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Captain Galenus

((Allright welcome everyone to the first rp on this forum. This plannet is one of the systems in the big 5th ed rulebook on the starchart. It's called Crux (i'm making it a weapons testing faucility). My friends and i have done a campaign for it already, lets see how it turns out! Imperial guard is defending the plannet and space marines are in bound to the location. mercenaries are most likely to be hired by both sides. Chaos is the invaders. The first step will be to find a landing zone, where orbital guns won't ground their first attempts. That would be on the beachhead near the north end of the plannet.))

The Guardsmen all stood at the Agageas ((i know i spelled that wrong T_T)) defense line as they waited nervously for the first drop to appear.

"You sure they're coming here...?" asked a lonesome private. "SILENCE" commanded the commisar in charge. His sergent whispered to him "This is the only place not defended by the orbital batteries...its a shame we don't have a very large fleet of ships to intercept them..." and returned to looking a the skies.

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Angels of Shadow Captain

A lone Thunderhawk Transporter screamed into the atmosphere before it dropped the large container and returned to the orbiting vessel. The huge crate fell toward the ground at a startling pace, and yet the cargo faced no danger. External retro-thrusters fired to slow the descent just a few hundred metres from the ground. As it impacted the main door dropped open to reveal a pair of powerful lights and the deep grumbling of a mechanical beast. The driver gunned the engines and spen out into the early morning mist, the black and silver Razorback roaring along with the dragon-winged blade emblem of the Angels of Shadow displayed proudly on the left hatch and main ramp.

Inside the Razorback represented the entire detachment of Angels of Shadow to the planet Crux. Sergeant Markus and his four veterans were all that could be spared from the Chapter. But each man was a veteran of dozens of campaigns.

"For the Dragon!" Markus called over the engine roar "For the Lion!" Replied the four Astartes under his command.

1/7/2010 #2

Descenting into the atmosphere of Crux were Thunderhawks of the Mantis Warriors 4th Company, who were coming to Crux to aid its people who were under siege by the forces of Chaos. Upon hearing the recent disturbance, Chapter Master Aidan had sent 4th company to Crux to restore balcance to the plant and defend it againts the Chaos invaders. Battle-Brother Gregor Lente along with 30 of his fellow Space Marines being transported to the surface were kneeled around Chaplain Darius as he led them in prayer.

"Honor your Chapter." Chaplain Darius said after he finish the prayer. Gregor snatched up his bolter from its housing compartment on the internal wall of the gunship. Sergeants Bree and Tanthos stalked the length of the crew compartment and join their squads preparing the men for the landing. "It seems that we must once again teach our fallen brothers a lession in Punishment." Gregor said to his long time friend and sergeant Tanthos. "Aye, and let it be a lession they will not soon forget." Tanthos replied with a smile. The crew compartment was then lit green as the disembraktion lamp began to flash. With a decompressive hiss and squeal of hydraulics, the ramp quickly lowered slamming onto the ground. Crozius Arcanum held high and standing at the head of the armoured crew ramp at the front of the gunship Chaplain Darius looked back at his Battle-Brother. "For Redemption! For The Emperor!".

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Captain Galenus

((I suppose i'll be playing as Chaos then, with no complaints here either, its one of my favorite races))

Appearing out of warpspeed, a chaos fleet of the Black Legion crusaded towards the plannet with conquest in mind. A Grand Cruiser with its escort of 4 Cruisers made short work of the orbital defences. Heretic Thunderhawks in the dozens dropped Rhinos and Land Raiders to take the beach. More soon would join the fight however, just as soon as a larger drop zone was achieved.

The Rhinos clanked foward, some even partially looking alive. ((Daemonic Posession)) Hundreds of Bolts flew towards the land, as the twin linked bolters of the rhinos brought a raining hell to the guardsmen defending the shore. The private that spoke out now turned to his sergent.

"What are we going to do?!?!" the frightened private asked "We don't have many anti-tank weapons!!!" The commisar that hushed them before slid into cover next to them "Sergent...the platoon commander has been slain...there are far more here than we had expected...we need to retreat to the bastion, load the men in the chimera's and fall back." With that, the commisar was off, grabbing the meltagun of a fallen guardsman and melting the hull a rhino that housed berzerkers. The new platoon commander grabbed the vox-caster's radio and shouted into it. "Tell all units to saddle up and retreat to the bastion, the beach is lost!!!" With that, he grabbed the remainder of his squad and piled into the chimera. "DRIVE" the commander shouted to the driver. The chimera's engines came online as it careened forward, driving with the other dozen or so chimera's into the distance. Once out of range, the platoon comander sighed. "We're in for a fight now gents..."

