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G'day all! This forum is specifically devoted to helping authors and interested readers learn about the world The Rat Patrol is set in. One doesn't need to be a historian to know that The Rat Patrol isn't a model of historical accuracy (Moffitt-sized understatement) -- but as far as I'm concerned it just makes the opportunities for fanfiction all the greater. Historical accuracy isn't necessary for good fanfiction -- and I admit to enjoying random appearances of Gestapo and SS for plot's sake as much as the next reader -- but it is helpful for fleshing out details, environment and setting. Why settle for Troy pointing out a German tank when he can point out a very dangerous Panzer - a Tiger II - instead? In short, this forum is for those who want to utilize history and research in their writing...or if you're just a naturally curious viewer or reader.

It's my hope this will be a relatively active group, so feel free to post your own topics and questions. Like all forums, however, I ask that we keep comments relevant and treat each other with respect. Since this is an academic/research based forum it will also be helpful to fellow researchers, and posterity, if sources are cited when addressing specifics [brackets (and parenthesis) are fine]. Also, since most direct linking is frowned upon on FF.N, it would be good if source websites are written in such a way as to discourage them potentially being eaten by the site.

Thanks...and have fun!

12/21/2009 . Edited 4/3/2010 #1

There's a site which has some interesting links to materials from WWII. It has some of the pocket guides given to GI's about the countries they would be going to. There are some for Egypt, North Africa and West Africa, besides Germany. Here's the link: great for research.

3/16/2011 #2

This could be interesting: You can now get "real time" tweets at @RealTimeWWII. An Oxford graduate is tweeting events from World War II in real time on the social networking site Twitter. He's starting with the eve of the Poland invasion and going on from there. Using photos, newsclips, and eyewitness accounts. Some interesting facts: 1939: New Nazi edict: Due to short supplies of gold (needed to pay R***'s foreign debts), German wedding rings must now be made of steel

RealTimeWWII WW2 Tweets from 1939 Britons, remember, remember: Home Office has banned fireworks & bonfires. Guy Fawkes night is no excuse to breach the blackout! Just a few. some have links to photos.

11/10/2011 #3
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