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Instead of a typical Amuto vs Tadamu debate (where all us Amuto fans overwhelm the opposition, xp) I figured we should instead make a debate about which pairings we like with Amu in it. ('Sides, there's already an Amuto vs Tadamu debate forum up and... I didn't want to copy them.)

Amuto is my OTP. (Obviously...)

Second would be Kamuri. But I still prefer Kairi with Yaya.

Kukamu and Amuhiko tied for third. I don't mind these pairings, but they just seem like friendly relationships, if you ask me.

Tadamu is dead last. I never liked these two together. I just... don't like them. I'm not a huge Tadase fan, neither. It's not that I hate him, but he's always bothered me a little bit.


5/6/2010 #1
hi raikage girl! you know i like tadase so much but i don't really mind your comment because ialso like ikuto :)) he is hot... but i'm sorry i like a bishonen more than a shonen... hehehe... so her is mine: 1... tadamu... i don't know why but i think they look good together... and because tadase is a BISHONEN!!! 2... amuto... you know before i read the manga of shugo chara i was a amuto fan but when i saw tadase i fell for him... hehehe... 3...kukamu... i don't know i just really like kuukai :) I JUST REALLY LOVE HIM... but i like utau and yaya for him more... 4... amuhiko... for me they just look like bestfriends... i think nagihiko is just amu's guide... :) 5... kamuri... i don't like a younger boy then older girl relationship... but i don't really mind it... it's not my desicion... sorry if it's soooo long... i was just excited... ;) hehehe...
5/25/2010 . Edited 5/25/2010 #2

Okay... So I was looking for SC forums and saw this so it's kindof old now so I dont think anyone will actually see this but I just wanted to actually post something Xp

So this is my list...




4. I hate both Amuto AND Tadamu

Reasoning: Im taking all this from MY point of view. So in the off chance that anyone reads this and feels offended, Im sorry... Soo, time to start. Imagine youre a real girl in the real world and you had to choose one of the shugo chara guys... Kairi is most definitely the best choice. Who doesnt love a smart responsible sweet shy guy? Well a lot of people... but I love him so whatever.

I dont like ikuto because hes a perverted p***. He is also an emo, not to mention he gives off that whole 'player' vibe. I get that he's depressed and trapped and all that stuff but he doesn't treat anybody seriously, not normally anyway. He hurts the people who care about him instead of letting them in when they WANT to help him. Some people might call this consideration but I call it pride and emo-ness.

Tadase is in my opinion... I cant find a good word. But I find world domination lame and it shows the sign of a power-hungry psycho. Also, shugo charas are their "true selves" right? well then what is the reason that Tadase's normal behaviour is so different from his chara change behaviour? The best answer I can think of is that he is a hypocrite.

Kukai is a jock. So even ignoring the fact that a stereotype with jocks is as stupid jerks, he is childish,playful, reckless and impulsive. He might make the nice type of guy to be a playmate, but I dont think I want that kind of guy as a boyfriend. What if he cant take this problem seriously? what if i cant trust him with this or that? Too much Im not certain of...

Last guy I havent talked about is Nagi. I have nothing against him really. But I prefer him with Rima anyways. But if that is put aside, Nagi vs Kairi... hmmm... Nagi is gentle,kind and all that stuff but so is Kairi. both of them are athletic too. If I compare the two, I think kairi is a lot cuter because hes shy and hes still young. Nagi is outgoing,popular, good at basketball and is into music... I cant help but imagine Zac Efron and how much I hate him...

So all in all Kamuri/Kaimu/Amuri... Whatever!! Kairi!!!! I know so many people dont think this way and that it may just be me but I dont care really. Kamuri is like the least popukar Amu couple for some reason... It depresses me... :( So this post is really longwinded but it serves its purpose. This is my stand: KAMURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/12/2010 #3

Lol, it's because I fail with replies. And forums. And life in general. TT.TT

I like Kairi. He is sweet and I can relate to him because I'm actually -lepgasp- somewhat shy and serious. (part of that comes from being autistic, the other as a martial artist.)