((Allright, i suppose that works for an intro. Now that the chaos drop pods are going to be raining towards the plannet, they are all going to be in for a heck of a fight. and don't worry, the chaos fleet came in away from where your fleets were. The bastion that the guardsmen are falling back to is huge, six stories with heavy bolter automatic weaons, able to house up to 30 space marines on each level. There is also a 3 layer thick ageis defence line, and a large battle will be fought here. Of course, not as large as the final battle will be, but still a large one.))

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((Hey is this post dead or active?))

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Captain Galenus

((it's alive, but noone's posted anything after i posted. i assumed either you guys became busy or you just got bored))

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((Oh ok ))

While the PDF and Guard were falling back to the bastion the Mantis Warriors had took it upon theirselfs to cover the retreat. The staccato chatter of massed bolter fire could be heard for miles across the beach as the space marines of 4th company fired on the invaders that had made it to the planet. Battle-Brother Lente was amazed at how many heretics there where, already he'd killed more then a dozens since he and his fellow brothers arrived on Crux. Sergeant Bree and his Devastator Squad where focusing on the heretic armour having destoryed at lest six Rhions and one Land Raider, but for every one they destoryed there were more around to replace it.

"They don't seem to be learning there lession." Sergeant Tanthos said to Lente over the Vox. Before Lente could reply a new voice came over the Vox-net it was Brother-Captain Augustus.

"Mantis Warrior! Withdraw to the Bastion we've delayed them long enough for the PDF and Guard Units." One by one the Mantis Warriors fell back to there own Rhinos and began withdrawing to the Bastion stronghold.

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Captain Galenus

There seemed to be no end to the assault, as more and more continued to land. Finally, Chaos Lord Crull ((yes i'm very unimaginative on names D:)) stopped the thunderhawks, and securing a drop zone, the chaos drop pods began hurtling toward the ground, along with the remainder of thunderhawks, one after another. Now more joined the fight, traitorous dreadnoughts, predators, and defilers joined the fray, finally having room. The main attack force was set, and the bastion was their next target. If they had that in their posession, they could launch attacks from whichever direction they pleased.

Meanwhile, only a plannet away, the few captains of the crimson fists, which were in orbit in cruisers at the time, gathered for a meeting. As the 4th company captain entered the room, Chapter Master Kantor got to the point.

"Crux is under attack" he said, "We just got word. They are a vital resource to us, so i'll need one of you to take your company to help defend the plannet, we can't afford to spare more than that. Immedietly, the eldest of them, captain of the 3rd company spoke. "I shall go... Many of my men just came out of the scout company and need the experience." Kantor turned to him with a grim look on his face. "This isn't just any old chaos assault, this is almost 30% of all known Red Corsairs. If we were to take this out, we would be that much closer to eradicating the heretics." He turned to the captain of the recruits. "Can you go as well Danthor? They could use your men." Danthor nodded. "i'll have my men ready for launch in 2 hours." Kantor nodded. "Then its settled. Let us know when you make plannetfall." and with that he left the room to return to his grand cruiser.

Back on the plannet the guardsmen had fortified the bastion, and they had bolstered any defences they could, placing sandbags and tank traps where needed. After a severe yelling at by the company commander and lord commisar, the new platoon commander walked back to do a weapons check on his men.

((okay, we'll have the regroup with the Mantis Warriors and then the assault will begin))

1/22/2010 #8

Upon reaching the Bastion the Mantis Warriors had begun helping prepare the defences with the local PDF and Guard units. Gregor reached up and removed his hemlet, ran a hand through his long dark hair. His eyes were green like many of his Battle-Brothers, his face stren covered with scars most notably was a long scar on the right side of his face he recieved from a Tyranid Broodlord. He had two service studs above his left eye brow representing his centuries of battle experience, there had been rumors that he would be promoted to Sergeant someday.

"The Captain has believes that we maybe able to hold the Bastion. But he wishes to discuss a new battle plan with the PDF and Guard Commanders in regards to the fortifications of the Bastion." Sergeant Tanthos said as he walked towards his friend.

