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Captain Galenus

Hello everyone! This post is just so everyone can introduce themselves. Say what your favorite race is, and how long you've been playing warhammer 40k, Also this is where i'll post the forum's first rules.

RULES: -No Spam or Advertisement (unless the ad has to do with 40k) -Please submit any characters onto our "Character List" post for approval (no overrigged characters, you have to earn your amazing battlegear! start with basic weapons and armor unless i approve otherwise) -Make sure that you use the correct type of font based on what you're trying to say. Narrating goes in italics. Speach is in normal font. ((anything that doesn't have to do with the story goes in double parenthesis)) i'll give some examples now.

Just three plannts away from Terra, the Imperial Fists gathered.

"To Waaaaaar!!!!" shouted the warboss

((dude a lasgun couldn't do that...))

12/20/2009 #1

Hello everyone. My name is Jason. I look forward to getting this game started! I lvoe 40k novels and love to rp so yea...let's get the show on the road!

12/21/2009 #2
Zorro Azule

I am guessing this is a chat thread. Whats going on currently?

7/10/2010 #3

Sry man this thread is officially without a doubt dead it has been for slightly over a month.

7/11/2010 #4
Zorro Azule

shit. I am a big 40k fan. Ill try to find another I guess.

7/20/2010 #5


1/23/2011 #6
DakkaDakka 83

Hey, Snowkeeper. Do you wana try to bring this threas back to life?

5/14/2011 #7
Captain Galenus
Well I'd be willing to start the thread again, but I'd like at least 2 others to post regularly. I recently gave up my crimson fists and have been using flesh tearers so that would be cool if we could start a new story and I could include them
5/14/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #8
DakkaDakka 83

Hmm. OH!!!! I know two people that would enjoy it. Want me to pm them the link?

5/15/2011 #9
Captain Galenus
That would be appreciated :)
5/15/2011 #10
Walking in Little Circles
BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD waaaaaah shok attack gun (face turns bright red) send in the deamons of chaos land raider run over shok attaxk gun
4/2/2012 #11
Captain Galenus
Exterminatus Authorized
4/3/2012 #12
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