Ikuto is NOT, and I repeat NOT a p***. I have a friend who dated a senior when we were in seventh grade. She recently dated a freshman. (We are sophomores, and one of my friends made a HUGE deal about that.) As long as he doesn't r*** Amu, then there is nothing wrong with Ikuto having feelings for Amu. Besides, Amuto is just a lot of cuddling and teasing... And yes, Ikuto may be prideful and emo, but I like that about him. They're called FLAWS. If he tried to let people help him or explain himself that'd be stupid and unlikeable. Flaws make a character so much better. ;D (...And he reminds me of Angel. -Shot for incompetence-)

..Um, I'm not really a Tadase fan so I can't really give a proper answer to that, but I don't think Tadase wants to be a power-hungry pyscho. Kiseki just acts like one for the lulz. Really, he comes from the part of Tadase that wants to be strong for someone. To "be the world" for them.

Kukai is actually quite sensitive. Who was the first one to figure out what Amu was feeling when she wanted to stop being the Joker? You aren't underestimating the former Jack's chair, are you? ;D

...Durr. Yeah, Nagi is really meant for Rima. (They are the Fiona/Mike of SC! lol, I can imagine them in the Burn Notice opening now.) I don't know who I like better. :P

Pfft, don't care what other people think. Think what you want because you're you, and anyone who tells you otherwise needs to get a grip. :P I'm glad I got your input. ;)

11/10/2010 #4

My favorite is Kukamu.

Thats because when amu was sad about nadeshiko leaving and kukai graduating, Kukai was the one who cheered her up.

I think nagi is really cute with rima and that Kairi would most likely end up with Yaya.

I dont really like tadamu or Amuto.

Ikuto's too much of a pervert and Tadase is sorta girly.

I'd rather be with a cute, fun, and helpful guy. :)

8/29/2011 #5

I am not going to argue but, How is Tadase 'girly'? Are you intending that he is h***-sexual?

If so then you are wrong. Why would he want the love of Amu if he was Gay? There Is no point in writing forum's like these as there is a small chance that the owners of Shugo Chara, are going to ask your opinion on who the couples should be. I am only here to state my views on silly, childish things like these.

Oh and 'nagi' has a capital N.' Nagi'.

10/24/2011 #6

Firstly, you need to capitalize your 'I's. Secound, tadase, ikuto, kukai, amu, rima, nagi/ nadeshiko/ nagihiko, yaya ,utau, kairi. What are they all missing ? Capital letters !

Tadase, Ikuto, Kukai, Amu, Rima, Nagi/Nadeshiko/ Nagihiko, Yaya, Utau, Kairi.

And last, Tadase is not h***-sexual. He is just a kind, loving, person. Okay? I hope I have made that clear for you.

10/24/2011 #7
Ok mine goes as follows: 1. Amuto- Now don't get me wrong I'm not one of those Tadase bashers. I just think that Tadase was a crush and you can see if you have read the manga, that Amu eventually realizes and moves on from him realizing he is a crush. 2. Its tied between Kukamu and Kaiamu for this one. I supported Kairi the minute I found out he liked her. He has to be the most grounded and mature out of all people for Amu. Plus his sense of honor is unmatched. Also props for him being the first to confess. For Kukamu it's just one of those side pairings I dabble in from time to time. It is one of those pairings that would work if certain people had never intervened. Kukai would always be there for Amu, he is funny yet serious when need be and that is just who Amu needs. Plus Kukai liked Amu for who she was from the very start. However I still like and support Kutau and Kaiya. 3. Tadamu/Nagamu- When I was watching this for the first time I found myself rooting for Tadase because even an Amuto fan has to admit that they had some seriously adorable moments together. That being said i prefer Amuto for reasons above. For Nagamu I like it slightly better then Tadamu because Nagihiko had the whole best friend thing going for him and I loved the little Nagamu moments. Nagihiko would be a caring nice friend and I just couldnt see much past that. Mainly because I am a huge RIMAHIKO fan seeing as it would work much better. But yeah that is my stance I am so glad that someone actually thought of the other guys and not the cannon couples. For the cannon it was Amuto vs Tadamu Amuto was cannon for the manga and Tadamu was cannon for the anime so to all you bashers who use that as an excuse IT'S NOT VALID! Okay I was just sick of seeing that on other forums ad had to clear that up.
12/29/2011 #8