"That would be a good idea." Gregor replied the Bastion they had falling back to was formidable true but they were up against a vast number of enemies. And Gregor believed that if they did not exspand the fortifications to the Bastion's perimeter it would only be a matter of time before the Bastion fell.

((Before the assault takes place can we have a Strategic Defence meeting between the Commanders?))

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Captain Galenus

((of course, you can talk with the lord comissar, and the two company commanders in charge.)) The Lord Comissar Antoine ((aan-twahn)) entered the meeting room, observing the two company commanders bickering over battle strategies. They shouted insults at eachother, but immedietly were silent upon sensing the presense of the Lord Commisar. As he took his seat at the head of the table, Antoine awaited the Space Marines to discuss the battle plans. But somewhere in his head, he knew that even with their help, it would not be enough to hold back the Red Corsairs.

((Okay, so the Crimson Fists 3rd and scout companies will be making plannetfall probably during the battle, so for now we won't hear from them again. Obviously the Lord Commisar is in charge.))

1/24/2010 #10

((How many PDF and Guard troop defending the bastion? How is the Commissar in command?))

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Captain Galenus

((to answer your first question, 2 companies are there, each containing 4 platoons, the platoons each have 2 10-man squads, so you're looking at 160 guardsmen total. that doesn't include veterans and tank crews. To answer your second question, i'm not very good with guard fluff, but i'm just playing in the comissar's shoes. when i said "head of the table" i meant the very end away from them. I suppose i'm not sure who has higher ranking, because the lord comissar is one of a kind on that plannet, controlling all the other comissars. Lets just say they're equal rank, but the company commanders fear him?))

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Angels of Shadow Captain

Markus sent a rebel flying with a backhand with his power fist before pulping a squad with a burst from his bolter. Ever since the Razorback had entered the city rebels were everywhere. Markus assumed most were hidden cults, others just panick stricken civilians drove insane by the chaotic forces. The sheer mass of bodies rendered the twin-linked lascannons worthless so the remote stormbolter fired on full auto.

'Brother-Sergeant,' called Caim over the squad vox.

'Report,' demanded Markus as he punched six rebels out of the way.

'Auspex readings indicate we are being over-run. Suggest retreat lest we fall beneath this sea of scum.'

Markus hated to retreat, but Caim was right. He signalled Brother-Azza in the Razorback.

'Yes Brother-Sergeant? What do you need?'

'Azza, search every Imperial frequency for allied units. We need backup. If there is no reply in ten minutes we are abondoning position.'

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Captain Galenus

((Edit: sorry, commander of the 4th company, not platoon))

Commander of the 4th company Joseph Stern, sat at his desk with a grim look on his face. Something was going on, and he was being kept out of the loop.

Suddenly, a lone Sergeant burst through his doors, injured still clutching his laspistol. Joseph stood up. "What happened Sergeant?!?!" the sergeant, panting and looking frightened, replied "The civilians are revolting my lord, some are looking just plain mad! Their eyes are turning a red color and they rushed my squad while we were on patroll! Just then one of Jopseph's platoon commanders walked in. "Lord, Space Marines of the Angels of Shadow chapter are requesting backup. It appears that they are being attacked by chaos heretics and revolting imperial citizens." Joseph had an angry look on his face. "DAMNATION! The whole damn city is revolting!" He turned to the platoon commander "Mobilize your men, take what you need from the armory."

With that the platoon commander was off. In total, his platoon took 2 leman russ punishers, 1 leman russ (Platoon Commander), 6 sentinels with autocannons, and 2 hellhounds. Enough to start a small war in itself, but what the marines needed to aid them

The platoon commander came to life on his tank's vox. "This is platoon commander Matthew of the 4th comany, 2nd platoon. We're on our way". and with those last few words, they rode toward the marine position

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Angels of Shadow Captain

'Brother-Sergeant!' called Azza from the rear ramp of the Razorback.

'What is it, Brother? Good news?' barked Markus as he sent a cultist smashing through a solid rockcrete wall.

'Just recieved word from a Platoon Commander Matthew that the Guard are sending reinforcements.'

'Outstanding. SQUAD!' he barked over the squad com. 'Return to the Razorback. We will push through this slime and meet the Guard. Arm for ranged combat. Caim, take the Plasma Gun; Dantanian, take the flamer. Azza, how much ammo is left in the Razorback?'

