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I'm pretty sure we've all had our measure of head-banging experiences with Pokémon battles, whether it's writing them or playing the actual game. This is the place to discuss strategies (for both) and share your stories.

EDIT BY J.WHITNEE: I decided to move the battle references from the author helping thread to this one, since it was more fit.

--Also, we all have problems with Pokemon battles, right? If you want, post a request for someone to help you create a battle. All you have to do is state the Pokemon, their known moves, maybe some personality and their Ability, and we'll give you quite the few scenarios to get you started on writing a Pokemon battle

Battle References: You can read these and get some good ideas!! They are by me and Silver Leafx!!

"Belief at Dawn" Chapter 7: Yoshi vs. Denzi - Yoshi shows off his strategic skills with an awesome comeback!

"Belieft at Dawn" Chapter 11: Kanto's Forest Fight. This chapter is collaborated with "Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt" Chapter 3 (4, technically): Electric Wool. Kira and Sophie team up in a semi-double battle to whoop some preppy asses!

"Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt" Chapter 6 (7, technically): Dopplegangers and Rivals- Sepo the Bulbasaur pwns some Squirtles, and Sophie gets a new rival!

"Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt" Chapter 9 (10, technically): Repitition- Sophie takes on Brock in her first gym battle!

Yoshi's infamous, totally epic, heart thrashing, four-chapter-long battle against Broly. Starts on "Belief at Dawn" Chapter 13: Celadon Attraction and ends on "Belief at Dawn" Chapter 16: Evolution. It was a 3 vs 3 battle, and ended in a tie.

"Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt" Chapter 18 (19, technically): Revenge of the Cupcake- Sophie Ng takes on Gym Leader Misty (now with anger managment problems), using her oh-so-wonderful Magikarp named Cupcake. Who swallows Staryus.

"Belief at Dawn" Chapter 19: Two Mistakes and a Lie- Kira tries to save Bomber the Growlithe from an insane little girl named Loti, whose Tangela totally wipes out Kira's team.

"Belief at Dawn" Chapter 23: Going Undercover- When Riri and Kira get nosey, they disguise themselves up to spy on Yoshi and Broly. But, Lt. Surge end up battling them. The epic Electric Gym battle!

"Belief at Dawn" Chapter 30: Understanding, Undergoing, Underestimating- Kira ends up battling Tobi, but it was harder to win than Kira expected.

"Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt" Chapter 21(22, technically): An Epic, Fake Battle- Sophie pairs up with Lorell to use her fully evolved team in an epic vurtual battle!!

12/30/2009 . Edited by J.Whitnee, 12/30/2009 #1

grrr writing the battle scenes for meika is really hard, because the fight is suposed to be like reality i feel as though i have to come up with a unique way for Kari to fight and unlike in the game's it doesn't exactly have to be a turn based in the fight i'm currently coreographing between Kari's Jigglypuff and Calysta's Chikorita i have an easy time showing Calysta's superiority by the way she attacks but i'm having a difficult time trying to even give kari a fighting chance V.V

i like the way i'm doing the next fight in cyber entity though but because the players don't have to yell out the name of the pokemon attack instead they essintailly press a button it's really hard for me to figure out a way to just have Nikki know what their doing, sure i can explain to the reader that (ex) Kadabra used Pysbeam but all nikki sees is a rush of a multicolored beam without an explination, i really wish i had thougth of this problem earlier an made like an annoucment bar floating above that i realize this i don't wanna go back and retroactivally fix it because that would lead me in a downward spiral to stupid....

any ideas for either?

12/30/2009 #2

Well... For the first, maybe Kari's Jigglypuff uses some defensive techniques (like Defense Curl) repeatedly to buy time? I don't really know her moveset, so...

And the second one, I'm not sure on this one either... Seeing as it IS your creation (the immersing game) I figure you can do anything, right? I know, I'm not being very much help at the moment, and it's killing me.

12/30/2009 #3

thanks for trying, i probably will use defense curl alot now that you mention it, originally i was thinking about having calysta's chikorita do doubleteam up the ying yang and trying to get it with roll out but using defense curl woulod give jigglypuff a chance hold it's ground...

12/30/2009 #4

Battles are hard to write? I find them to be the funnest, awesomest, easiest to write part of Pokemon fandom. Although I am insane...

Anyways, I haven't read your fic, but here are some ideas for writing battles in general.

RULE NUMBAH 1!!!: (The world is square PEACE! Nah, jus' kiddin') Combos are the effin most awesum ting in teh wuld! For instance, for...yets say a Charizard, instead of just doing a borin' old Flamethrower, you can combine the Flamethrower with a Gust to create a FLAMIN' TORNADO OF DOOM!!!!!!!

