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Victor Weiss

Kevin shows up every so often, Artemis, I believe he quit.

2/24/2010 #151
Der Huntress

Im back ^.^

2/24/2010 #152
Victor Weiss

Sorry to say I may not be posting much much today, things are bit off. but I'll post when I can.

2/25/2010 #153
Der Huntress

ooh feel better today ok?

2/25/2010 #154

Anyone know when the admin is coming back?

2/27/2010 #155
Victor Weiss

I'm not sure, probably soon though.

2/27/2010 #156

So until he does, anyone wanna chat? I can't rp since my character has not been approved of yet.

2/27/2010 #157
Victor Weiss

Meh, I got time to kill.

2/27/2010 #158

Soooooo.....Anyone have a favorite level from the bioshock universe?

2/27/2010 #159
Der Huntress

I think i mainly love everything about Bioshock XD

2/27/2010 #160
Victor Weiss

Dionycis park, Bioshock 2, that level gave me some good times.

2/27/2010 #161

My favorites were Fort Frolic and Pauper's drop. So many places to hide and sneak attack.

2/27/2010 #162

So is there a plot to the rp or does everyone just do their own thing until characters bump into one another?

2/27/2010 #163
Victor Weiss


Sea Of Dreams takes place during the civil war, whihc means it's Ryan VS Atlas, but with few people, there's hardly room for war, but their are the occasional scraps, and they tend to be good. coughDariusVSTerrancecough.

There's something under the ocean is about after Bioshock 2...yeah, If there's a plot, I never caught on, I just go with the flow.

2/27/2010 #164

Thank you. I look forward to it.

2/27/2010 #165
Victor Weiss

And I look forward to war, heh.

2/27/2010 #166

Don't we all?

2/27/2010 #167
Misterr B

It is everyones duty in this forum to look at this site and give your feedback.

2/28/2010 #168

ok ummmmm i looked at it what was the point?

2/28/2010 #169
Misterr B

did you look at the pictures?

2/28/2010 #170
Subject to Change

Oh yeah i remember that story from like...a year or two ago. Poor kitty...

2/28/2010 #171
Der Huntress

I know i did. Oh my god that poor thing.

2/28/2010 #172

yeah i did its sad. but why did you tell us to look it up?

2/28/2010 #173
Misterr B

cause that is the coolest cat I have ever seen. I want to go save animals now.

2/28/2010 #174


2/28/2010 #175
Victor Weiss an epic cat

2/28/2010 #176
Misterr B

indeed Chase is...indeed he is

2/28/2010 #177

how come barely anyone is posting in the theres something in the sea?

3/1/2010 #178
Victor Weiss

I would post...but before my character required Misterr B's, so I took your route and heard the scream even when it was quite A distance away...

3/1/2010 #179
Der Huntress

Proabably will be slow, or off for the night. Nighty night

3/1/2010 #180
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