'Six shots from the lascannons, five-hundred rounds for the stormbolter.'

This was going to be tough

'Commander Matthew, this is Sergeant Markus. We are abonding position and moving to the City Center for rendezvou. Suggest using flame weapons as there appears to be Chaos taint. Markus Ou...BUNE WATCH OUT!!! DAEMONS!!! WE HAVE DAEMONS!!!'

With the last words the vox cut out.

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Captain Augustus entered the meeting room with his Command Squad Librarian Nephilus and Chaplain Darius at his side, escorted by four veteran space marines. Captain Augustus's Artificer Armour shung in the low lighting of the room like a becon of hope. The PDF and Guard Commanders where in awe of the Emperor's choosen, while the Commanders took their seats Augustus and his fellow space marines remained standing.

"This Bastion, will fall." Augustus began."Unless we exspand the fortifications to the Bastion's perimeter. We must begain fortifing our position before the enemy reaches the Bastion."

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Captain Galenus

((i'm going to start with Angels's post since that was the first one))

Commander Matthew listened to the sudden silence, wonder what had happened. He repeatidly said "Are you there? come in!" but to no avail. With luck, he hoped that their comm's had just been destroyed and nothing had happened.

((by the way, before i go on...don't lascannons have batteries, not clips, so technicly it would have unlimited ammunition as long as the battery is active. just a thought))

As they approached the rendevoux point, a screach made the hair on the back of Matthew's neck stand up. Immedietly he turned to see a unit of ten bloodletters charging at them, flames seeming to come from their eyes. He gave the order to fire, and immedietly the punishers roared to life, putting out a rate of fire unimaginable. Even the energy fields surrounding the blood red daemons could not withstand this punishment ((lol, no pun intended)) and they fell within the first few seconds. Matthew's Leman Russ turned the corner to see the smoking remains of a flipped over razorback. He crew immedietly exited his tank and ran coughing to it, pulling out five space marines. It was a good thing they did, becuase within seconds of pulling them clear, the razorback exploded in a mighty blast that toppled a building nearby. The wounds on the marines weren't that serious, so he assumed they either were unconscious ((not really sure if that can happen to a marine...)) or suffering internal wounds. His memmory told him that space marines can self-heal, so he just let them be for now. His unit created a perimiter around them, determined to not let anything happen to the emperor's servants. Meanwhile, back at the bastion

Antoine nodded. "We shall see to this. I have pillboxes and bunkers being brought here v.i.a. valkyrie as we speak. One of the company commanders spoke up as well. "Tank traps are also being placed, made of ceremite, so they won't be moved very easily." The other commander spoke up as well. "I have my men digging trenches. Our basilisk camps are stationed and ready for firing coordinence." Antoine shook his head. "Even with this, i'm not sure if it will be enough. More came than we thought. And for good reason... He pressed a few buttons on the desk and a holigram popped up of what looked like a titan weapon. "This is a new weaopn we have been working on for some time now...The Plasma Revolver, a new weapon for warhound titans. Take six executioner plasma cannons and that's pretty much what you have. With that the holigram dissapeared."

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Angels of Shadow Captain

((Yes Lascannons have batteries but I refer to bateries as clips because it makes sence to have multiple. And Space Marines can go into suspended animation to recover from severe physical or psycoloical damage))

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The Burning Cheese

(Is this the actual RP?)

2/4/2010 #19
Captain Galenus

((yes for now, its the rp.))

2/4/2010 #20
Angels of Shadow Captain

((I will be taking a break as I am moving to my Dad's for University. Just have my Character in a field-hospital or something))

2/4/2010 #21
The Burning Cheese

(I'll send Markus to hospital then, since Captain Galenus hasn't approve my character yet /fraustation)

Sergeant Markus raised his bolter and popped several shells at the daemons. A bolter shell hit the arm of a daemon, blowing it off and causing to scream. The scream was cut short as another bolter rounds hit the daemon's face.

"Brothers! Glory to the Shadows!" Markus cried.

The daemons sprinted in to melee range. Markus' squad unseathed their swords and charged at the incoming daemons. One of the daemons leapt into the sky, trying to land on Markus. Markus rolled to the side, and pummeled the daemon with his power fist. Azza blocked a blow with his combat shield, and pushed his sword clean through a daemon, then kicked it away as another daemon approach. Azza raised his bolter pistol and fired at the incoming daemon. Markus lobbed a frag grenade into the ranks of the daemons. It detonated and blood and organs Markus don't regcognize flew away from the blast. Markus grabbed his bolter, and fired at the charging daemons, but bolter shells flew past them, as they transform into black mist and disappeared. Caim was finishing up with the last daemon by decapitating it with his sword.