I support many amu pairings including crossovers, so i'll only list my top 3 fave non/crossover amu pairs

1. amu/nagihiko- i started shipping them after episode 9(i didn't started watching this series until a couple months ago, and i saw the wiki page for nadeshiko before watching the series, so i knew about the nadeshiko's secret. when amu said that she would fall in love with nadeshiko(nagihiko) if she was guy, and being aware of nadeshiko (nagihiko)'s true gender, i couldn't help but ship them. episode 25 fueled my love for them even more. )

2.amu/ikuto- yes this pairing has it's cute moments(but the ice crean licking scene and ear biting scene weren't cute at all, they were gross(yes i do get grossed out easily)), but i am uncomfortable with their age differences(i feel guilty for shipping them).

3.kairi/amu- i don't know why i like this couple but i do

no i don't hate kukai/amu or tadase/amu but i am just neutral about them

6/28/2012 #9

1. I have to say mine would be Amuto not to be cliche. I never really found Ikuto; "Smexy" I just liked the inner desire he had to truly love Amu. I thought it was sweet that Ikuto fell in love first too. The age never really bothered me anyway. Also Ikuto did confess which does support the pair.

2. Of course I've been very flimsy with my pairings so I've already gone through the motions with Amu being with all the boys. My second choice would have to be Amuhiko. I like how Nagi is in fact a boy but has a more gentle girlish side to him. Amu can like him without being Bi but can be understood as a girl.

3. Would be Kairi and Amu. Now of course Amu is the older one. Kairi is cute and strides to become a man for Amu. There is nothing wrong with this pair but I have problems when the boy is younger than the girl. Of course not ignoring Kairi's feelings Amu did like him to some point then he confessed. This makes the pair more real then Amuhiko true, but it still stands in my second.

4. Would be Kukai and Amu. Nothing against Kukai I just had to put him here. Kukai is sweet and play full, supportive and understands Amu. She doesn't see him much though and that would put a dent in their relationship just like Kairi and Amu. Really I have no more points on this pair.

5. Last is faithful Tadamu. Okay here we go. Freaking number one is Amu confessed to Tadase. He said "I already have someone I like." This hurt Amu a lot. Then later he told Amu he liked a dog better than her. Then told Amu he didn't like her. He liked Amulet Heart, therefore since Amu is second best choice he decides she's his crush. That would have crushed me into little shards of hate if someone told me that. It's selfish and mean to do that. It's like going out with someone you care about then he tells you he likes your sister better. Also Tadase is obsessed with strong characters. He does judge people on how they really are but likes the one's with a lot of confidence best. He wants to be friends with people like that because he can't be that himself. It's like a fat mom putting her little daughter in a pageant to make up for what she couldn't do. (No I'm not talking about honey boo boo)

1/4/2013 #10
Amoura Eternia

pairings that involve Amu huh okay

1) Tadamu: when i watch shugo chara i love the moments between these two and they're really cute together and Ikuto is like 5 years older then Amu so it's kinda gross

2) Amuto: okay i said that this pairing was kinda gross and it is but it's also really cute and i like it better then the other pairings with Amu

3) Amuhiko: this pairing is okay i suppose but i see them more as close friends really

4) Kaimu: this pairing is also okay but i'm kind of under the impression that what Kairi feels for Amu is strong admiration and friendship not love

5) Kukamu: this is my least favorite pairing because they seem more like brother and sister to me and nothing more

6/1/2013 #11

Hey, I just wanted to bring to light a point that most people often over-look... It's just that I think extremely logically, and for people to say that they ship a couple or have an otp because "they look cute together" just unnerves me, because aren't relationships supposed to be about feelings, not appearances?

