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Enter ralts and a lanky man wearing grey baggy sweatpants and a worn grey t-shirt. He has grey eyes and on his head is a worn cloth fashioned as a makeshift turban with tufts of grey hair sticking out. Two angels wings with grey feathers extend from his back.

"Welcome one and all to the OC Chatroom! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nigh T. Mare" The man proclaimed.

-And I'm Emil! Some of you might recoginize me from he fic 'Who says you need a Trainer to be a Champion'.- the ralts added

"Allow us to explain the purpose of this place. Here, the barrier between dimentions is torn and the gap between worlds distorted." Nigh stated.

-I don't think I understand any of that, but what I do understand is this is kind of like what humans call a 'lounge' for people that might who might not nomally be able to interact can meet.- Emil explained.

"The only regulation is that you stick to characters of you own creation and the a women going by the alias 'Silver Leafx' be kept away from substances while posting." Nigh explained

-Posting? What do you mean by posting? And who are we talking to anyway?- Emil asked

"That is not important, my young friend." Nigh answered

(What do you guys think of this idea?)

1/6/2010 #1

... My dear Nightmare, you have just won my "Genius of the Day" award. This is exactly what I need after a monotonous day of school and a trying time at fencing (death to those little buggers!) You have my utter approval :) And for the sake of this place, I will stay away from pot, heroine, and a good deal of other things.

1/6/2010 #2



1/6/2010 #3

Riri:....... I don't get it......?


Riri:......... my little Kari got big....... wait what do you mean i'm alive of course i'm alive!

1/7/2010 #4

Sophie: Uh huh. Yeah, you're making tons of sense right now. *mutters* I swear, if these kids don't understand sarcasm...

1/7/2010 #5

"Well, mis, that wouldn't be a problem if you didn't use so much sarcasm, now would it?" Nigh asked with smirk.

(when I thought this up I didn't think you'd take the chatroom part so literaly(sp?)I imagined things going more in the style of my first post. Oh well, I have no right to force any of you to do anything any specific way)

1/7/2010 #6

(Just too lazy to think of actual actions. I'm waking up now though)

The girl crossed her arms and scowled at the boy. "And because your opinion means so much," she said, irritated at his comment. "seeing as you're such a good friend."

"Buuuuul!"A bulbasaur cooed.

"Shut up, Sepo."

1/7/2010 #7

A girl prances in, "HEY Y'ALL WHATS U-" *trips*

Yoshi: ".....Alright there, kid?"


1/7/2010 #8

Riri: wait my little Kari got bigger but Kira and yoshi are the same size?

Kari: Kari kira kari kira man this might get confusing.....

1/7/2010 #9

Sophie: ... You think that's confusing. Again, Mew, why does my life make no sense?

1/7/2010 #10

Kari: I don't know but i don't think we've met thopugh i've heard of a girl often getting bit by a bulba-dile

1/7/2010 #11

Sophie: Really? I'm famous? Arceus damn it.

1/7/2010 #12

Emil approached the bulbasaur.

"Hi. I'm Emil." He said to the plant pokemon.

1/7/2010 #13

Riri: it's not a bulbasor its a bulba-dile

1/7/2010 #14

Sophie: Well, this isn't creepy in the-

Sepo: DOOM! *Attacks Nigh*

Sophie: Good girl *smirk*

1/7/2010 #15

Aqua: Aqua has a rived the latest up and coming actor!

Riri: never heard of you

Kari: me neither....

1/7/2010 #16

Emil stared at the girl in shock.

"How can you understand me!?I wasn't even using telepathy! And what's a bulba-dile?" Emil asked her.

Nigh simply smacked the bulbasuar away with a flick of this wing.

"Do you always sick monsters on people when you first meet them or am I just a special case?" Nigh remarked

1/7/2010 #17

Aqua: *staressssss at emil* I want to catch you now....

1/7/2010 #18

Kira: RIRI!! *glomps* Who's that? *stares at Kari*

Yoshi: *looks at Sophie* Oh, it's you again...

1/8/2010 #19

Riri: appeantly my little sister, i don't know how she got older then me though....

1/8/2010 #20

Kira: Eh?

Yoshi: *tries to hide laugh* Ok then...

1/8/2010 #21

Riri: wait are you really my sister?

Kari:*sigh* i saw this coming a mile away

Riri: Then prove it! Say something only my little sister would know!

Kari: My ring tone for you was 'the vendabus is coming" you skarmory would never let me near it so he would peck me and even worse when he was out and i got near you he'd grab me with his beak and throw me the other way and lets not forget all your bra's are padded

Riri: *blushed slightly* she legit

1/8/2010 #22

Kira: *blinks and looks at Riri's chest*

Yoshi: *bursts out laughing*

1/8/2010 #23

Riri: *discretly moves her arm over her chest*

Ginyuu: why am i here now?

Kari: Huh? gin-chan when'd you show up?

Ginyuu: that information is Unnessary.... what's up with the guy oiver there, he's laughing so hard he migh die.

Riri: *ahem* how did you get older then me anyway?

Kari:......... That information is unnesssary?

Ginyuu: Do stop stealing my line.

1/8/2010 #24

Kira: Hi!!!

Yoshi: *trying to stop laughing* Dam, can't get any older girls here? I'm surrounded by kids.... *sighs and laughs*

1/8/2010 #25

Kari:...... I'm eighteen you idiot....

1/8/2010 #26

Kira: *starts laughing like crazy*

Yoshi: *confused* You're EIGHTEEN!!! You don't look eighteeen.... *gulps*

1/8/2010 #27

Kari: What part of me doesn't look eighteen? I have a c cup chest and i'm taller then you.

Riri: *mumbling* why does my sister have a bigger chest then me.... why is she tall too....

Ginyuu: Why are you advertising you Chest size? have you Shame?

1/8/2010 . Edited by J.Whitnee, 1/8/2010 #28

Yoshi: *walks away mumbling and blushing*

Kira: HEY!! You scared Yoshi away... :(

1/8/2010 #29

see look a me when ever ki-nee-chan's avatar updates!

1/8/2010 #30
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