"You have done well, broth-." Markus said as his voice was cut off.

Blood flowed out of Markus' mouth, and the rest of the squad saw a hellblade impaled through his back, and out the front. The hellblade was pulled out, and Markus was pushed aside, revealing a chaos sorcerror. Caim aimed his plasma pistol at the sorcerror and fired, but the superheated plasma went through him. The sorcerror laughed in a sinister tone before turning into a black mist and disappeared.

"This is not a war you can win, servants of the false emperor..." the sorcerror spoke just before he completely disappeared.

The squad paused for a long moment.

"Medic! We need medic!" Bune shouted through the vox.

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Captain Galenus

((heh...sorry...approving now))

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The Burning Cheese

( Nobody's posting :( I'll throw my character into the fray then.)

In the vast space, the starship loomed over the orbit. A shuttle was launched. It was extraordinary big for a shuttle. The shuttle slowly flew into the planet. The shuttle landed on a landing pad, and then the hatch opened. An inquisitor, in shining artificer armor stepped out. He was carrying a large daemonhammer and an exitus pistol holstered to his left hip. A squad of grey knight terminators followed him out of the shuttle later.

“Sir, you have no clearance to land on this planet.” A guardsman said, trying to hide the tension.

“I do not need one.” The inquisitor replied.

“Why not? Every planet has its rules. We are under attack right now. You would have to leave.”

“I cannot, guardsman.”

“You have to! Don’t you understand!? I can’t waste time talking to an off-worlder when I should go shooting some scum!”

“And I cannot waste time talking to you while I have an important matter at hand.”

“Who do you think you are, anyways!?”

“I am Lord Inquisitor Eric, Ordo Malleus.”

The guardsman froze at the hearing of the inquisitor’s name. “My apologies, sir!” the guardsman said and saluted.

“Which way to the meeting room?” Eric asked.

“I will guide you there, sir.”

The guardsman walked off into a building. The inquisitor and the grey knights followed the guardsman. They arrived in front of the meeting room.

"This Bastion will fall." someone said "Unless we expand the fortifications to the Bastion's perimeter. We must begin fortifying our position before the enemy reaches the Bastion."

“And how might you do that, Space marine?” Eric said as he entered the chamber. All the eyes were on him and his grey knights.

“Who are you to interrupt our meeting?” Captain Augustus said.

“I am Lord Inquisitor Eric of the Ordo Malleus. I will be taking command from now on.”

“Who are you to command us!? We are the Mantis Warriors! We take order from no one save the chapter master!”

“I do not allow objections, and I do not want to discuss this with insects.”

(Sorry, but I need to do a bit god modding, is that ok?)

Out of rage and frustration, Captain Augustus leaped from his chair and ceased the inquisitor’s throat. He slammed Eric into the wall, his hand still on Eric’s throat. The imperial guard generals gasped in surprise. The grey knights quickly brought their polearms to bear, the edge inches from Augustus’ head.

“A millimeter closer, and this inquisitor is a pile of broken bones. Back off” Captain Augustus said. The grey knights did not back off. “I said back off!” The grey knights stood in the same motion, until Augustus realized why the grey knights didn’t back off. The inquisitor’s exitus pistol was in his left hand, aimed at the captain’s head from the hip.

“A millimeter tighter and you are a dead lump of meat, astartes. I suggest you release me.” The inquisitor said.

2/5/2010 #24
Angels of Shadow Captain

((Puenboy, thanks a lot for the assist. I love that warcry so much I might use it in some fanfics I am writting. Anyway I will get the squad to a hospital in this post. I will be away for a while while I have no computer. I will post once I get settled at dad's.))

The squad fought with a fury unmatched by the daemons to retrieve Markus, slaughtering the minions of the Blood God. Daemons were felled with every shot, every slash, every stab. Dantanian led the counter-charge over the wrecked Razorback, with his fellow battle-brothers in close step.

"Brothers! Do not rest until the sergeant is out of reach of the enemy!" cried Dantanian.

"Some...veteran..."grunted Bune as he torched a group of howling daemon-beasts with the flamer.

