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We all know they are both the same person but which alter ego did you like better? For me it was Nagihiko both and its sad when the topic creator cant choose. *sits in depressed corner* I like Nadeshiko because of herr crazy chara change and she turned into this GET OUT OF MY FACE BEFORE I CUT YOU ! i also liked it when she got the pictures of Tadase to convince amu to come to the garden place. But I love Nagihiko and His relationship with Amu. He cares for her to much to reveal his secret and He has awesome purple hair and he fights with rima for amu's Affection gosh dang it why did it have to end with a amuto moment rather than a Nagi moment.

Sorry for the rambling so who do you like better? Or are you like both

4/13/2012 #1
When I first watched the series Nadeshiko was my favorite female character from the start. So when episode 25 rolled around I was crushed. But when Nagi became a main character I just couldn't stop myself from liking him (he's actually the start of my affinity for anime guys with long hair) so I like them both so I really wish they were twins!!
7/4/2012 #2

#Nods head# If they were twind i would be soo happy! Nagi is a better gitl than most girls in animes -.-! I was crushe for like one page (I read the manga) Then i got it faster then a blue hedgehog. But i ever so slightly like Nadeshiko better because of her chara change.

7/10/2012 #3
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