his teammates.

While it was most likly Kakashi there is the possibility that someone else was the one that stopped Naruto from telling about it immedietly. After a discussion it ultimitly resulted in the ultimatum 'Because this is a S rank law you must be sure that you want to be aninja. If you do not want too not only will you not hear this secret but when we return you will resign as a Shinobi' Or something like that.

Again if my memory is correct it resulted in Sakura dropping from the program due to her fangirl perspective more or less being destroyed and I think that it was Haku who ended up takeing her place though I could be wrong about that.

I can remember reading a fic where this scenario happened but I can't rally remember anything else about the fic and so I was hopeing someone out there might have a idea about either the posibility of what the fic was or one that included one part or another of the situation.

5/4/2011 #22
The Silver Dragon Master

I'm looking for a Kakashi/Iruka story I read a long time ago. I remember bits and pieces of it, so there's a possibility that I could have mixed up two stories. What I remember is that Iruka is posing as a woman in a pleasure house in Konoha where Kakashi comes every time he has had a hard mission. This time Iruka is tending him as a woman that is not suppose to sleep with Kakashi just help him unwind from the mission. The reason Iruka is there is because Tsunade and maybe council wants to extend the Hatake line/bloodline. Iruka gets pregnant as a girl but I think most of the pregnancy is while male and Kakashi finds out. This is the part I'm not too sure about.: He's not happy about the pregnancy and doesn't at first believe the child is his I think. When he does believe he takes Iruka to the Hatake Compound that has some impressive wards and Iruka can after a time "talk" to the wards. He is guarded by two ANBU and they rotate, some of the ANBU are Naruto & Sasuke. They also visit during the day. There was some trouble between Iruka and Kakashi that had the wards acting against Kakashi. Also Kakashi is sent on a mission after settling Iruka into the Compound and he has trouble admitting that he likes/loves Iruka and as he tries to tell how he feels things get complicated for him.

Can someone help me find the name of this story or stories and where I can get it/them? Thanks

5/8/2011 #23

Searching for a Naruto/Neji crossdressing AU story

I think the title is "That Damn Promotion" but when i search for it does not come up. So I guess thats wrong. I know in the story Naruto crossdresses. Neji's uncle tells him that he has to get married to get the promotion he wants. Sasuke is Naruto's ex. and I can't remember anything much else.

6/2/2011 #24

Is this it? It probably isn't, but it might be. :o

6/2/2011 #25

No thats not it thanks for trying.

6/2/2011 #26

I was talking to a friend the other day about Naruto fanfics and I mentioned one to her that she became interested in, but I can't remember what it was called . I do remember some details though, so if you recognise them or know what story I'm talking about, it would be great if you could give me the name and/or link. Thanks, here's the details: It's a Narutoxoc. Pretty sure it's modern day high school, but set in Konoha. A girl moves in to the apartment below or above Naruto because I remember there is a hole in the floor and they can hear each other. Sasuke kind of stalks her. Sasuke poisons her at one bit but Naruto rescues her and fights with Sasuke whilst she is taken to hospital. Sasuke is arrested. An old boyfriend of the girl turns up and he isn't happy she doesn't want him back/ doesn't like Naruto so works with Sasuke to get back at Naruto (the poison idea). I THINK Hinata is jealous of the girl and wants her out the way too and gives Sasuke her apartment key. At the end Naruto confesses his love for the girl and I remember him shouting something like 'I wanted you in my arms!'

6/19/2011 #27
The Silver Dragon Master

I'm looking for several Naruto stories that I read summaries of in another story, but when I tried to find them with the titles on the search engine some had nothing and some had to many.

Can anyone help me find links to them?

1.A Mew Naruto: Pokemon X-over. An 8 year old Naruto runs away from the village and runs into a group of children his age and discovers his heritage and a new family. 4 years later he and his friends meet the Konoha 12, will the Jounins be able to convince Naruto to return or will Konoha loose a valuable Shinobi? NaruHina

2.Masks Broken Truths Shown:Kiba and Naruto run into each Other and both have a tape. When Kiba accidentally sends Naruto's tape thinking it was his for a Contest Naruto's tape is shown through the entire Village, scared Naruto hides in a forest away from questions that the Konoha 12 and their Senseis want answers to.

3.Singing Speaks Louder than Words:After Team 7 finally pushes it to far Naruto goes to his secret hangout and sings his heart out. One problem though, everyone he knows are there as well.

4.Family:Naruto receives a letter that his sisters are coming to Konoha to visit him and he freaks out. Tsunade and Jiraiya also become worried about how his older sister will react if she found out about her brother being abused.

5.Naruto the Uncle:Naruto is adopted by Anko and a year before he becomes a Genin Iruka gets Anko pregnant and Naruto helps them take of the baby. And the news spreads out all over Konoha and the female population wants to see if it's true! Funny Cuteness all around!

any help is greatfully accepted thanks.

6/19/2011 #28

Maybe they haven't been posted yet or the author never got round to writing them?

I had a look, but nothing came up, maybe contact the author who wrote them?

6/19/2011 #29
The Silver Dragon Master

There was no author listed with them they are part of a list on chapters 11 and 12 in the story The True Meaning of Care by Kafaru there hasn't been an uptate on their stories since 2009.

6/19/2011 #30
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