"Hold your tongue Brother!" roared Dantanian. "He is your superior officer and has seen more wars than you! Respect him or suffer the consequences!"

As the squad reached the still form of Markus, they saw he was alive but had slipped into a coma. The massive wound had already healed but he had lost a considerable amount of blood. Azza and Caim carried the unconscious Sergeant to a nearby Guard transport while Bune and Dantanian fought a rearguard action to prevent another assault. As the transport sped the squad away from the front, the Shadow Blade in orbit was contacted. A Thunderhawk carrying an apothecary and several Tech-Servitors descended from the Strike Cruiser. When Markus was stripped of his armour and placed in a med-cell, Azza, Caim and Dantanian took up a silent vigil over their Sergeant. Bune however was elsewhere...

2/7/2010 #25
The Burning Cheese

(Uhh.... even a space marine shouldn't heal that fast against hellblade wounds. They were designed to use against space marines and reduce the healing speed, and used by Chaos. Hell, some may die or get influenced by the warp by a hellblade. Chaos weaponary. Nasty, isn't it?)

Captain Augustus backed off, and moved away. The grey knights created a perimeter infront of the inquisitor.

"You can back off, fellow knights." Eric said.

The grey knights pulled back their polearms, standing with the nemesis force weapons pointing up high.

"Commissar, may I take charge?" Eric requested.

"Yes, inquisitor, you are in charge." the commissar replied.

"Now, I want all reports and map, landscape, anything worth looking at for strategic and tactical advantage on this table now. My starship will land here soon, with a regiment of guardsmen and tanks."

The imperial guard high officials started putting things on the table. Eric flipped pages of documents over and over, throwing the ones he don't need to the ground.

"WE....s..*static*..a....Daemons! *long static*" a recording played.

"Grave news, commissar. We don't need this place. Dispatch all guard troops in here to the bastion now. From the directions they are attacking according to the reports, there are mass attacks on the left side of the bastion. The right side seemed to be the most vulnerable part. They expect us to guard that side, so they can flank us. They will have to cross the valley to reach the bastion. This gives us a tactical advantage. Get all of your basillisks to the front of the valley. Initiate a full-scale bombardment on the valley-now. We can't waste any more time."

2/7/2010 . Edited 2/7/2010 #26
Captain Galenus

((I hope that were not dead on this forum))

The Lord Comissar finished the last check of the turrets before taking an elevator to the top floor of the bastion. Ready or not, they were coming. If they didn't cut off the spearhead here, the taint of Chaos would spread to the inner city. Fortunately, the outer city had been evacuated ahead of time, and Chimeras were ready for evac, should they need it.

3/9/2010 #27

(Can i join?:))

(could you check my character as its my first time rping)

3/11/2010 #28
Angels of Shadow Captain

(back everyone. Internet is dialup for the moment but we getting real interweb soon.)

Dantanian had now taken up command, at least until Markus awoke. His wound hadn't healed, only causterized and now he fought a terrible fever. Bune was still missing, Azza was meeting with the Imperial Guard commanders to devise defence plans and Caim was repairing Markus' armour. Dantanian walked into the Thunderhawk to speak to Caim.

"Brother, may I speak with you?" "Whatever is the matter?" responded Caim. "It's Bune. I worry about him. His locator hasn't been active and I can't vox him." "That is weird. so i noticed you defending the Sergeant," Caim added. "Well he took a hellblade and has so far lived. It makes the stories believable, not just hype and myth." "Where is Azza?" asked Caim. "He went to go speak to the Lod Commissar. Apparently a silver Thunderhawk landed near the HQ."

3/12/2010 #29

The Orca dropship hung in orbit, floating there in the black cold of space. Painted on it's side was the mark of the Farsight mercenarie enclave. What the Orca was doing four light years from the enclaves was not clear, even it's captain was not quit sure herself. "Yes but what are we here for, thats what I want to know" she asked the holo-pad "Crux is of no interest strategic value to Kalkinov, so why has he sent us here?" The unusally tall Tau on the holo-pad awnsered back "To be honest with you Auki, I do not quit understand the Rogue Traders actions myself, but this is the place he said."

He continued " Imperial and Chaos forces have already clashed, so I suggest we make our presence known."

Auki sighed "yes Commander Silsv'o, preparing to land."

3/12/2010 #30
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