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Well some people probably think both couples are a little "out there" but personally I think these would be the only workable options. Plus I actually think Kaiya would be a really good coupling. (Kairi x Yaya or Tadase x Yaya for those uncomprehending.) So I will be fighting for Kaiya! XD Challenge me Tadaya fans. XDXDXD

2/28/2010 #1

Woah, you beat me to this! That was fast!

I'm on your side! Kaiya/Yairi forever!

I think Tadaya is just a crack pairing. Yaya hasn't really shown any indicators that she likes Tadase more than a friend. I mean, neither has she for Kairi, but there are cute little moments between the two of them. Most them arguing... Everytime I see her cry over him betraying them, I just go, "Poor Yaya!" x0 And they cut out the part where she hugged him in the anime! That made me sad. ;_;

Okay, I think I'm rambling now... xD Still. Yairi is best and probably the only Yaya or Kairi pairing that stands a chance at becoming canon. (I mean, look at Kutau. We didn't think it they'd end up together, and they got an entire chapter dedicated to them! With all the good stuff! So at this point, I think Yairi has a fifty percent chance of happening, and Tadaya zero. Who knows?)

All we have to do is get Kairi over Amu. And fast! If they only end up friends in the manga, I wouldn't mind. Considering they are both considered side characters an all...

Wow, I really am rambling! xD

3/3/2010 #2

BTW: I'm so happy because I actually found Yairi vids on YT! FINALLY!

3/7/2010 #3

I know! I thought it would all be Kukaya but I saw some really good Yairi ones and I'm happy!!! XD

3/12/2010 #4

Let me know if you find really really good ones! I need to watch Yairi vids!

BTW, I have a whole bunch of Yairi fanfics planned out! It should be showing on my profile, but if not, I'll post the names and stuff later.

3/13/2010 #5

Coolz! Fanfiction needs more Yairi-ness. XD

4/11/2010 #6

Judging from where the manga is going, I think we're in for some Yairi. And I'm not just saying this. If you really look closely, there's a good 50 plus percent chance PP is going to do Yairi (Or a close friendship like Rima and Nagi... for now...) I've got nothing against Tadaya, but there's just nothing that says to me that Tadaya, at this point, is anything but a crack couple.

4/13/2010 #7

I think it's going to be a Kairi chapter too. Hopefully Kairi x Yaya, I know it won't be Tadase x Yaya. They have had absolutely no build up in the whole manga for the couple. Honestly that would be way out of the blue. Kairi x Yaya does have some though, so I can only hope they will satisfy the fans and put a chapter for them, friendship or not it still should happen. Hopefully it will. ^^

4/13/2010 #8

I think this couple helped me get over my 'I-HATE-EMILXMARTA' complex. xD When I just changed Emil and Marta to Kairi and Yaya, everything was so much cuter and better, and I finally accepted Emarta after long last.

This pairing also reminds me so much of SyaoSaku and Hannie!~ (Haha, currently obsessed with Atelier Annie today.)

And I have a community for this pairing! It's called Ace Loves Samurai! Please check it out. (I put every Yairi story there... xP)

4/24/2010 . Edited 4/25/2010 #9

Just wanted to pop in here to let you guys know that the third installment of Encore contains Yaya and Kairi (as well as Hikaru). And it's very similar to the Rimahiko installment, with Yaya and Kairi building a friendship, but with some moments having the hint of pre-romance. It's very cute! : 3

By the way, I also like Kaiya. ^^ I've written fics for these two for a *long* time now (before anyone was really even thinking about them being together), so this third installment made me really happy and giddy! XD For me, they just have the perfect personalities for each other; with Yaya getting Kairi to relax a bit and have fun, and Kairi getting Yaya to be a bit more mature. I was pleased to see that they bring these sides out of each other in the third installment of Encore. Oh, and Yaya's devotion to her friends, her loyalty to them, I think that aspect of her personality will appeal greatly to Kairi.

As for Tadase/Yaya...I swear this couple just popped out of nowhere. It also just seems like a couple that came from the mentality of "Oh, well, Amu has Ikuto and Rima has Nagi, so Yaya can have Tadase." There personalities don't really match all that well, and (personally speaking) I think they would be a rather boring couple. They are better as just friends, I think. : )

4/30/2010 #10

Tadaya is an ok couple, but I think you're right. They'd get boring after a while.

Personally, Kaiya reminds me a lot of SyaoSaku. And HansxAnnie from Atelier Annie...

Ok, so it reminds me of a lot of couples... But I still think it's really cute. I was really happy about the new chapter, because now we're getting somewhere with their relationship. Friendship is better than nothing. x)

I love all your Kaiya stories! They're so creative! Especially the one where you talk about Yaya first being into princely characters. That was my favorite.

5/5/2010 #11

i'm a kaiya fan!!! i don't really think tadaya would click... :( it just wouldn't.... tsk tsk...

5/25/2010 #12
I was always under the impression that Tadase would never end up with Yaya. To me, it kinda came out of nowhere. But I don't mind it. But it annoys me how people are so shocked by Kaiya. Was no one paying attention during chs 46-48? *rages* Heh, sorry I get a little too carried away...
6/6/2010 #13

hahaha... but your right tadase wouldn't... people shocked by kaiya is low in imagination....any characters could be paired up right...

6/8/2010 #14

...This can be labeled as forum fail...

But anyway, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! People who think otherwise are very not creative. (i.e I could pair Tadase with Saaya, and people would be all "What the-?" It is quite annoying to say the least.)

11/10/2010 #15
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