RULE NUMBEH 2!!!: Use attacks for something other than its true use. For instance, using Wil-O-Wisp to make the balls of fire float around your Pokemon, so if an opponent is rushing in with a Take Down or something, BOOM, crashes into fire, most likely takes damage, epic explosions of prettiness, and HE JUS' GOT BURNED!!!

RULE NUMBAH 3!!!: Use non-offensive attacks for something (Hey wait, isn't that like Rule numbah 2?). ex: Screech and Hyper Voice Together to create a really really loud sound that will bust their eardrums.

That could be a good move for a Jigglypuff.

As for a Chicorita, maybe using Sweet Scent to allure the opponent, before attacking?

And sorry if none of this makes any sense.

1/16/2010 #5

the fight is currently being processed by my grammer beta reader, the whole point of the fight was to show that chicorita had the upper hand the whole time. poor jigglypuff it's sing didn't work because the trainer pretty much just yelled "ignore it" and chikorita did XD jigglypuff's roll out didn't manage to hit pretty much all it could do was defense curl and wait till the end of the fight when chicorita finished it off in a flash of brilliance

1/16/2010 #6

Lol in regards to Jigglypuff's Pillow, I agree, battles are the best part of writing :D

And as a side rule....DONT forget to use the battlefield in the battle XD Heck...tackles can be made suber awesome if used to knock pokemon into walls or down a hill, just think of the poor jigglypuff getting tackled of a would just keep rolling rolling rolling XD then make it dizzy/drunk for comic relief lol

1/20/2010 #7

that would be, i may have to use that later when their battling on a route instead of in the park

1/22/2010 #8
Creation of Pokerus

Hm... normally I don't give out battle stratagies, but these are some I thought up for the games and if you want to use them, go ahead.




Shadow Ball/Ice Beam/Faint Attack/any other move


Toxic/double team


Hold Item: Chesto berry

strategy: Sableye, being dark/ghost type comes at a real advantage. One it has no weaknesses. two it has a decient move set. three there is all kinds of thing you can do with one. I aply the weaken, then own technique. First use substitute, then use toxic. If the Sableye is weakened severely, use rest. other then that, just use shadow ball. now if you have double team instead of toxic, and Ice beam instead of shadow ball, use this strategy.

First use substitute, then use double team until it is maxed out. If it is hurt in the process use rest. Ice beam should be effective aggainst just about anything. If Ice beam is not your type, use Faint Attack or some other move.

2/20/2010 #9
Creation of Pokerus

If you think long and hard about the title of this thread, it sounds very wrong. But you have to have a dirty mind though.

2/21/2010 #10


I'm pretty good at them, I just do my best and use bulbapedia as a reference XD

2/21/2010 #11
Creation of Pokerus is my choice

2/21/2010 #12

i use and bulbapedia

2/21/2010 #13
Creation of Pokerus

I use too.

2/22/2010 #14

I love the video walkthroughs :)

2/23/2010 #15

cop: If you think long and hard about the title of this thread, it sounds very wrong. But you have to have a dirty mind though.

Yes, yes you have to have a dirty mind because i wasn't remotely considering that, i can see what you think is dirty but i wasn't even thinking about it

2/23/2010 #16


2/24/2010 #17

so has anyone played pokemon battle royale? i don't like it, it's like the same thing again and again and again, good idea but to repeative....

2/24/2010 #18

I've never heard of it... what is it for?

2/24/2010 #19

there's actually a free for all fight for pokemon ....or am i completely off

2/24/2010 #20
Creation of Pokerus

You mean Pokemon Rumble? Ugh! That game is stupid! Your Pokemon are wind up toys! The worst idea since Trozei!

2/24/2010 #21

It's much better if you play it with friends, just because yelling and cursing the stupidity with others is far more enjoyable.

2/24/2010 #22

to silver: ohhhh very very very true :D i was playing with Kida's little brother and mewtwo appeared and he had crushed us three times before, it was my last chance, the last pokemon and so i picked............ hold your breath and don't laugh...... snorlax. he shouted "what are you going to do? lick it to death?" the answer was "yes" I LICKED MEW TWO TO DEATH :D

2/24/2010 #23

Now THAT'S how it's done, Kida~ Lick a legendary clone to death~

2/25/2010 #24

XD LOL!!! Now, if only Mew Two was Gold and I was Snorlax.

2/25/2010 #25

not kida, i be kaylee XD i be the one that was playing XD

2/25/2010 #26


2/27/2010 #27

Me is getting HeartGold!

2/27/2010 #28

Same here~ I want a Ho-Oh!

2/27/2010 #29

I wanted to get SS at first, since Skarmory is in it. But I think I'll get HG instead, since I'm replacing Skarmory with Togekiss. X3

2/27/2010 #30
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