thirty years before
As you can guess, this RP forum takes place before the ratchet and clank games. So yes, you can have a lombax character without worrying about any confusion.
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Wandering outlaw

One of the coins somehow managed to sever the main fuel line along with other vital ship parts.

3/3/2010 #91

Ryzer jumped from his ship and looked around the area. He heard some nearby combat and rushed the treeline with branches brushing him. He blended in with the trees and observed the group: 3 Lombaxes, 3 Valkarians and a downed Agorian ship. Very Interesting...

He dropped from teh trees as his suit's camo-tech faded and he revealed his position to the group. They turned and simply stared at him. Axel was the first to speak.

"When did you get here?!?!"

3/3/2010 #92
Wandering outlaw


3/4/2010 #93

(Oh lord. So many mistakes made. Most noticeable is you controlling Axel.)

"What's going on?!" The commander asked in fear as the ship powered down and began to descend.

Zack just started laughing. "Nice job throwing those coins."

3/4/2010 #94
Sakai The Demon

" Well that was......unorthodox....." Gotara laughed as he witnessed the coins.

"Anyway, what's next?" Gotara asked his fellow team mates.

3/6/2010 #95
Wandering outlaw

"Well, we just saved the planet. Lets go get pizza." Axel said.

3/6/2010 #96
Sakai The Demon

"I'll buy the pizza! All on me!" Gotara requested as he would like to pay for the Pizza.

3/6/2010 #97
Wandering outlaw

"Oh no. You're gonna buy pineapple. I HATE pineapple." Axel protested.

3/6/2010 #98

"I'm with Axel. Fruit and pizza don't mix." Zack said.

3/8/2010 #99
Sakai The Demon

"Alright! I wont get a pineapple! Sheesh." Gotara face palmed himself from Axel's m*** of Pineapples and Pizza.

"We'll just get the pizza, hows that?" Gotara asked Axel, having changed his mind.

3/8/2010 #100

(So what's wrong with my RP char?)

3/8/2010 #101

(Just wait for outlaws approval. That way there ain't no tussles going on.)

"I say we get tacos." Zack suggested.

3/8/2010 #102


3/9/2010 #103
Wandering outlaw

"That sounds fine." axel argeed.

3/9/2010 #104

"Then we'll need to go to Foodcortia, the fast food planet." Zack said.

3/9/2010 #105
Sakai The Demon

"Sweet!" Gotara yelled in excitement as he ran to his personal ship, followed by the three big Valkyries. "Aaaaaall aboard!" Gotara roared with excitement as he starts the engine up.

3/9/2010 #106
Wandering outlaw

Gotara's ship was crushed by the combined weight of the three valkyries.

"Uh...I'm say we find a bigger ship." axel said to zack.

3/9/2010 #107
Sakai The Demon

"No problem! Watch this!"

Gotara clicked his finger and rapidly typed on the keyboard to increase Gotara's Ship capasity.

The Ship start to grew from a fighter ship, into a Star crusier. "Heh, kind of installed new hardware to the maintanence system on the ship" Gotara soon started to get the ship into the air.

3/9/2010 #108

"That's some clever tinkering you did there." Zack said as the ship began to lift off.

3/9/2010 #109
Wandering outlaw

Axel sighed."If you crash us into a moon like the last time you installed new hardware. I will rip out your skull, and beat you to death with it."

3/9/2010 #110

Zack tried to make sense out of what Axel said. Crashing and possibly dying on a moon then Axel ripping Gotara's skull out and beating him to death with it when he will most likely be deadwhen his skull was ripped out.

3/13/2010 #111
Sakai The Demon

"Excuse me! That was not my fault! You had waaaaay to much Mimbari vodka that time, so it was very hard for me the control the ship!" Gotara yelled at Gotara with his visor glowing red.

3/13/2010 #112
Wandering outlaw

"You're the one who had too much Cazar wine! If it wasn't for the cargo ship picking us up, we would've been dead!" axel returned

3/13/2010 #113
Sakai The Demon

"Me!?! You should talk, mister 'He who can't hold his licur!'" Gotara came back.

3/14/2010 #114
Wandering outlaw

Axel tackled gotara and started fighting him in a childish manner.

(ever seen one of those fights where everybody is in a dust cloud? imagine this in that way.)

3/15/2010 #115
Sakai The Demon

(LOL I know. xD)

"Why you little!!" Gotara begins to strangle Axel by the throat, homer simpson style.

3/16/2010 #116
Wandering outlaw

In a blur of motion, axel had gotara in a half nelson.

3/16/2010 #117
Sakai The Demon

Gotara donks him on the heck with Axels own weapon and strangles him like homer Simpson again.

3/18/2010 #118
Wandering outlaw

"Give in!" Axel yelled, then smacked gotara with a bucket and put him in a headlock.

3/18/2010 #119

Zack quickly took control of the ship just before they were about to crash into another one. "Someone stop those two!" He yelled.

One of the Valkyries yanked Gotara and Axel apart. "You two stop it, right now!"

3/19/2010 #120
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