What Cahill are you?
We all know of the four branches in the series, but I would like to know what family your belong too. I have only one catch. No bad mouthing the other branches. You can say tings like," branch name is going to win," or what makes your branch better, but
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Whose side are you on? One of my friends started an argument about this the other day, she says that the Vespers will win hands down, which I highly doubt.

6/19/2011 #1

Cahills should win! otherwise the world will 'enter a period of darkness':)

and normally the good guys (compared to Vespers,Cahills are good) win.

I really can't wait for the Medusa Plot!

^| iamycahill |^

6/20/2011 #2

ME 2! i luv cahills!

8/16/2011 #3
fangirls see differently

Cahills will win. It's so obvious! Almost every book has a happy ending!

8/27/2011 #4
Theo Telshalla-Arieda Gardner

I agree with Eva and everyone else.

Either that, or the authors would be really horrible.

9/14/2011 #5

You bet!!!!!!

Those awesome Cahills will kick some Vesper butt! You can count on it!

But on the other hand, I just wish that the Vespers will go on the Cahill's side and then the Vespers could become a branch for the Cahills.

9/17/2011 #6
fangirls see differently

That's a possible conclusion.

9/30/2011 #7

well what if Amy and Dan were like part Vesper you know? From their father's side. Am I making any sense? xD

10/2/2011 #8
David Leitor

I think the Cahills will win, but there will be a lot of tragedy.

Ps: I am on the Vesper side, they are more cool.

10/23/2011 #9

I agree with Silver. It might just become a bit more interesting...

11/25/2011 #10
Madeleine DeAngelo

I think Amy and Dan's Dad, Arthur, is Vesper 2. In "A Kings Ransom", from V - 2's POV, it says that V - 1 doesn't know that the ties of blood could bring Dan over to their side . . .

1/14/2012 #11
Owl Warrior 9057

But in Dead of Night, it said that he knew the way to make them both laugh as a child....... ARTHUR TRENT IS VESPER ONE!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/16/2012 #12
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