Dance Through Life!
Yet another Wicked roleplay based on the musical, taking place at Shiz University. And yes...I'm Elphie. Pairings can be anything, whether it's Fiyero/Elphie or Glinda/Elphie, I'm not too picky about it. Whatever direction this roleplay takes is fine. So
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The canon characters go on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, whoever claims it first gets it. As for OCs, I have a form below that you can fill out.

Your Username:

Character's Name:




Physical Appearance:


Brief Background:

12/31/2009 #1

Hola~ :)

Username: HiddenMusic

Character's Name: Damona Ravenswood

Species: Human. A Vinkus - or Winkie - from the West.

Gender: Female

Abilities: She hasn't got super natural powers, but she is skilled in the art of music. She can sinc and play instruments, her signature instrument being the harmonica. She can use weapons like knives, blades and guns if needed.

Physical Appearance: Jet black hair that extends a few inches below the shoulders, laered and with silver streaks and tips. Her eyes are a stormy grey. Very slender and has a scar across her cheek. Narrow face with thin bangs.

Personality: Sometimes she can come off to be rude. She's sarcastic and witty, but kind and sisterly once you get to know her. Idiot means love in her diccionary. She is very stubborn and has a lot of pride, won't ever admit when she is afraid of something. Quick-thinking and clever.

Brief Background: Damona was raised mostly by her uncle growing up after the deaths of her parents and younger brother. She doesn't say what happened to him, but it is known her father and brother were killed in disaster. She gew up near the mountains and has a lot of experiance with them and traveling through them.

Hmm....I might claim Nessarose...

1/4/2010 #2

Oh, if it's open, I'd like to sign up for Elphaba....?

4/22/2010 #3

Oh, if it's open, I'd like to sign up for Elphaba....?

4/22/2010 #4

I'd like to be Nessarose if no one is her yet! :D

1/17/2011 #5
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