BIG NOTE: For me, at least, shipping a couple involves the feelings, actions, and personality OF THE COUPLES INVOLVED. Not mine. I don't ship things just because I think they'd "look cute together" or because I "like this character, he/she is just SO hot!" I ship them because I consider the notion that, were they real people, these individuals would probably have the happiest and healthiest romantic relationship for [these reasons].

That being said, I ship Amuto because the characters fit together best, and from a logical standpoint, this holds true. Amu and Ikuto have a very complex, but involved relationship already. Their interactions are much deeper than with any of the other characters, and they consistently have more serious, heartfelt emotions involved. Everything I know about psychology just SCREAMS that Amu admires Tadase, but as with most young individuals, she's mistaken that for "love". I am in NO WAY saying that she doesn't know what love is, of course, but during the course of the manga and anime she certainly expands her knowledge and familiarity with the concept. In that light, anyone who knows anything in-depth about the meanings in social and personal interactions, and how individuals' emotions affect their interactions with others, will probably find it easy to understand where I'm coming from. I don't want to rant, so I'll try to shorten this, but the main issue I have with the Tadamu ship is that in a real life relationship, it would fall apart. Throughout the series, their whole friendship is mostly based on overly polite, nervous encounters, except when there is a third party involved. It's basically hero-worship, and that is by no means any kind of romantic relationship.

Now, the Amuto pairing has chemistry. Their interactions are so much more vivid and colorful and just bursting at the seams with emotions and humor. They banter, and tease, and fight, and then they make the effort to fix it and help each other. Granted, they do it in very different ways, and often there are huge misunderstandings, but they still want to fix it, to keep speaking with each other, to spend time together. They help each other grow as individuals, and to me, that says something HUGE about their potential romantic relationship. With Amu and Tadase... the potential relationship is pretty stagnate, in comparison. This is just my view on this, but I feel that the particular concepts I find common in my consideration of otps and shipping but somehow really aren't should be brought to attention. Good day! :3

5/3/2015 #12
I'm up for Amuhiko, they are just so damn cute and quite wild shipping if you ask me. If I were to vote amuXcharacter shipping it has to be like this... 1. Amuhiko — I.LOVE.THEM. they are the cutest, Wised, Hottest, Sexiest and all such thing. The moment my eyes fell on nadeshiko's true form I was like, "Oh I'm so shipping this Nagimu" which later turned out to be Amuhiko. Their screentime together is very less and not really obvious one but do I give a s***? No I don't. Even if there was just one or two scenes where their pairing thing was obvious, I still shipped them. As the result, Rimahiko become my greatest rival shipping, especially because Nagihiko belongs to amu and... Roma as well belongs to only her. 2. Kukamu – oh... Kukamu! How I adore them... They are just so cute and make a funny shipping as well. Their interaction is too fun to watch, a perfect pairing. I fell in love with this shipping the moment that "poster thing" on second-third episode happened. Since I ship Kukamu so much, I'm not much into kutau but that is out of question in this debate. Kukamu cares about amu a lot, be it brother thing or mere attraction— I don't give a damn. I'm forever going to ship them. That's the end of discussion. 3. Amuto– it is pretty obvious from the beginning that amuto was canon shipping. I have always adored them a lot. Sure they are cute and very hot pairing, plus they make very adorable shipping as well. Age-thing can go to dumb for all I care. I've never shipped pairing based on age anyway, they moe-ness and chemistry is all I look up in a pairing and Amuto just passes in all the tests of moeness and such. But they are my 3rd favorite shipping. 4. Rimu (RimaXAmu)– I have no idea why but I ship them a lot. Roma's jealousy is too obvious that could be mistaken for romantic attraction. Plus I find them cute together so yes... I ship them. 5. Kaimu– I just find them so cute. They are adorable as well, I even ship them enough to make a fanfiction about that pairing which is not my thing if the pairing didn't interests me. Kaimu is just damn adorable and needs love as well. I'm really sympathetic about this pairing who deserves bog fanbase and squeals from fans. 6. Tadamu– fairyletters don't hate this shipping. They are nice shipping. I don't mind this pairing but I don't ship them.
4/2/2016 #13
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